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How to Make Some Extra Money as a Single Mom?

Krima is a multi-skilled journalist and writer with extensive print, broadcast, online, and digital experience.


Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for some extra money? Well, there are so many business opportunities out there for single mothers, the only problem is how to find them. If you’re struggling with finding the right business opportunity, we’re going to help you out. Here are a couple ideas to turn your free time into real money!

Teach English via Skype

If English is your mother tongue, you can take advantage of that fact and earn some money. In today’s world, English is ‘lingua franca’. Without having at least a basic knowledge of English, you just can’t hope for big success in business.

This is the reason why a huge number of people from non-English speaking countries are looking for tutors to help them out learn this language the right way. And with apps like Skype, you don’t have to be in the same place as them. Instead, you can teach them English from the comfort of your home.


You might have a particular skill that you could cash in by doing projects on the internet. For example, if graphic design has been your passion, you can find lots of projects on sites like UpWork or Freelancer.

If, on the other hand, writing has been your passion, you can look for your fortune on sites like iWriter. Actually, this site might be perfect for single moms, as it gives them absolute freedom. How it works is that there’s a list of articles that need to be written. If there’s a topic you like, you just start working on it!

Reselling on Amazon

If you’re an entrepreneur in your soul, you can make a lot of money by reselling things on Amazon. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to invest too much money in this business.

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All you got to do is find items that are currently available at a super-affordable price. You buy them, wait some time, and sell them at much higher prices, making a lot of money along the way. The best thing is that you don’t even have to keep those items in your home. Instead, Amazon can store them in their warehouses for a pretty affordable fee.

Part-Time Work at Walmart

If your kids are of school age, why not consider taking a part-time to earn some extra cash. Large companies like Walmart have pretty good deals for you. Not only is the salary pretty good compared to other places, but you will get health and dental insurance, as well as many other perks.

The best thing though is that the Walmart Job Application is pretty straightforward and easy to fill. It also doesn’t take the company too long to get back to you with their decision of whether you’re accepted for the job. What this means is that if you file your application today, you may be asked to start working in a week’s time!

Final Word

As you can see, being a single mom doesn’t mean that you’re sentenced to struggle financially your whole life. Hopefully, this article will be enough to inspire you to start earning big money straight away!

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