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How to Make More on OnlyFans

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We all know that the platform has an interesting reputation, but Onlyfans is host to entrepreneurs across many different industries. Much like Patreon or Hubpages, people can showcase their talents for a subscription price of their choosing. It's an option for a remote, work-from-home type of setting. With COVID-19 dominating the entire year of 2020, folks are looking for a little more security.

So, how do you make money on Onlyfans?

Well, you treat it like a business and put in the work!

Build Rapport

Onlyfans is a social media site, so it is necessary to establish a loyal following and your relationship with subscribers. How do you build a following?

Well, that's what Twitter was made for! As one of the largest networking sites in the world, all you need are a few hashtags and a lot of consistent posting. Potential Onlyfans subscribers live on the Twitter platform, and you can gain 1,000 followers in no time at all. Tweeting also gives you an opportunity to find out what type of customers you're attracting, and where your niche lies.

Link your profile up to a Twitter account and start adding to it regularly. Vary up your hashtags from time to time and be sure to take advantage of the posting features.

Update Your Onlyfans Frequently

Speaking of consistency, it's important to schedule daily posts so that your audience can see that you’re an actual person. There are so many bots and fake accounts online, with both the performers and their fans. A simple update about how your day is going or a photo of your most recent shopping trip lets subscribers know that your account is real and authentic.

Keep it interesting and show off your persona.

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Switch it up with videos, text, and photos to keep a good variety going.

Don't Get Scammed

Unfortunately, online work of any kind comes with a potential for risk. You never truly know who is on the other end, or what their intentions may be.

Some of the most common scams include:

  • Strangers asking for bank account information. If someone offers to pay you directly by using your bank info, you may as well just block them.
  • Don’t accept payment through an Amazon wishlist. Typically, the buyer will just return the purchase immediately upon receiving whatever content you’re selling.
  • “Freebies,” the buyer will ask for a sample of something before actually purchasing. You’ll waste your time giving it to them, and they’ll disappear.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The reality is that for every genuinely interested Onlyfans subscriber you get, there are hundreds are of others out there who only wish to take advantage. Don't fall for their traps.

Raise Your Subscription Price & Use the Bundle Options

It's up to you what you charge, but giving someone a month’s worth of content for less than $10.00 is absurd. If you’re putting time and effort into producing a unique profile, charge accordingly. Posting 2 to 3 times a day takes time, as does responding to messages from your fans. Those precious minutes have value, there's nothing wrong with a good-sized price tag.

Onlyfans also provides bundle options for models who wish to reward their subscribers with a little discount. For example, if you normally charge $19.99 per month, your fans can buy 3 months' worth of content for $45.00. This temporarily reduces their price, but you also have the power to grandfather long-term customers.

Give It Time

You're not going to get rich from Onlyfans overnight, but you can make decent money with a little effort and patience.

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