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How to Make Money With AdSense on YouTube?

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Running a YouTube channel is a great way to have fun. By getting popular and more influential, you are guaranteed to feel good about yourself. But, there’s another important aspect of having a successful YouTube vlogging career – money! Did you know your YouTube channel can make you a billionaire?

Of course, for something like that to happen, you need to have a lot of faithful subscribers who watch your videos regularly. For example, the world’s most-followed YouTuber, PewDiePie is expected to earn several million dollars this year.

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but you probably won’t be able to surpass his achievements. Still, even with relatively modest followership, you can make a nice living out of vlogging. All you need to know is how to monetize your content.

This is where we step in to show you the best way to make nice earnings from your YouTube channel. We’re talking about advertising, but not the traditional methods. We have Google AdSense in mind.

All You Need to Know About Google AdSense

Since November 2006, YouTube has been a part of the Google family. What this means is that many of Google’s features are implemented into the video-sharing platform. One of those is the advertising service called Google AdSense.

The main advantage of this advertising system is that it matches relevant ads to your video content. So, if you run a fitness vlog, the advertisements will be focused on health, fitness, and lifestyle. This way, the users interested in your channel’s content are likely to be interested in the advertisement, as well.

Because of that, Google AdSense is perfect for companies looking to promote their products/services to the targeted audience. But, what is there for you, the vlogger?

Well, using Google AdSense saves you a lot of time. If you wanted to monetize your channel the old-fashion way, you would have to get in touch with the companies that would be interested in advertising on your channel.

Of course, this would require a lot of effort and even more time. The worst thing is that it probably wouldn’t be that effective – the companies simply don’t have time to look at every single advertising opportunity that comes their way.

A much better solution is to monetize your YouTube channel by using Google AdSense If you’re still not convinced that this method is the right one for your vlog, perhaps you need to learn more about it.

How does AdSense Works on YouTube?

There are over 14 million users who earn money through the Google AdSense program. A fair share of them is YouTube vloggers. The reason why this advertising program is so popular is that it’s very simple. Here’s how it works.

Basically, by enabling monetization on your channel, you allow Google to create ads on your videos. Whenever a user clicks on the link or watches the advertisement, you get money! Google will charge the company that advertises on your channel automatically and give you your share.

Getting the Most of the Program

How much money you will earn from this program depends on many factors, starting with the number of viewers. The more subscribers you have, the more money you are bound to make from Google AdSense.

But, that’s not true in all cases. If most of your users are using ad-blockers, they won’t be presented with any forms of advertisements. This means that if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of viewers watching your every video, you won’t make too much money.

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That said, new vloggers need to focus on quality, not quantity! What this means is that the key to making money with Google AdSense is to get the best possible offer on your ad space. As the companies will bid on the advertising space on your channel, you need to ensure that it goes as high as possible.

It’s all about the law of supply and demand. In order for a bid to be high, your channel needs to deal with a topic that’s interesting to a number of companies. Some niches are simply more profitable than others.

For example, you can expect to get a high bid for your advertising space if your channel deals with the health niche. The same goes for technology, insurance, fashion, etc. Unfortunately, because these subjects bring a lot of money, they are extremely popular among vloggers.

This means that the competition is fierce, so perhaps a better solution would be to focus on a less competitive niche! In order to see how competitive the niche is, you need to do some research.

By using an insiders’ tool such as Google Keyword Planner, you will be able to get the right picture about your rivals, but also about the popularity of a niche. This particular tool is focused on words and phrases appearing in Google search results, but it can give you a good insight into YouTube, as well.

Types of AdSense Formats for YouTube

Google AdSense program allows you to choose what kind of advertisements your viewers will get on your channel. You can choose from the following formats:

Linear video ads – The kinds of advertisements are shown as linear parts of the videos. What this means is that they can appear before, after, or somewhere in the middle of the video.

Overlay ads – The in-video overlay ads are those that appear during the video stream, usually at the bottom of the player.

TrueView ad videos – These types of advertisements are video clips that appear at the beginning of the video. The user can skip the TrueView ads by clicking on the button Skip, but only if 5 seconds have passed.

Caution! Stay Away From the Things That Can Get You Suspended

If you think that you can boost your own views, thus getting bigger ad earnings, we feel obliged to tell you to forget about it. Do not click on your own ads, as it’s against the rules! You might think that can outsmart YouTube, but the truth is just the opposite.

Both Google and YouTube have mechanisms that prevent artificial inflation of the ad revenue. And once they catch you, they will ban you from using AdSense forever! The same goes for other ways of boosting your ad revenue, which include asking your viewers to watch the advertisements or click on the ad banners.

In fact, in order to be 100% sure that you’re free from the risk of getting suspended, you need to properly go through the terms and conditions of AdSense!

Make Your Videos Advertisement Friendly

Although YouTube might not suspend you for using swear words and offensive language, AdSense might flag your videos as inappropriate for advertising.

The solution is simple – if a bad word slips from your mount, use the “beep” sound to silence it during the post-production. The same goes for blurring the faces of people who don’t want to appear in your videos, but also for hiding important data, such as your passport number, car license plates, etc.

Final Note

YouTube can be your gold mine if you know how to take an advantage of it. Using Google AdSense advertisements in your videos is an easy way to earn quick money. The only condition is that you do everything by the book.

Even with a modest number of viewers, a channel can bring its owner nice earnings. But, in order to ensure that get the most of it, make sure to follow the tips from this article! By listening to our pieces of advice, you will improve your chance of getting rich.

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