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How to Make Money Selling Supplements Online (Or from Home)

Oyewole Folarin has been a Freelance Writer for over 10 years. He loves helping others find extra income opportunities to meet their needs.


How Do I Make Money Selling Vitamins and Supplements?

It’s hard to make a fortune selling dietary and health supplements as an affiliate marketer or independent sales representative these days but not something impossible. You can maximize your sales through direct sales or your own online store.

Selling vitamins and dietary supplements from home can be easy and fun only if you master the tricks of the business and ready to invest your time and efforts into the business and with determination. It is not a business for those who want to get rich overnight. However, how much money you can make will depend on how consistent and patient you are with your marketing strategy.

There are a lot of vitamins and dietary supplement companies that encourage their distributor to sell products from home. The most important thing is to ensure your (or their) products meet the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) labeling requirement and are tested for safety and effectiveness before they are taken to the market.

If you make use of the methods listed in this article, although I do not guarantees that you will make a fortune overnight, it’s not impossible to earn some extra bucks with this business if you work consistently and exercise extreme patience.

What Is a Dietary Supplement Used For?

A dietary supplement is meant to provide the body with nutrients that may not have been consumed in sufficient amount. Simply put, nutritional supplements are for the people who are not getting the required quantities of daily dietary nutrition from their food. It is intended to supplement a person's diet.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, while some dietary supplements can help ensure that your body gets sufficient dietary intake of essential nutrients; others may help you reduce your risk of disease. They include but not limited to vitamins, minerals like calcium and iron, herbs, fiber and fatty acids.

List of Vitamins and Dietary Supplement Manufacturers







Garden of Life


Nature’s Bounty



Rainbow Light

Move Free



Arizona Nutritional Supplements, Inc.

Young Living

USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

How to Sell Supplements

From Home.

Direct Sales

You probably have heard of many of these health and wellness direct sales companies, such as Young Living, Peoplesway, Shaklee, Sportron International Inc., It Works!, Trivita, Inc., Morinda, YOR Health, and USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Direct sales involve selling products face-to-face or through an online store. Some of these big companies out there will give you a starter pack which contains everything you will need to start your own business from home. To receive your starter pack you will need to commit a certain amount of money as your initial investment. Have in mind that your first customers will be your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues at the workplace and from there you can grow your customer base.

As an independent sales representative, you will be paid certain per cent as a commission on each product you sell. Some direct sales companies will also pay you a commission on product sales from someone who you referred into the program. According to TriVita, if you refer your friends and family members you will enjoy commission equal to 20% of the product value of their orders and this will continue each time consumer order their products.

For example, if you sell $200 worth of products and your commission rate is 20 per cent of the product value, it means that you stand a chance of making $40. Also, if someone you referred sell $1000 worth of products and your commission rate is 10 per cent, you’d make $100.

Note, the more products you sell as an independent sales representative, the higher the commission you get, similarly, the more products your referrer sell, the higher the commission you will earn as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Through affiliate marketing, you can make money selling vitamins and dietary supplements from home. The Amazon affiliate program allows you to earn commission on every purchase made through your Amazon associate affiliate tracker that you placed on your blog or website. Amazon remains one of the largest online marketplaces where you can find vitamins and nutritional supplements to sell. All you really need is your own website and then sign up with Amazon as an associate.

However, if you cannot afford to host your own website, then consider the option of creating a free online blog using Blogger or WordPress. There are many blogging sites available these days, but due to the fact that Blogger and WordPress are easy to set up, you can start with the most preferred one. The time and efforts you put into designing and adding high-quality content will eventually pay off in the end. Since your area of interest is dietary and health supplements niche, you need to add original, in-depth, and media-rich content on vitamins and dietary supplements.


Write for Hubpages

The cost of building and then maintaining your own website can be quite burdensome as you have to pay to register a domain and space on a host server, and then expect to pay a certain amount of money yearly for a domain renewal and hosting.

I prefer to write on Hubpages because you only need a computer and an internet connection, the burden for website maintenance, domain renewal, and hosting falls on Hubpages. And if your featured article is get moved to one of their niche domains, this can bring your content to their over 35 million monthly unique visitors and help maximize your sales.

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If you utilize Hubpages, you can make more money because you get paid when users click on ads while going through your article and also you’ll get paid through their Amazon affiliate program. The most important task is to write original, in-depth, and media-rich contents on dietary and health supplements topics.

For Owners of Private Label Vitamins and Supplements

If you have your own private label vitamins and nutritional supplements manufactured by a company with a good reputation such as ABH Pharma Inc, Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), and Bactolac Pharmaceuticals Inc., you can advertise them on

These ads have the potentials to expose your product to Amazon millions of monthly unique users and could help maximize your sales.

Join Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA allows you to store your products at Amazon facility. When you have an order, Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products.

Steps to Advertise on Amazon

1. Log in to and click on the Advertise on Amazon link.

2. Select your products.

3. Place your bid for clicks and set your daily budget.


How to Get Approved to Sell Supplements on Amazon

1. Give product description: The name of the product and what it works for. Include your brand name and indicate that the product is tested to guarantee quality and safety.

2. Give additional details: State number of capsules, number of micrograms (mcg) or milligram (mg) per serving, and the amount to be taken at one time and per day (dosage).

3. Certificate of Analysis: Indicating the potency, purity, and integrity test result.

4. The name of the manufacturer.

5. List all the ingredients.

6. Amazon also recommends that images of ingredients and/or nutritional information listed on product packaging should be uploaded as secondary product images on product detail page.

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If you're not sure what brand to promote or you have doubt about some of these top-selling brands, I would advise you to go for Amazon private label vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The more products you sell as an independent sales representative or affiliate marketer, the higher the commission you earn. To make a decent profit, you need to get hundreds of customers who will order products from you.

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Nancy Yager from Hamburg, New York on May 15, 2016:

There is real money in supplements on Amazon. You just have to research and find the right ones that sell. You don't even have to sell hundreds a month.

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