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How to Make Money at Home: Ways of Money Making Online and Offline

Anifar is an experienced FreeLancer. She would like to share on ways to make money online and offline.

There are many legit ways to make money online with no geographical limitations or age. Money is sweet and everyone needs money to make life easier. Working online can be a side hustle for you even though you may have some other things to do. It will earn you an extra income in your free time and make your life simple than before. Here are some ways of money-making online:

Make money Online In Simple Ways.

Make money Online In Simple Ways.

"As the economy is shifting, you need to have legitimate and creative sources of making an extra income. There are opportunities people have been using for years now."

— Franklin Gillette

1. Make youtube videos or Tik Tok Videos

This is the most popular way people are using to make money online nowadays. As long as you have the correct content and you know what your audience wants or like, this is where you can start making a huge amount of money through, dancing videos, cooking tutorials, funny videos, educational videos, and other videos which you can comfortably make depending on what you like doing or your talents that can capture your viewers. All you need to do is to open an account on either youtube or TikTok and start uploading them . Payment will be according to the number of viewers. Make sure to create quality, eye-catching and pleasable content for you to earn handsomely.

How to create videos.

How to create videos.

2. Do freelancing

There are many companies out there such as Upwork which basically hire writers to complete tasks for their clients. This is a better and simple way of earning an income since they offer their jobs categorically based on the area of your expertise. It’s you to choose what you can comfortably do and you get your match appropriately. All you need to do is to sign up and apply for the type of job that you are more interested in. The more assignments and tasks you accomplish, the more you earn.

A freelancer writing articles.

A freelancer writing articles.

3. Do blogging

Blogging is another interesting way of making money online. If you are a good content creator, you can decide to make your own blog and start making money from it. What matters is the content you are delivering to your audience. Don’t just write because of money but write to impress your readers. Let them have fun reading your article because they always get the answers they are searching for. By doing this way, you will earn hugely. Companies such as hub do pay for blogging, you can decide to sign up and start working with them.

Create your  blog

Create your blog

4. Sell Products and Services Online

Buying and selling products and services online today is a major adapted trend nowadays. You may be having your small business or maybe selling clothes and shoes or maybe offering loan services which you can advertise online. You may decide to create your own website and advertise your business appropriately by offering fair discounts that can attract customers.

5. Creating Websites

Many businesses and companies need websites to advertise their services worldwide. This is an awesome business opportunity for you as a web developer or with any expertise in this sector. You can connect with these companies that need websites for you to get hired. Create a good portfolio to advertise yourself appropriately since these companies need someone who is experienced for perfect work. Make them believe that you are good and can make things right for them by branding yourself well.

Make beautiful websites

Make beautiful websites

6. Sell Photos Online

Companies such as iStock Photo and Shutterstock are associated with photos. If you are a good photographer, these are the best companies that you can sell your photos to earn. Take good quality photos based on the area that they need and make a good deal out of them. Quality photographing skills are more needed here. Try to be unique and competitive for you to stand a better chance of earning much.

Become a photographer.

Become a photographer.

7. Do Online Tutoring

Being an expert in certain subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, etc. can be a very great help to you. There are many parents out there who want their children to have better education and be more knowledgeable. Here is an exciting opportunity for you since you can apply for online tutoring even after schools close or even during school days. This can make you such great income instead of depending on one source of income. Companies such as and offer such opportunities but you can also find some more companies on the internet.

Teach students online

Teach students online

8. Participate in Market Research

This is another simple way of making money online. It does not really involve a lot of time but can pay you extra cash by only participating in an online survey. Companies such as, pay for simply sharing your thoughts or opinions about products. It involves writing opinions in polls and paid surveys.

Focus group Market research.

Focus group Market research.

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9. Build Your Own App

Some people are perfect app developers. They dream to build more and more apps each and every day. Well, this is a very good business opportunity for you who is an expert in app development. You can make apps and sell them or manage them on your own by advertising them and the problem they can help solve for people. That’s a great income for you.

Building apps

Building apps

10. Become a Translator

Some people out there need someone to make them understand a message maybe from social media, a letter, or television news. Being a well-nurtured translator in more than one language can be a great help to you. This can really pay you if you have the correct skills in translating. It can be easy for you if you connect with potential clients who don’t disappoint. You can decide to advertise your services through social media and let them know what you are capable of doing by showing them some samples of your work to build their trust in you.

"Money is like a sixth sense- and you

cant make use of the other five without it."

— William Somerset Maugham

Online translating

Online translating

11. Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing basically means promoting a company’s products through links added to your website or social media pages. Any link clicked and purchase made, you are paid a certain percentage of the total cost. Companies that are involved in affiliate marketing are Amazon and Wix affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is the best.

Affiliate marketing is the best.

12. Monetize your own website

Having your own website can earn you a lot of money. What you need to do is to select a good website template, and domain and get free website hosting. After that, you can come up with ways of advertising it. One most common way is by signing up with Google AdSense to put ads on your website. Ads are placed based on the content of your website and the visitors. Google is able to pay you according to the number of views or clicks on the ads.

13. Become an Influencer in Instagram

An influencer is someone in your niche or industry with sway over your target audience. Influencers have specialized knowledge, authority, or insight into a specific subject. Companies do pay people with many followers on Instagram to advertise or represent their products. If you want to get started, you can apply through platforms such as open influence and Aspire, or by directly contacting companies you may like to work with.

14. Sign UP with Etsy To Sell Your Wares

Do you have any woodwork, embroidery, pottery, and jewelry items to sell? Etsy is a good platform where you can sell your products. Even though it may take time for customers to notice you, it is more worthy than not selling them at all. Remember, you don't just wake up and find yourself successful. It is a process and patience need to be exercised.

Read more on how to make money on Etsy here.

"Never depend on single income.

Make investments to create a second source."

— Warren Buffet

Sometimes, working online can be difficult for us bearing the fact that not everyone has an access to the internet while at home. Those without internet access may be wondering, what about us that don't have internet? What can we do to make money like others? But no need to worry too much about that. There are also awesome ways you can make money without internet unless if there is a need to advertise yourself to your customers. Take a look at the following ways, please.

15. Become a Housekeeper

Do you find yourself idle while at home and you have nothing you can do? Housekeeping is a good way to earn money. There are many people who need an assistant to their homes when they are away maybe for work. You can look for those opportunities or get information through your friends about any vacancies somewhere to start working and get paid according to your agreement with your employer.

16. Sell Clothes That You No Longer Wear

You may be having a lot of clothes in the house that you don't use anymore. Either they become too small for you or too big for you. Throwing them away or giving them out is not an option. Transform them into money and you will enjoy its benefits. You can also decide to buy second-hand clothes from your friends and add to your business to grow every day.

17. Start up a Cyber

Did you do anything related to computers in your course? Then why sit idle and you have an opportunity and skills of making money? Capital may be an issue for you but also you may have friends who can connect you to their friends who have an opportunity to offer you a job. Why not take that chance to earn and save then use your savings to start up your own cyber? You can decide to start up with one laptop, and one printer as you expand day by day through your savings. Is that not incredible? Your skills matter a lot.

"Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we have got 24 hours each."

— Christopher Rice

18. Start a Tailoring shop or Become a Tailor at Home

This is an awesome activity in that you can invest your time to earn well. Do you know how to make clothes or repair them well like an expert? Why not let your skills known to your neighbors and the whole community that you do perfect work? Just sitting at home under a tree, you can make the incredible happen. If you yearn to expand more and grow your business, you can use social media platforms to advertise yourself using your samples to gain customer trust.

19. Become a Babysitter

Mothers need help especially when they have a lot of things to do. Carrying out their daily activities with their babies around them becomes very difficult. This calls for them to employ babysitters to help them. This is a good opportunity especially when you want to avoid being idle. You can get information about babysitting online or through word of mouth and sometimes posts in your area.

20. Start Up a Small Hotel

Do you believe in cooking delicious dishes? Well, here is another opportunity that can make you smile at the end of the day. It's not a must you have a hotel of your own since capital can be a problem. Start with some easy cooking at home such as mandazis, cookies, or cakes. Take them to the market and sell them there or don't bother walking around, just advertise yourself to your customers and let them know you bake sweet cakes or cookies. They will just make orders while you are at home and you will sell hugely.

21. Tutor Students at Home

Do you find nothing to do at home during holidays as a teacher and do you have the knowledge to impact students? Some parents want their children to prosper academically and would prefer to employ a teacher to guide their children at home while on holiday.This is the best time to look for this opportunity as a teacher. You can get connections from your friends to link you with employers or you may decide to look for online companies that offer online tutoring if you prefer online . But if it doesn't work for you, go offline which is easy and you can advertise yourself too that you offer teaching services. Be competent since your students will also help to advertise you by telling their parents how good you are and more students will want your services.

Wrap Up

Making money online is sweet when you know the techniques that can help you get more income out of it. But before you start any online work, please make some intensive research about the company and other websites that offer online jobs. This is to caution you about scammers. This is not to scare you from doing online jobs. If you need to be successful then you need to risk and everything has advantages and disadvantages. I only need you to be careful and chose legitimate platforms to earn your income.

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