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How to Make Life Easier for an Amazon Delivery Driver

I've been through the mud and have dealt with unfortunate people. So many people are going through the worse and I have heard their stories.


Delivery workers are like soldiers in a war. And when they do get a break (easier deliveries) from the various battles, they cherish the moments which in turn can benefit the customers. Attack dogs, angry customers, extremely cold and hot weathers, 10 hour days, hundreds of stops, long driveways to walk, rude and aggressive Amazon station drivers are destroyed physically and mentally at the end of a workday with even a wound or two to show for it. If only more customers were considerate of Amazon delivery men, or any delivery men for that matter, as customers who do give them that break by making delivery stops less dangerous and strenuous, they'll be able to enjoy their job even more which has many benefits associated.

Making life easier for an Amazon delivery driver requires customers to purchase one item to put at the end of their driveway - a package delivery box. If every customer had this item at the end of their driveway, we can avoid dogs, burnouts from running up long driveways, and even having to travel long dirt back roads. Thanks in advance if you have a heart for Amazon delivery men.

Placing a package delivery box at the end of your driveway isn't putting you at any disadvantage really because your mailbox is likely placed there as well.

You may want front door service but does the mailman provide that service to you? Likely not. You can grab your mail and the Amazon delivery items at the same time - one trip.

These package delivery boxes don't have to be big and bulky, and there are plenty of styles available to fit your preference. I've seen millions of various styles during my tenure as an Amazon delivery driver and they all seem to look pretty attractive at the end of the driveway. Every package delivery box you see on this list, I've pretty much seen them on the property of an Amazon customer: list.

As a customer of Amazon, and dog owner, you know your dogs will protect you at all costs, pretty much. And for some customers, who have top dollars boiling in their bank accounts, your driveways to your mini-mansions are extensive beyond measure. Delivery drivers' legs are burning, and they're out of breathe most of the time. No complaining, we should be in shape and well prepared for such difficult activities. I mean we are briefed by training classes on the details of the job we're facing. But keeping us delivery drivers at the end of your driveway can benefit you as well.

How putting a package delivery box at the end of your driveway can benefit you as the customer

If there is a package delivery box at the end of your driveway you can keep delivery drivers from destroying your grass. Sometimes when a delivery driver pulls up to your front door in the Amazon van there isn't enough room to turn around to drive forward out of the property. When there is a long driveway, some of the drivers are unable to back up straight for long durations and so they unintentionally go off course onto the grass.

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Also, if you feel as though your home is of high value, considering family and expensive items, putting a package delivery box at the end of your driveway can keep delivery drivers at a far distance from what is important to you, if you're a careful, cautious and protective wreck.

How long does a typical Amazon delivery driver last as a driver?

Based on my experience as a driver, most employees working as an Amazon delivery contractor don't make it a week. Amazon deliver service partners have a long history of drivers quitting after just their second day of work. The hustle of an Amazon driver is a strenuous experience that many employees just can't endure.

How often do you see a property that has a delivery box available for delivery drivers?

On an average day, an Amazon driver will come across at least four package delivery boxes on their route.

Using an electric dog fence

Electrical fences are excellent for keeping your dog within boundaries. If a delivery man enters your property to deliver a package, to keep your dog from attacking the delivery man, an electric fence can prevent such a horrible act. You can place a package delivery container right at the end of the electric fence extension. Your friendly neighbors have electric fences and are using the Covono electric dog fence. Whenever your dog crosses the electric boundary they'll get a zap.

Delivery guys appreciate nice customers

I'm sure just like I do, delivery drivers appreciate all good acts of kindness from customers. Offering us water, hot chocolate, and snacks along our journey as delivery men is necessary; we sometimes run low on those items in the thick of hot and cold weather. Continue to smile, wave, and please try to keep your dogs in the house when we've notified you by email that we'll deliver your items on a particular day. Our days of getting customers their packages are already difficult enough, we do not need a fight with a dog.

To all the customers of Amazon that have drivers delivering to their homes, a package delivery box is an excellent way to make life easier for Amazon drivers. Simply placing one at the end of your driveway can cut delivery time to your property by at least 2 minutes. In cases with longer driveways, we're talking about saving five minutes by adding a delivery box. Delivery boxes are also significant by saving the beautiful grass in your yard from death and potentially protecting your valuables from prying eyes.

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