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How to Host and Publish a Podcast for Free in 2021

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You have bought a microphone and audio editing software and created a podcast, so what’s the next step? How to and where to host and publish your podcast? Do you want to do this for free? Then you have come to the right place.

Check out this article to learn about how to host and publish your podcast for free in 2021.

First of all, What is a podcast?

A podcast is just a digital file available on the internet that can be downloaded by users and they can listen to it whenever they want.

Why do you need to start a podcast?

Because the audience is increasing way more than expected. It will be a great way to drive traffic to your blogs or youtube channel too if you have any.

According to some stats, over 51% of Americans listen to a podcast at least once a month.

Podcast Data From Business Insider

Podcast Data From Business Insider

How to create a podcast?

All you need is a microphone, audio editing software and a topic to talk about. That’s all it takes to create a podcast. I am not going to talk about this part further. Let's start the real article.

How to host a podcast?

Why do you need a host? For connecting your podcast to Google Podcasts or Spotify, you need your RSS feed, for getting your RSS feed, you need a host to make your podcast go online.

There are 100s of platforms that can help you in hosting a podcast. I am going to be talking about - Substack which is the platform that I use for hosting my podcast - 500ish.

Substack is basically an independent place for writers where you can create a newsletter and build an audience, but they have started podcast service too in recent months.

(Before moving any further, Substack podcasts are in Beta Mode - just information)

Hosting Your Podcast Using Substack:

Let’s look at how to host a podcast in Substack step by step.

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1. Create a Substack account - it’s completely free.

2. In default, creating a podcast option is not available in Substack. You have to modify some settings.

3. You need to go to your settings, and at the bottom, there will be podcast settings.

4. In the podcast settings, you need to check on the Enable Podcasting Beta to host your podcast.

Hosting Your Podcast in Substack

Hosting Your Podcast in Substack

5. After you do this, you need to choose a name and description of your podcast.

6. And then Substack will generate your RSS feed URL which you can use to connect your podcast to Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Publishing Your Podcast:

Connecting Your Podcast to Spotify:

1. You have got your RSS feed, so the first part is done.

2. Now you need to go to and login into your Spotify account.

3. And then you need to submit your podcast RSS Feed URL and some basic information and categories of your podcast.

Publishing Your Podcast in Spotify

Publishing Your Podcast in Spotify

4. After that Spotify will review it and if there is no problem, your podcast will be online within 24 hours.

This is the same case for Google Podcasts too, go to and follow the same procedure as in the case for Spotify.

Well, that’s it, your podcast is hosted and posted online. Thanks for reading the article.

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