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How to Have a Powerful Mindset for Growth

Nitin is a certified life coach, executive coach, writer, husband, and father. His passion is to help people become their best version.

Develop a mindset of growth

Develop a mindset of growth

A mindset of growth is absolutely needed to progress in life and develop your personality.

A mindset is defined as follows.

“A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations” (

“The established set of attitudes held by someone” (Oxford Dictionary)

A growth mindset is simply the belief that intelligence can be developed through hard work, the right strategies, and inputs from external sources.

The right mindset for growth will determine whether you succeed or fail in life.

This mindset brings about the right behavior and the right behavior will lead to success and growth.

I want to share with you the definition of a mindset, the different types of mindsets, and how to develop the right mindsets.

1. Goal Setting Mindset

This is the mindset that has very specific goals set up. These goals are realistic and specific.

They are measurable and attainable too. People with this mindset always make sure that they have goals before they go out to do something.

This helps them to not only be clear about what they want to achieve but also to chalk out a strategy to get there.

2. A Learning Mindset

A learning mindset is one in which the person is always ready to learn new things.

He has a hunger and thirst for knowledge. This mindset is absolutely necessary to go forward in life.

Great leaders have always been great learners.

Millionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates make it a point to read a book every day.

Readers make leaders. A learning mindset is a wonderful asset indeed.

It is this mindset that allows people to undertake huge projects and against all odds, finish the projects successfully.

3. Confidence Mindset

This mindset gives the person confidence in himself. This confidence will express itself in his words and actions.

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This confidence mindset gives him the self-belief that makes him immovable.

He is sure of attaining success without any doubt.

4. Dreaming Mindset

Dreams are universal and common phenomena. Dreams can be very intriguing and mysterious.

By dreams, I mean all that a person wants to achieve.

Sometime back I watched an interview with a very young millionaire and he said it all started with a dream.

He had nothing, to begin with, and was a young boy when he got into the business.

All he had was a dream of becoming a millionaire and in 4 years’ time, he had realized his dreams.

It all starts with a dream folks.

5. Focused Mindset

A focused mindset allows the person to have a single eye, undivided attention, and undistracted movement.

A focused mindset is one where the person has a laser target.

All his attention and efforts are focused on his dreams and visions.

It gets rid of all distractions no matter what they are.

No one can accomplish anything significant in life if they don’t have this mindset.

6. Long Term Mindset

If you want to have success in any area of life, you need to have a long term mindset.

People who have this mindset, plan for three to five years in advance.

They don’t strategize for just a few months but for years.

They have a long term perspective and plan accordingly.

7. Leader Mindset

A leadership mindset wants to take the responsibility of leading others on the right path.

A leader leads by example. He is not a dictator or authoritarian leader. He is responsible, transparent, and authentic.

He is a good role model and rewards the efforts of people appropriately. He can inspire and motivate people.

8. Creative Mindset

This is one of the most important mindsets that we can develop.

In this mindset, a person is very creative in his actions.

He does not follow the common path but carves out his own unique path.

This mindset will help to remove boredom and sameness from life.

This mindset is necessary for business and life to present things in an attractive way.

It is a unique and attractive mindset.

9. Productive Mindset

It is important to have a productive mindset to accomplish anything worthwhile in life.

It allows you to distinguish between productive and unproductive activities.

This mindset filters out unnecessary activities and distractions, focusing attention solely on the end goals and dreams.

Growth mindset

Growth mindset

10. A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is necessary to experience growth and progress continuously.

This mindset can actually cause the brain to grow.

Science has proven that the brain can actually grow and is trainable.

It grows when faced with challenges and new strategies.

How To Develop The Mindset Of High Achievers

How To Develop The Right Mindset

Now that we have seen the different types of mindsets, let us know how exactly to develop these mindsets.

1. Understand Your Current Mindset

Know which type of mindset you need to develop and then go for it.

Unless you know what you need, you cannot work on it.

2. Learn From Mind Educators

Listen to or watch videos by motivational and inspirational speakers.

There is a huge amount of material available on the internet. It will motivate you and mold your thoughts in a positive way.

3. Make A Commitment To Change Your Mindset

Make a conscious effort and commitment to train your brain and change your mindset.

Nothing happens without a solid commitment.

So commit yourself to a mindset of growth and success.

4. Develop The Habit Of Detoxifying Your Thoughts

Self-limiting beliefs keep you in bondage. They whisper to you that you are no good.

They tell you that you will never be able to accomplish your goals and dreams.

They fill your mind with a lot of negative thoughts.

It is your responsibility to rid yourself of all such negative thoughts.

5. Rinse And Repeat Until A New Growth Mindset Is Formed

Train your mind continuously in this way until the growth mindset becomes a part of your life.

Having the right mindset will make the difference between defeat and victory, success and failure.

Spend some time today and take stock of your life. Are you seriously developing a mindset of growth?

If yes then keep doing it. If no then today is the best day to start.

Don’t delay it any longer.

This mindset will ensure your personal growth and development throughout your lifetime.

It will become a powerful asset in life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nitin Khaire


Nitin Khaire (author) from Mumbai on March 02, 2020:

Hi Nikhil. I am so glad that my article added value to your life. Yes, these things are not well known. The mindset is always of paramount importance. Before embarking on anything new, its important to develop the mindset and then success is a by-product.

Nikhil Sharma from India on March 02, 2020:

We all know that our mindset plays a vital role in changing lives and making it great, but most of us didn't know about the different types of mindsets. Thank you sir for describing each one of them clearly and pointing out useful ways to tackle it.

Niks from India on February 27, 2020:

Great Article. Goal setting is truly a foundation to have great success.

I feel motivated by every point that you described. Keep boosting the reader's confidence through your words. Thank you, Nitin Sir.

Nitin Khaire (author) from Mumbai on January 27, 2020:

Thanks, Prateek for being positive as always.

You are correct.

Everything starts with a mindset.

If you have a positive mindset, you will be able to accomplish anything in life.

The impossible can become possible with the right mindset.

The wonderful thing is that you can develop the right mindset if you don't have it.

Wishing you all the best in life my friend.

Nitin Khaire (author) from Mumbai on January 27, 2020:

Thank you, Baby Girl, for your encouraging comment.

Feedback like this encourages me because I know that my articles are bringing value to my readers.

Prateek Jain from Madhya Pradesh, India on January 27, 2020:

Another most effective and powerful article which consists a great insight on the topic which everyone of us need to know. Creating a mindset according to our goals and commitment is very necessary. You explained all the situations very well so that one can adjust their focus accordingly and use them to achieve their target.

Sonia from New York on January 25, 2020:

Very interesting and informative article. This is well written and executed.

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