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How to Find Ways to Pass Time While Working as a Security Officer

Security guard sleeping on duty.

Security guard sleeping on duty.

There are many career choices that you can make and many different jobs waiting for you when you finish your studies. Some may be labor intensive and others mentally demanding, each job being unique. Other jobs however may be attractive because of the salary but be otherwise boring such as those in security. If this sounds like you then you will be wanting to know how to find ways to pass time while working as a security guard.

There are many different activities that you can partake in that will not only help you pass your time but will also keep you alert and on the job, a list of the best being listed below:

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Keep active and keep moving

One of the dangers of working as a security guard is that you may fall asleep on duty. Especially if you are new to night work and silence, you will find the whole experience rather surreal. To stop yourself from drifting off and failing to carry out your job correctly you need to move around to keep yourself both physically as well as mentally focused.

Take notes

By jotting down important notes throughout your shift you will stay both alert and organized. Many may choose a career in security as it seems an easy option; however to impress your superior you need to also be efficient and always on top of everything. Jot down anything that you feel is relevant during your shift to show both willingness as well as organization.

Ask for an increase in your duties

By asking for more duties during your shift you can get rid of the monotony of the night. Staying in one place or constantly circling the same area will become tiresome and boring. By changing routes and taking on extra duties your boredom will disappear and you will work better too.

In addition to the previous activities that you can try when you are on the move, there are many others that are perfect if your job is totally sedentary. Staying in one place and not moving for hours can be more tiring than manual labor, so try out the activities listed below to pass the time.


Listen to the radio

Listening to the radio is a great way to make time pass more quickly and take away the feeling of solace and silence. try tuning into a chat show and listen in to the conversation to really take your mind off your boredom.

When listening to the radio remember to keep the noise level to a minimum so as to not disturb co-workers or customers.

Take along an MP3 player

These days you are bound to have music you can listen to on your phone, an i pod or an MP3 player. By listening to your favorite tunes while you work the time will pass by quickly; but make sure you don t drift off entirely or even fall asleep on the job.

Use your smart phone

For everything you need at a touch of the button wherever you are these days you have your smartphone. So, when you have a long shift ahead of you, your smartphone can be a savior to you. Choose from web browsing, social networks or even send some emails while you are at work.

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Take a newspaper to work

If you are however adverse to using your phone for everything these days then you can try a more traditional method to keep yourself entertained whilst at work. Reading the newspaper will not only pass away the time but will also keep you informed of updates in society too.

Take a book to work

If you really have a passion for reading, then instead of taking a newspaper to work you can try becoming engrossed in a favorite book. Reading can be calming as well as educational and it will really make the time at work fly by.

Take a magazine to work

If however you prefer a little light reading a magazine can quickly lighten the dull mood whilst you are at work. Choose from real life, sport or even PC gaming magazine to pass away the time.

Watch a film on your portable computer

If you have a portable blue ray or DVD player, then watching a film can fill in a few hours of an otherwise long and boring shift. You can choose from comedy to lighten the mood or even education to allow you to learn whilst you are at work.


Walk around

Unless you are in a really confined space, taking a stroll around can help you both pass the time and also keep you from feeling uncomfortable or stiff. Staying in a sedentary position for too long has a negative impact on the body, so get up and stroll around.

Create a work exercise routine

If you love to keep fit then exercising whilst at work will keep you fit and pass the time. You can choose from some push ups or perhaps some lunges or jumps, keeping your blood flowing and making your shift pass by quickly too.

Show your best dance moves :)

No matter what you do to keep alert it is important that maintain awareness of your surroundings while doing so. You never know when something will need your full attention and you clearly would not like an emergency to go by unnoticed.

Also remember to ask your supervisor for permission before you incorporate non work related routines so that you do not risk disciplinary action or termination.

How do you keep yourself occupied when work becomes excessively boring or monotonous? How do you stay alert when nothing is going on for hours. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


Sam on March 29, 2017:

Get lots of sleep before your shift. Drink coffee. Talk to others by phone. Wash face with cold water.

lol on May 12, 2016:

I usually count to 1000 and back to 0 slowly in my head . then i skip count by 2 to 1000 and back, then skip count by 3 then 4 and so on. its an amazing exercise for the brain that will keep it sharp even in old age. just counting to 1000 can take up lots of time and willpower(it trains your mental ability). if i am allowed to do other things then i read or draw. but mostly these things aren't allowed during my shift, i am excepted to just sit or pace at one spot.

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