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How to Deal with the Negatives of Falling Off from Popularity

I've been a popular hot, athletic and funny guy in my day. I've lost that all at one point. The disappointment associated was deadly.


There was a time when the world seemed to favor your ideas, character, and all of your creativity. Now, people just give you a fake smile and instantly change the subject whenever you've committed an attempt at expressing trending content. Usually, you're showered with laughter, exciting facial expressions, and lengthy responses to your awesome conversations and actions. And now that you're not getting those reassurances, your spirit sets like the sun, and your ordinary confidence associated with your next thought, word, or action is hesitant. After a continuous decline in your position amongst the world, your moods begin to predominantly veer to sadness, fear, and/or anger; you are no longer popular as you use to be, unfortunately. Well, it's life, but luckily you aren't the only human being who has diminished into this position. No worries, however. Thankfully, there are various ways to overcome related negative emotions and in turn gain privilege for living positive emotions stemming from your unfortunate fall-off.

Ways to still be happy after falling off

  • Reinvent yourself
  • Support up and comers
  • Discuss happier past moments with others who have fallen off

The first step before even applying any of the methods listed in this article is to accept the fact that you've fallen off. Once you've accepted that you're no longer receiving the same advantaged feedback as previous experiences, you're opening yourself up to succeeding stages of overcoming a fall-off.

Reinvent yourself

“Just as established products and brands need updating to stay alive and vibrant, you periodically need to refresh or reinvent yourself.” —Mireille Guiliano

When the old is outdated, throw it out and reenter with a new approach. How popular people are able to stay relevant is by staying in the current trend or creating an extension from what was popular. New dances, new language, new ideas, new products, presenting such solutions to separate oneself from Loserville to a team of cool and/or intelligent people, and getting their approval can develop a high level of confidence to take to the public to begin watering the roots of the new you. It may take time-consuming prep, but once you've found a new trend or adopted one that can mesh with your smile and surroundings, you'll brighten up and perhaps get back to the advantaged responses you're accustomed to getting as a likable trend.

Literature on reinventing yourself

Support up and comers

At one point in time, you may have been spot on with what made you likable. As times change, you may no longer be relevant and unable to keep up with the new wave of trends. Instead of being hard on yourself, take an interest in those who are trending. Compliment them, express positive emotions, and advise them on how to manage as you once did. Become the surroundings who supported you when you were trending. Who knows, by encouraging others it may spark a creative wire that enables you to magically fall back in. It's something about supporting others that in turn brings a new glow to your life.

Literature on encouraging others

Discuss happier past moments with others who have fallen off

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Those who have fallen off can spot others who have fallen off as well. Discussing those experiences that once made you feel on top of the world with someone that wants to listen and enjoys your stories can provide internal happiness that can fill your fall-off void. Whenever we find people who enjoy our conversation, we want to hold on to them as long as possible. So, surely hearing out these people's past experiences before they fell off (just like they did for you) should be on our agenda as an appreciation. During your listen, there could definitely be stories that can coincide as an ingredient you need to fall back into the trending zone. In addition, just hearing how people failed to put as much effort into previous matters when becoming popular as you did can boost your spirit as you realize you've worked harder in similar situations and can have an advantage over your fall-off colleague.

Even if you never become popular again, you guys can just live life through reminiscing which can be sufficient enough to live content without the need to trend ever again. Some people can bring out exciting stories you've totally forgotten. Choose your friends and associates wisely.

3 ways to reinvent yourself

  • Read more - constantly learn from new interesting lessons for changing your flaws, especially ones on how other people in your position have handled falling off and getting back on their feet.
  • Change your philosophy - discover new ways of altering your reality and develop an existence that can put you in a position of improved creativity. Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates are a few past philosophers to study for a sensible new, and refined perspective on life.
  • Find a mentor - mentors who have overcome your current position can more likely lead you correctly as what's best for your situation, as they've been there and done that.

3 ways to support up and comers

  • Celebrate their achievements - provide gifts, applauses, and encouragement when up and comers are winning in life.
  • Discuss values and things that are important to them - provide knowledge towards their life improvement to help increase their worth.
  • Help change their negative self-talk - try communicating in ways that allow them to see mistakes as a positive. Whenever I make a mistake at work, I see it as totally fine, even if it's severe. As long as my intentions are good I see mistakes as necessary to perfect my craft, and I apply exhausting effort to never make the same mistakes again.

3 ways to discuss happier past moments with others who have fallen off

  • Compare current trending experiences of others with your past successful trends - notice trends that are happening now and discover how they're relevant to when your efforts trended.
  • Talk about wealth or achievements accomplished from happier past moments - what did you get out of setting or promoting trends.

How to deal with rude people

Whenever someone seems to care less about my character and acts like an animal towards me, I have to look at the bright side. I just take the negative experience as a way to improve my patience, understanding of rude people, and my sustainability. I enjoy becoming a better person and improving my resilience.

3 things to buy on Amazon if you're depressed

There's no excuse to live your life in fear, displeasure, or glum because of falling off. Hopefully, this article can prevent thousands of people from resulting in depression leading to alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco. Understand that human beings have ups and downs and that we must learn to deal with every positive and negative in our lives without becoming destroyed in the process. Resilience is a quality that we must exercise and never let die.

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