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How to Create a Passive Income? Online Business Tools.

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First, I would like to confess that I started without a budget. So I have no option but to look for free resources. And I tell you this because I want to demonstrate that you can start your first online business by relying only on free tools.



Getting a domain is very affordable. There are even hosting providers that offer free domains. But you can get a top-level domain for FREE. Most people go for .com or .net since they’re very popular. And because of it, people endorse trust. But let me ask you a question, how many scam sites have you seen with the .com or .net? A lot! My point is that even though people feel some code domains like the ones above carry authority, it doesn’t mean that sites with those domains are trustworthy. In addition, when it comes to set a custom domain to promote your business, the main reason is for brand. It’s not recommended to promote any affiliate link directly. Much of them are already banned and blocked by email providers and platforms like Facebook. Freenom is a domain registry that offers FREE country code top-level domains. In this group, you can get: .tk, .cf, .ml, .ga, and .gq


This is another expense people need to afford monthly. But there are hosting companies that offer share hosting plans for FREE. One of the best is infinityfree. You can register for a free plan where you can have access to various accounts. And the thing that sets it apart from other free services is that you can have email support without upgrading.


When it comes to autoresponders, the free alternatives are very limited, almost non-existent so to speak. But I did my detective work, focusing the search on free autoresponders that include the follow-up automation. We do nothing if we can’t communicate with our subscribers. Services like MailChimp offers a specific amount of subscribers in their free plan with the access to automation. Also, I found Benchmark. It really surprises me today that this isn’t one of the favorites among marketers. Besides getting automation, you also count with many free options that other companies set for premium accounts. The interface is very intuitive. It has the same MailChimp or GetResponse drop and drag feature. You can also create different types of signup forms (popup, embed, classic, third parties, and list builder app). There’s a spam checker that measures your emails to ensure your mailing doesn’t go to the junk folder. The only downside is the limit of subscribers. You are allowed to collect only 2000 subscribers. However, you can send off up to 14000 emails per month in the free plan. I’ve tried both at the beginning of my marketing career with decent results. Then when you start profiting, I really recommend you move to email providers like AWeber.

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Link Tracker

One of the best trackers is ClickMagick. This is by far the best tool to manage links. It allows tracking and testing, reducing significantly worktime by giving full insight into conversion metrics. See all the benefits in this complete guide. But there’s another free tool that offers some similar options. ViralURL is a traffic generation platform. The main purpose is list building, but it has great features like link shortening, cloaking, and tracking. The last two are the ones you will need. You can use them to protect your affiliate links, and get the stats to follow the progress of your campaigns at no cost. This tool offers more value than other tracking platforms. And many of the features are available to the free members. Since the platform has focus on traffic generation, you get extra exposure every time someone lands on your page. In a nutshell, whenever you shorten a link, you can have ad credits. This also means that an ad is placed inside the frame of your landing page or the site you’re promoting. In order to remove it and just use the clock feature, you need to upgrade. You may think that this might spoil your landing page. But you can choose the form and location of the ad. My suggestion is when you set the clocking, select “Full Width” in the widget theme; and “Bottom” in the widget position.


You probably know that when you promote something, you need to test different landing pages to see which ones convert the best. ClickMagick can also do that for you. But there are other free alternatives. One that I‘ve used is PageSwirl. With PageSwirl, you can rotate up to 5 pages. As you can see in the screenshot above, you get stats, daily limit, and priority. Another tool that I’ve used is Traffic Zipper. This is another traffic generator like ViralURL, which has tracking and rotator features. When you enroll in the program I just pointed out above, you’ll need some tools to get the best of the training. However, if you’re on a limited budget, I can explain to you how to get away with murder. These hacking tools I just described are meant to start your online business right away without any lack of money excuse. Naturally, the top tools provide better results and the best automation. So when you start getting results, changing to the top ones is a must. The best thing about the following tools is that they’re not merely second-hand substitutes. You can obtain realistic results.


Landing page + Lead Magnet + Sale Page

That can be the classic funnel where upsells and downsells can be added along the road. But the backbone is pretty simple. And success depends on what I like to call the three factors: The type of traffic you drive, the product you’re promoting, and the ability to presell. And this is the difficult part. The challenge is knowing how to produce effective funnels with all the compliments and drive targeted traffic. For traffic generation, the key is to find the right audience. For example: if you’re into the dog training niche, you can surf through different forums related to that niche. Also, social marketing is very hot because you can attract people with the same interest organically. YouTube and Instagram are really prominent nowadays.

As for funnels, once we attract a prospect with the promise of the free gift (Lead Magnet), we can offer him another thing (paid product or service) related to the lead magnet. It’s like stairs where the landing page is the first tread, and then he or she is walked through (shown) to the other offers, products or services you have or promote. And here’s where you need autoresponders because normally people just step on the first tread and remain there. It’s your job to make them go onto the treads through emails. As higher the prospect goes up through the stairs, the more money you make.

For example: If you have a consulting business. The first tread can be a FREE checklist (lead magnet) on how to talk to clients. Then you can offer a course on how to close sales. Afterward, you can pitch a mastermind event as your high-ticket product. There’s no limit. The stairs can be as large as you have. All depend on the value you have. Of course, dominating funnels and even marketing take time especially if you’ve never been exposed to it before.

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