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How to Build Trust In Customers

In life, everything is business. to make life more effective, we must consider how we do business by relating to customers.

12 Practical Ways to Practice

Method 1: Use Brand Type and Company Name

Check your partners quickly!

Did you know that when looking, tax authorities can be attached to any suspicious fact about a colleague? Therefore, it is very important to look at those with whom you work. Today, you can get information on your spouse's past reviews for free, and most importantly, get a list of revealed violations!

The brand is one of the strongest guarantees of quality. In fact, it means higher prices, as it increases the apparent cost of a service or product. Working under a brand, you are no longer you, but a representative of that brand, which undoubtedly places a huge responsibility on the company and its employees. The easiest and fastest way to work under a brand is to buy a franchise. The franchise business is attractive to many especially because it offers the right to use a name already known.

It is worth considering the brand name and your company. They must meet several simple requirements.

Method 2. Work on a photo of the meeting place with the client

Feelings and expectations that the visitor has already entered the office or place of the sale are immediately transferred to your products and services.

Pay attention to the building. The customer gets the first impression as he approaches the building. And there will be no second chance to make the first impression. A good building on which your company relies will create a kind of "material environment". And if this is an architectural tomb or a door adorned with a theme, feel free to use it in advertising.

Take a closer look at your neighbors. All brands, and the location of the office, and the company environment should promote trust and respect for the potential user. The “who will live” principle applies here. Admittedly, the neighborhood nightclub and orthopedic salon will look ridiculous and ridiculous at the right time. But renting a limousine or a wedding salon near a club is perfectly appropriate.

Method 3. Show your workflow and share your success

The quality of the material environment reflects the level of your services. To get customer benefit, tell us about the technologies that are used in your work, showcase the new generation equipment - a fleet of modern product delivery machines, restaurant halls, hotel room equipment, dental clinic equipment, work gentlemen in the salon.

Appearance is very symptomatic - it is material evidence of your professional competence. In your presentation materials, be sure to create a separate folder with the company file.

Describe and show (on corporate websites, blogs, social networks, emails, promotional materials, and presentations, in meetings with clients) which celebrities (b2c) and the big company (for b2b) you work with. The template plays an important role here: even if a customer can accept that the use of a celebrity photo has been paid for, he still thinks that such a person (or company) will not trust anyone. Trusting the opinion of a prominent customer adds to the company itself.

Method 4. Introducing staff and emphasizing staff competence

If the service cannot be separated from the provider, that person should be on suspicion. By emphasizing the competence of the staff, you increase the level of loyalty to the seller. On top of the managers' workplaces, you can hang certificates and diplomas of professional development on the walls - and the more, the better. There is a similar concept - the "wall of popularity", on which the documents are placed, confirming the credentials of employees.

Present employees in a positive way: conclusions about their higher professionalism will help you gain customer trust for you and your services. Include photos of your employees in the company's presentation materials. Surprisingly, it is very interesting to focus on the faces of employees who do not communicate directly with the customer, remain behind the scenes, but whose level of professionalism depends on the quality of the product or service. For example, restaurant guests usually don’t see the chef, but this makes its image more attractive, which is why some retailers started introducing chefs to customers.

Method 5. Train the client to use your services

How to win customer loyalty? Show them how they can use your services. Learning can be personal or a mediator. In the first case, this is a meeting with real or potential customers to transfer knowledge related to service delivery. In the second, the information is passed through the media or the company's published products.

Personal training (communication). The main types of personal training are known: school, lecture, course, seminar, master class, consultation. Tell us not only about the options for using this or that service (product), but also, as mentioned above, about the level of professional training of your staff. This will give customers a more complete picture of quality, as the service is inseparable from the provider.

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If the type of teaching conforms to the essence, the target audience, and the high standards of teaching, this process will achieve the goal of building trust. For example, the "Prime Minister" investment fund and Uniastrum Bank, like many other financial institutions, hold regular joint seminars on "Where to invest money, or modern banking technologies", where they talk, specifically, about proposals. them.

Direct (non-communication) learning. This category includes tips and recipes, reviews and copies of tutorials and videos, tests, personal "lessons" in the media and in media publishing, academic literature. These techniques are less effective than personal training. However, they can be used to present services to a wider audience. As a result, the insurance company sends customers - business owners a free guide on preventing back pain. The document states that such pain, lumbago, and other similar illnesses are the main reason for the absence of technical staff from work, and provides advice on how to prevent (and at the same time avoid complications and the possibility of compensation). The service is successful, customers request additional copies, and the company submits them to be handed over to policymakers.

Method 6. Provide testing opportunities

Give consumers the opportunity to test a service or product before buying. This is the surest way to ensure your integrity and competitiveness. The buyer, without risking anything and without buying a pig in a poke, checks that the service is as high quality as the seller claims. For example, the dental treatment center introduced a free admission service - consultation using diagnostic equipment, and thus attracted 15% more patients during the low season.

Method 7. Take advantage of all PR opportunities

The indisputable fact: the more often a company name is mentioned in the media, the better. In addition, it is no longer a secret that anonymity is more reliable. It could be the opinion of the company's staff experts, a market analysis review, an interesting event.

Topic articles, analytical reviews, books. Your company's staff can provide expert feedback to a wide range of media. Media representatives may be interested in the opinions of experts of varying degrees, depending on the expertise of a particular publication. However, most likely, journalists will be more interested in the expert information provided on behalf of the CEO.

You should not expect that the posts will instantly trigger calls and instructions, but you can post videos or text of public talks or links to them on corporate websites, on social networks, and blogs, and also use the devices in any other way. build trust.

If an owner, CEO, or other competent employee publishes a book, this will immediately increase the level of expertise and professionalism of the company in front of consumers. A good example is Oleg Tinkov, who has published several books on business.

Meetings with councils, competitions, and awards. The organizers and judges of the competitions and awards "climb" on the participants and thus show that their level of professionalism is even higher. Otherwise, how can they know the winner? This image is required by companies that provide information and any other mental services. Often the organizers of such events are professional communities and media structures (for example, the "Lawyer of the Year" award is prepared by the "Company Advocate" magazine).

Organizing, sponsoring, and participating in various scientific conferences and industry forums testify to the professional competence of your employees and the company as a whole. It is possible and necessary to participate not only in industry events, for example, in a meeting of power engineers, but also in experts, such as a business council or a meeting of financial directors.

Method 8. Keep in touch with customers

The simplest and most effective way to win the trust of a customer is to have regular phone calls because the customer feels you are being cared for and interested. Here, three tasks are solved immediately: the fight against competitors, updating information on services, and the acquisition of new customers through the recommendations of your supporters. Showing concern for current customers is ten times cheaper than finding new customers.

However, there are several nuances to consider. Remember that the person is automatically given a chat comment on the phone. Sound, sound, sound, the voice of speech - all of these are fully audible to the listener. Any pause in a phone conversation is more eloquent than a pause in personal communication. And a lack of confidence in voice will allow invisible interactions to immediately detect "incompetence".

9. Personal communication.

It is very important in the process of choosing a vendor or contractor. It is important for the client to see the people who provide those services, ask them questions, and hear their opinions. How you walk, sit, talk, answer questions wisely, how you dress - the brain of a client who can immediately process all incoming information, making the decision "I believe - I do not believe". All of this applies not only to the work environment but also to informal meetings, whether business clubs, presentations, and meetings, holidays and celebrations, or open days. So, in order to get to know the readers better, Seasons magazine, along with other media, has festive and festive events. And car dealers prefer to arrange open and closed presentations of new models for their customers.

How do you choose a doctor or trainer? That's right, based on the recommendations of friends. The word of mouth is still going on. This process can be initiated in different ways.

Suggestions within the group. For example, information on a veterinary clinic may be shared with dog owners. However, the most reliable option, which really does not require financial costs, is to give loyal customers letters of recommendation or invitations to send to friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

Proponents of persuasion. For our part, opinion leaders are the ones who are trusted by a group of users in issues related to a product or service. This could be an interior designer, a makeup artist, a doctor, or any other professional in their field. For example, doctors who are the lead consultants for patients disseminate information about new drugs, the composer may be an authority for visitors to fashion stores, a technical expert for buyers of complex equipment and software products.

Method 10. Show the results of using the service and reject it

Satisfied users. Show customers who have already received excellent service and are completely satisfied with it. Compare theirs, a little bit of irony, with those who do not use your services. This technique is used by manufacturing companies. They announce: "We will do the job quickly and efficiently!" - and in color, they talk about those who tried to do everything on their own, but in the end, they wasted time and money, and even flooded the neighbors from below. Pictures of repaired and damaged items are used.

Another special case. After an English teacher put a few difficult phrases on her business card that no one could accurately translate from English (convincingly showing the results of neglected service), she increased the cost of classes by 30%, as there were too many people wanting to take lessons from him.

Before and after. A common argument. A technique with an unfinished image is used: there is usually no middle of the story, that is, the process of using a product or providing a service. This creates the illusion of an instant solution to the problem. According to many experts, this is a banal but effective method.

Video as a way to build customer loyalty

A user visiting this website is not able to purchase immediately or leave contact information. Therefore, it is very important to attract and build confidence in you and your information at the beginning of your acquaintance with the company on the Internet. This can be done using video messaging. First, a webmaster sees a real person on the screen, even if on record. According to independent experts, video messages convey information 60% more efficiently than text.

Second, through a video message, you position yourself or a potential employee of your company as an expert who understands the topic and invites a client who can travel, assist in solving a particular problem, and make the right choice.

There are several easy ways to build trust with your target audience using video. Create a Youtube channel with a personal video blog that will repeat videos from your channel. Record a video greeting and post it on your blog. Create a registered video page so people who are looking for something in your topic can go there, watch the video, and subscribe to your newsletter. Use videos on promotional pages - link to text so that the user can not only watch the video but also read the details of your offer.

"KD" based on materials from open sources

Method 11. Use exceptions

Negative feedback from customer life often applies to products and services. For example, you would never go to an inexpensive restaurant to celebrate a birthday or answer an anonymous commercial offer.

Expensive means high quality. Expensive, low quality, most likely, will not be - this is the model that helps to create the idea of ​​better service even before its sale. Sometimes the price is almost the exact parameter by which the customer can evaluate the quality. Here are a few examples of text that appeal to prices, and clearly indicate quality. “Search, staff selection. Efficient, expensive ”- advertising agency recruitment. “Losing weight according to documents from Old China. Highly qualified experts. Enjoy. Very expensive ”- an advertisement for an old Chinese medicine center.

A personal signature is the responsibility of the contractor. For anything signed by your hand, you are responsible. It is important for the client to know that there is an employee (or better - manager) who is responsible for the quality of the service. Trusting a responsible seller will grow faster.

Thin expertise guarantees the highest quality. Announce the narrow expertise of the company and employees. It is believed that if you know how to do one thing, then do it perfectly. So, in beauty salons there are experts in haircuts for men and women, repair companies rely only on kitchens or bathrooms.

Method 12. Additional care maintenance

Add to the main types of services, for example, a mobile phone, the possibility of web testing, web presentation, location cleaning, or other services. This leads to self-confidence almost immediately. It is reasonable to assume that if you take care of the client even in secondary matters, then in the main activity you are absolutely perfect.

Iya Imshinetskaya Graduates from Perm State University, Candidate for Philosophy. Since 2003 - a consultant practicing in advertising and promotion. In property - more than 230 developed and launched campaigns in 40 cities in five countries. Official website -

Faithful entry - winning your side, planning, entering into mercy (NOT Ozhegov). When they try to get it right by trickery or flattery, they say that the person wants to enter honestly.

Everyone has his or her own personal style of behavior, facial expressions, gestures, posture, tone of voice, a basic set of words, and, in fact, a system of representation. Everyone has a system of worldview, reality, and external behavior. Knowing these qualities of interaction, you can gain confidence in him by communicating with him using the interactive method of communication (language programming - NLP), using the "correction" method. The fact is that people meet others, guided by the principle of "normal". It could be love or a similar view of the world, a single zodiac sign or profession, a similar facial expression or a way of expressing one's feelings, etc. People love their own kind and reject “strangers”. We are not interested in interactions in which there is nothing like us.

"Adjustment" aims to achieve conscious trust through interaction (compromise). The technology for building consciousness has the following main components:

  • posture adjustment.
  • signal adjustment.
  • respiratory adjustment.
  • adjustment to speech.
  • psychological adjustment.

Position adjustment. The first thing to do to build harmony is to copy the poses of your interactions. But this must be done naturally and easily so that the interaction does not have the impression that the positions of her body are being copied intentionally. During the conversation, the partner may change body position several times. So, to copy all the changes that take place in the position of his body, you need to follow with a little lag. To make the adjustment less noticeable, you can gradually adjust, for example, first adjusting the body and head, then adjusting the rest.

Adjustments for gestures. Signs are always a sign of any psychological change in interaction. By correctly adjusting the interactive signal system, you can achieve a deeper level of trust for the part of its consciousness.

To gain confidence in interaction, it is not necessary to emphasize the exact copy of the sign; it is enough to produce their direction in general. For example, if the interaction raised his hand to his forehead, you could remove the thinking particle from his jacket. If the interaction left and wiped the glasses, you can run the handle that is in front of you.




JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on September 24, 2021:

I've worked in a customer-centered industry for decades now and one of the most important facets of our business is customer experience. They customers feel safe and the experience is positive they start to trust you even more.

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