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How to Break Free From Habitual Lateness to Work and Social Outings

I' ve realized how to conquer lateness to work or other forms of formal and informal gathering. Here is how to conquer and get it right.

Running isn't the right way to overcome lateness to work and social outings

Running isn't the right way to overcome lateness to work and social outings

How to Break Free From Habitual Lateness to Work and Social Outings

Have you thought of that moment you arrived late to work and embarrass yourself? Or when you arrived late to your daughter’s graduation party after others had left? Well, this article will assist you to overcome habitual lateness to work and social outings. The problem is not ‘you’ but a habitual practice that can be unlearned when you are resolute to change. Remember how it made a number of people to lose their jobs, get several queries, delays in promotion, broken courtship, and denial of support funding, and often considered as unserious people to say the least. Don’t despair! This article I’m going to share with you will reveal how to break free from habitual lateness to work and outings.

1. Emotions

Countless people pass through tough moments doing their job or you may feel you’re doing a job that is unable to give you the kind of life you want for yourself and family. Sometimes it could be your boss talking down at you or you are saddled with bills. Its okay to encounter these challenges, even a broken heart, but what is important is that your health is your top priority. Always remember that you must lay aside all thoughts and worries about life everyday at bedtime to get a good 6 to 8 hours sleep. Failure to do as suggested will make you sleep late at night and probably wake up late.

2. Late Nights

Humans are social beings and that fact is irreplaceable. However, knowing when it’s time to go home is more important than coming out for social engagements. No doubt, late nights provide opportunity to fraternize with friends and acquaintances, but remember at the back of your mind that a significant part of your current status is your daily routine. If you mess with your sleep, you’re likely to show up late to work and remain unproductive. It is important to go home early and sleep on time to wake up refreshed against the next day.

3. Hangouts

There comes a time in one’s life when you have to choose your own friends. So many of us have got friends who seem to be adventurous fun-seekers, and we end up becoming the victims. Others have got mates whose lifestyle makes them active at night. It’s all right to have them as pals but knowing when to say “I have heard enough fun today, maybe tomorrow” is very vital. It only requires self-confidence and overcoming your own insecurity to voice out what is really good for you. You may experience a little jest and mockery, however, with time they will realize you’re principled and will give in to you. Then gradually you will start breaking free from hangovers, lateness to work and outings.

Knowing when to go home is more important than hanging out

Knowing when to go home is more important than hanging out

Late night TV should be discouraged

Late night TV should be discouraged

4. Late Night TV

Research has shown that over 98 % of homes worldwide have TV’s. But interestingly billionaires of our millennia like Jeff Bezos and Ellon Musk do not have TV’s in their homes. I do not say that television is not beneficial for you, but until you have built enough wealth to live without working again in your lifetime, then television shouldn’t be your priority. Imagine you’re the boss in your company and inquire why your secretary is late, and then she responded that “I was watching a TV”. You must say no to watch TV beyond certain times that interfere with your sleep. Luckily, certain TV decoders are now recordable to help you catch-up, so take advantage of such offers.

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5. Clothing

I do not know how much to stress the importance of sorting out the clothing you will wear the next day before sleeping. Women are a little bit challenged on this area and spend ample time dressing and undressing in front of mirrors to find a fitting outfit to work or party’s. It is therefore important that you identify, select and note the cloth you will wear to work or for that outing to save time. More disappointing is that we love shopping for clothes that we don’t genuinely need, and this makes us shuffle around several hundreds of clothes and shoes just to pick-up one, which wastes our time. Hence, it is very important to sort-out your clothing the night before work.

6. Sort–Out Materials

Whether you are a student, it’s a Job interview, regular job, social outing and piano lessons etc. it is important to take your time and sort out the materials you will need for the next day outing. It could be your documents, handbags, identity cards, passports, licenses and gifts. Always ensure you identify them and put them away to someplace that you can easily access and will not forget while leaving. A particular guy interviewed in my previous Job, lost a good job offer because the laboratory needed him to start up the same day and process his documents for verification. His apologies for forgetting his documents was not enough, hence its central to sort-out and baggage every item needed for work the night before.

7. Alarm Clock

Quite a number of people are deep sleepers while others are unperturbed when they are asleep. Hence, one alarm clock isn’t enough. It is recommended you get two alarm clocks, stationed at a distance away from your feet and a distance beyond your head. The secret is that two alarm clocks resonating with different sounds will surely wake you up. More importantly is that your hands should not reach them; hence immediately you stand up to put them off, you must have walked a certain distance that will likely get you conscious. Do not forget to snooze the duration time for every 10 minute because this will help you become wide-awake after repetitive disturbance.

Alarm clocks are very vital to avoid lateness

Alarm clocks are very vital to avoid lateness

Doing excessive home chores can cause lateness and fatigue

Doing excessive home chores can cause lateness and fatigue

8. Home Chores

Home chores are not supposed to be done in the mornings except the basic ones like making your bed and dressing the living room. The reason is because when you get involved in too much lawn mowing, cooking, washing, drying, ironing and laundry etc, you will likely get exhausted and fatigue out before going to work. Moreover, there is the likelihood of trying to finish up the laundry or cooking which will eventually make you dress up late for that work or outing. Ideally, cereals plus tea and coffee or smoothies takes less than 20 minutes to prepare and are good for breakfast. On weekdays make certain that your home chores and shopping are done early enough and not interfere with your outing plans.

9. Timing

A number of people wake up early but decide to take a 10 minutes rest, only for them to arrive late for work. The reason is not far-fetched and likely because they didn’t catch their train, missed the bus, and could not find a taxi or boarding has closed. I do believe that it is better to be 15 minutes early at work than 30 minutes late. A typical way to avoid such mistakes is to arrive at the bus station, bus shelter, and train station at least 10 minutes before time. This action enables you to be relaxed, comfortable and perhaps get a good seat inside the bus. Always leave home on time and come back on time too

10. News

You may be wondering why the news; yes because the digital age is incomplete without online information and news. Always listen to the news via your phone, radio or TV, because breaking news can save you from accident, route diversion, sudden traffic build up or robbery attack. What’s more being that the weather forecast will get you to wear the correct clothing, not just for the day but for the weather. Some gentlemen and ladies have arrived late at offices and social engagements because they had no umbrellas or winter jackets; hence they took shelter elsewhere waiting for the rains or snow to subside.


Anyone applying the opinion above will improve their lives from being notoriously known as a late-comer or laid-back in time to been punctual. This is because psychologists have observed that the human brain is wired to learn, relearn, and unlearn some habits. This gives a window of opportunity for people to break free from habitual lateness to work and social outings when resolved to do so.

© 2021 Amarachi Nkwoada

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