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How to Boost Your Reputation Via Short Videos

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Videos are a great medium to convey messages and entertain the masses. Though, many freelancers might prefer uploading only images, creating short videos is a better and more reliable option. It is more engaging and comparable, more genuine. Whether you are a makeup artist, model, stylist, or photographer working as a freelancer, here are some tips to help you gain more industry reputation. These tips can help you gain more opportunities to get higher wages and better connections in the industry.

Collaboration with Others


Showcasing your skills via a short video is not at all a complicated task. All you need is the right accessories and a fine camera. There is no requirement of spending much on expensive tools and clothing and nor a lack of big-budget is a disadvantage. But if you wish to be a little more creative, then the best thing to do is to collaborate with the right people.

Building up with video directors and videographers is a good step forward to get a better promotion to your work. Such collaborations can help you achieve better exposure across different platforms. There are many options available online, where freelancers can collaborate to promote innovative skills and boost the market for their products and services.
Since videos are more appealing and easier to understand, most of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have better organic reach for a video rather than a text or an image.
If you are good at creating short videos, then you can reach more audience and hold their attention for a longer time.

Discussions and Network Marketing


Putting your thoughts and listening to others is a great source of grabbing more attention, without putting too much effort into your work. It helps you to know more about industry tactics and people. By discussing topics with professionals and giving exposure to others through your videos facilitate better brand awareness. It not only engages masses but also increases your chances in the industry.

Promotion and Affiliate Marketing


If you wish to be an affiliate marketer or promote your own products and services, then doing it through your video channel makes your work more believable to the audience. Freelancers who are makeup artists can build up strong portfolios by showcasing their skills via videos and also promoting the products. This can be either a personal video or a tutorial where you explain different makeup strategies or spread awareness about your services and how it can be beneficial for others.

Call to action


Since videos are capable of attracting more attention, you have enough time to ask your audience to do something through a call to action. Either in the beginning or at the end of your video, you can request them to follow your social accounts, sign up for a service or give them options to check out your latest work.

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Grow your Followers on Relevant Networks


Besides uploading your videos on your native channel, share them on other networks as well to gather the unique audience. If your video is exceptionally creative, then possibly you may receive huge media attention, sharing with other users, reviews from blogger and much more.

Build your own unique style


Videos allow you to do lots more than an image or text cannot do. You have the opportunity to showcase your talent with amazing pictures, breathtaking views, and eye-catching messages. All these additional qualities will add a more emotional touch to your videos making them more relatable to the audience. This also shows your serious attention towards your work and help you get better attention from industry people. Having such attributes can help you get a unique style that will make you noticeable and stand out from the crowd.

For this, there are free and paid tools available such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere. Besides this, you can also use Adobe After Effects to make your content more unique and professional. There are various other apps also to boost your creativity such as Pinnacle, iMovie and Vidtrim.

Highlight your work through Media


Most of the news channels feature and talk about viral videos on a daily basis. Featuring your work on these channels is not a complicated task. You need to make a short video of at least two minutes and submit it to outlets. If your work is appreciated by thousands or millions, then the broadcasters will pick it up on their own. The main thing is to receive the maximum views within half an hour of video upload (on YouTube) so that it appears in recommendations and trending section. If you are not satisfied with the engagement rate on YouTube, then you can also share your work with journalists via Twitter and post it on Facebook and Vimeo to receive more views and shares.

So, these were the possible solutions for you to rank higher in the industry and build up a better reputation.


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