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How to Better Understand Seo

Devika enjoys sharing her work with a friendly community. Writing opens the mind. I live in a foreign country learned a foreign language .

SEO for Beginners

I have learned a lot about online writing tools and about SEO(search engine optimization)

Could you enlighten us on SEO matters?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Web pages are changed and tweaked to specific rankings through a search engine for free. SEO is a goal to launch a website that is found online by other visitors.

The fact is, the web page would not survive online without search engine optimization. There is no chance of a web page being found by Google and the content is not read from the web page

When I had first started writing online I had many blockades with SEO, niche, titles and how to make my article visible to readers. In each and every article written I learned about SEO.

I learned about the three main sectors of SEO. On-page and technical SEO, Content creation and keyword research, and Off-page SEO and link building.

What is On-page & technical SEO?

In this main area of SEO, small changes are done on one page. The main keyword is added to the title tag. Also, other elements to have a better website. It should be clear to read and have quality content. The internal links should be of high quality as well.

This brings out the technical settings for your web page. I found out about having a web page in order to generate traffic. The page speed when clicked in to open must be speedy to view.

Site architecture to be attractive and mobile-friendliness to be without a glitch.

HTTPS processes, and delivers web pages from the server to the client browser making the availability of your web page. Through requests from the user's browser, the HTTP work is to perform an interaction with an individual’s website.

You could not use the web without HTTPS.

For example, when you search for a ‘’How-to article,'' this request is instantly sent to a server and that is how you get back your quick results. When your search is complete you will see the information on the search engine results page.

Quality is key to any given article and it doesn’t matter how well your web page is optimized. The most important about your web page is to have quality over quantity to work out the SEO factor.

The rank of your web page is critical.

The quality of your content is also a part of your search engine optimization. To master the process as most of you must be familiar with by now, is the keyword search, you need to provide content topics with the correct keyword search.

Popular keywords help find the content you search for online and these have a higher volume of searches. You see what can be ranked and that is of relevance to your website.

Whatever goes on outside your webpage is about the Off-page SEO and link building. This includes getting your backlinks, to the popularity of social media, and gaining trust and authority from that.

Link building is an important process to gain links from other websites. You gain authority from popular websites to increase traffic to your web page.

The ranking of a website when you search for a topic, for example, when you search for a topic in the Google search engine.

I see that SEO is defined as a digital marketing strategy. It helps increase the quality of your website. Increases visitors and quantity improves with the quality of your web page.

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Rank higher and get traffic to your website for free. Follow the steps to get better results in traffic. In the beginning, it felt difficult and frustrating to work out SEO. I realized I had to break down the meaning of SEO to better understand what would work best for me.

Here is how I began to better understand SEO.

I needed traffic for my online writing and had to write what resonates with an audience. Content that Google also likes, has a difference in the ranking of content. To have a marketing discipline changed the way I felt about SEO.

Best practices as a technical task to optimize the content I created to generate traffic. I had to compete with experienced writers to increase traffic to my articles on various other platforms.

It is exciting to learn about SEO and its algorithm, a process that is followed by numbers. To generate leads and to always learn new ideas on how to create quality content.

How should SEO work for you?

Certain changes are made to the website design. The content is used to make the website attractive to visitors for the first time, and to keep them coming back to read what you have to offer to them,

The hope for the website is to appear in the search engine, and in the top results of the search engine.

For example:

If you search for ‘’Herbal medicine or love stories.’’ You would find that the results will pop up without a delay. It is basic and simple to understand even though it can be complex, but the process provides services to users and to be on top of the search list.

Relevance to an audience is important to you.

There is scanning, crawling and order for the search engines to various websites to have an understanding of what the web page entails.

Topics in search of certain keywords and on different topics help receive relevant rankings and results. This is scanned and determined by how easy it is to find the topic you are in search of.

Example: Assuming you have an article titled How to use Medicinal Herbs?

To come up in the first instance you got to optimize the blog post. Set your target audience too. Create content for the search engines and for people visiting your web page. You need different types of content many different types to increase an audience.

In the title as in the example, I mentioned, ‘’How to use Medicinal Herbs?’’

The important words are, ‘’How to use Medicinal Herbs?

So you type in the search box, ‘'How to use Medicinal Herbs and automatically the search comes up with the next word as Herbs.

  • Ranking your page on top as your search proves that.
  • The HTML source code of that page can be optimized to rank and earn relevantly.
  • Keywords are search queries, also as phrases searched for specific results.
  • You receive relevant answers as per request.


What is SEO?

In this question ‘’What is SEO,’’ is the keyword.

You have to make the search for others to find your web page easier. Your rank is to be on top of other Google pages. In the marketing campaign keywords and SEO connect to create a better website.

SEO for Beginners

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Devika Primić


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Years of writing online has not made SEO easy. I am often discouraged when I think of it. Thanks for tackling this here.

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I knew some of this before but it is good to have it all in one place to find and brush upon. Thanks.



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