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How to Best Optimize Your Linkedin Profile? Put Yourself Apart From Others.

Debayan Ganguly (Dev Ayan) is an MBA with 2 years of experience in B2B sales. He likes to share his learnings through blogs and videos.

Don't be a face in the corwd

Don't be a face in the corwd


LinkedIn is a networking site that has become a must-visit place for every professional, job seeker, hiring personnel, and student aspiring for a career.

You can connect with industry professionals, recruiters, and influencers; post your content that you think will be good for your profile and further your end goal.

With a large number of people using the network to seek and help each other grow their personal brand, it is paramount to have your profile stand out in the crowd. Your account should be searchable; recruiters and your potential network should know who you are, what you do, and what you are good at.

A few Good LinkedIn habits will help you grow and nurture your network while establishing yourself as an engaging professional people would like to know about. The most important of them is to have your profile optimized. Now there are things you need to keep in mind while building your profile on LinkedIn. Unlike other social media, LinkedIn has certain etiquettes that you should follow.

To optimize your profile, please go through the following Check List:

LinkedIn has options to write a bio, your career paths, your education, and recently launched a creator studio where you can select up to 5 topics that will come under your name, and people visiting your profile would know what you generally talk about. Here is a quick checklist for you to optimize your profile: -

The display photo

Have a decent professional-looking photograph where your face is clearly visible. Avoid posing for or sharing the frame with anyone else. For the cover, you can select an image or design one from Canva. The banner should highlight your personality and career interests.

Name and headline

Use your full name, preferably the one in official documents. It would be best to put up your actual identity because no one would like to hire a fake personality. Stick to 3 things for your headline. It can be your college and previous companies, your career interests, or what you are an expert at. Put only those words that will highlight your profile.

Current Position

Write your full designation and company. Moreover, show it on your profile if you are looking for similar jobs, else put your education on your profile.

If you are looking for jobs, do not forget to select ‘Open for jobs’ in your profile.

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Creator Studio

You can select five topics that you talk about. These five keywords will appear under your name with hashtags (#).

Featured Content - Have featured content pinned to your profile page. These are the contents you posted, and you would like people visiting your profile to take note of them.

About section

Write everything you want the corporate world to know—your experience summary, your education, hobbies, interests, and what you are seeking.


Put your company name, dates you have worked with them, and the position you held. Describe your role and projects you have e=undertaken in each job in detail. Follow Object-Method-Result in each project that you describe. Use power words and emphasize the objective impact your employment gave to the company.


Put your latest qualification first, followed by others in reverse chronological order.

License and Certification

Put all your relevant certificates within the expiry date—these help add credibility to your profile.


You have options of adding any publications, papers, awards, courses, test scores, languages, and organizations. Try to include as many as possible for you. Remember, the more you have, the better you are perceived.


This place is basically for putting all the relevant keywords in line with your skills. If you are an analyst, name all the software you are good at, like R, Python, and MySql, including business analyst, data analyst, data science, and all related skills. You never know what synonyms your recruiters are using.

Open to Work

If you are looking for a change, you can add this section. You have options of adding the positions you are looking for, locations you are looking for when you can start in a new role, and the type of jobs you are looking for (Full-time, Part-time, Remote, or Internship). Use all the available columns so that the recruiter has a clear picture of you.


I had planned to write about how to maximize your LinkedIn presence, but the article will get too long. I will continue talking about the kinds of posts you should make, how you should communicate with others in your network, and how to grow your network in the subsequent blogs. So till then, create your profile and optimized it if you have not already.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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