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How to Become a Rich and Successful Entrepreneur

PS has worked as a freelance writer since 2012. When she's not traveling and writing, she helps people with web design and development.

If you came here looking for a way to get rich overnight, then sorry. Also, neither I am talking about an online course that you can avail yourself to know the secrets of getting rich since there are no deep hidden secrets.

What I wish to discuss here, are some important tips that will make you question your views about money and wealth and help you to perceive them in a different way as an entrepreneur.

According to several books written about business and money making, whether they are a decade old or brand new, each of them considers your mindset and level of maturity in business, irrespective of the type of business you are in.

Business is strictly business, whether it is of restaurants, selling fruits or information products, pastures, film production or refineries.


The fact that many people have earned millions and millions of money in every kind of business is undeniable, which simply means you also have the chance to excel in any type of business field. With this, we can conclude that getting success in business is irrelevant to the field, but highly relevant to ourselves and the type of people, we are working with.

Before proceeding further, I must tell my readers that I have been working as an entrepreneur from the last couple of years and the below mentioned seven points have been extremely helpful to my success. I hope it will boost your business growth as well. So, let’s see, what are they:

1. Reality is made out of a simple thought, which is born out of another thought


Everything we use and observe is the outcome of someone’s thoughts. Let us take an example, few years, someone devised the computer structure and later, its first copy was invented and now, after so many years, we can use it for playing, working and entertainment.

A person’s mindset can be either steady or growing, put yourself in the latter one. You must create the opportunity that exists in the upsetting situation. Build your own story, for you have to a leader and not a victim.

2. Creativity overpowers competitiveness


Trying to build yourself by competing with others is not the right solution. It makes you aggressive and distracts you from your actual goal. Never get involved in “me-too-business” and don’t imitate what others are already selling. Craft something from your own mindset that makes your client valuable. Be curious and innovative. Make a solid ground for yourself in the market by working for common good and benefit, instead of competing with others.

Thomas Alva Edison didn’t involve himself in competing with the candle manufacturers, he followed his thoughts and invented the light bulb.

Just being different will not bring you closer to your goals, but being “remarkably useful” will help you serve your customers for the long term. Craft your own remarkably different strategy to build reliable customers.

3. Maintain a clear vision of your goals and be thankful for what you have achieved till now


Vision is the key source to create something new. It is important to maintain a clear vision in your mind all the time of what you wish to accomplish. It is a road map to your ultimate destination. For example, when an architect is designing a home, he/she manifests the final look of the home all the time. What if, he/she forgets the important detail? Then surely, someone would get hurt. Similarly, building your entrepreneurial empire requires your continuous attention.

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Start your day early with a perfect time managed schedule to reflect on your priorities and work accordingly. This benefits you in two ways. First, it stimulates your attention “muscles” by shutting out distractions and focussing on one thing. Second, this gives you a purpose to start your every day with full motivation.

4. Never lose your trust in yourself


This might seem a very philosophical statement, indeed it is. But in reality, it is the most crucial thing you need to possess to accomplish all your desires. Undoubtedly, without trust, none of us can progress even an inch further. We wouldn’t ask our favorite person to go on a date with us, we wouldn’t be able to pass an exam and more we would be able to get a job in our dream company.

Failure is never a failure, it is a plot twist indeed.

5. Do everything possible you can do each day in the most effective manner.


It is a very important point. Don’t get bothered by the idea of procrastination, rather stay involved in your goal every day by carrying out tasks in an effective manner. Stay productive, don’t procrastinate. Sitting on your couch and thinking about the next plans is not enough, you must take actions.

Should we call it hard work? Well yes, and that’s how it should be because it will help you stand distinguished with the crowd. You are eager to reach your goal and willing to work for it, while others are still planning and have not even begun yet.

6. Clients need the visual of usage rather than financial benefits you achieve from them


Every business needs an intense strategy for sales and marketing to succeed. You need to make your client realize the importance of the product, in their life, that they are going to receive in exchange for the cash. That’s what is called as the perfect sale.

You have to amaze your customers, make them curious at each step to know more about your products and services, before and after the sale as well.

7. Your present accomplishments are proportional to your hard work in the past.


What you made out of today, what kind of person you are right now is the outcome of the hard work you did yesterday and every day in the past. Consequently, we can say your present life is not actually the present one, but the result of your past.

The moment we plan to start our business, the level of exaltation is so high that we forget to build a sense out of our accomplishments. Strange but true, a business has a life of its own and if you don’t keep a regular check on it, you may divert from it and everything would become unmanageable.

Never fear any situation, the person you see in the mirror is not the one you are right now, it is the one, you were in the past. In other words, it is and never will be too late to grow and change your life.

Hard work, vision, value and perseverance are the secrets to get an interminable rich and luxurious life. The person with these trades has the courage to fight political upheavals, economic downturns, and technological challenges.


© 2019 Prachi Sharma

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