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How to Become a Domain Authority

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You want to create a personal blog, and become known as an expert on the field, but you are not sure how? The "domain authority" comes with a lot of work and tricks up your sleeves.

After being around for a while (7+ years) in the blogging community, I decided that the time was right to write a blog post about the unwritten rules of blogging. I have decided to share with you those kind of manners and responses that you learn to do right only after months of blogging. Social media is not everything, but with the internet and blogs growing enormously every single day, social media is becoming a big part of our life, so we are thinking and discussing about likes, followers, comments every day. So I came up with a few rules for when you need some action response.


The first thing you need to do when it comes to blogging is to build your own domain, which means that you will create a place in the internet world where you will post your own articles, and that place will be yours to own. When building a domain you should keep in mind that it would be a simple word or phrase that people will remember. Maybe it would be best if your domain name in the language you are going to use on your site, but this is not mandatory, especially if it is a phrase or word that it is used worldwide, no matter the language. You should also think about how your domain name will be linked to you, so it will represent you and your work in the best way possible. It would be better if the domain would represent a certain niche, but it can be whatever you want. That's the best thing about having your own domain: you decide the niche you want to work on, and you decide what you are going to write about.

However, if you are struggling with finding a domain name, then I have put together a few tips for you below, plus how to become known as a "Domain Authority" in your niche or field of expertize. "Domain Authority" means that people will come back to you to learn something on a certain matter because they see you as an expert on that field: you are an influencer.


Some ways to create that perfect blog url you will love:

  1. What you love. If you want a blog that is personal, and not focused in only 1 or even 2–3 subjects, you should wonder about things you love. Some good urls of now well-known blogs are created by naming fruits, colors or flowers.
  2. What will be featured in the blog. It could be about cooking, crafting, writing, traveling, fashion, makeup, technology, education, fitness, etc, or a mix of some of them. You can start from this point and find a proper url that will tell what your blog is about.
  3. Foreign languages. Hit the Google translator to mess up with foreign languages. Everybody may have ‘love’ in their url, but maybe you can burn them all by using a foreign word for love that will sound even more love-able.
  4. Meaningless words. The possibilities are endless. The thing is to love your url so much that you would turn it into a brand. You may want to think how your url will sound: feminine, harsh, simple, bold, etc. It will give your readers a sensation.
  5. A form of your name. Maybe create a nickname, or use a nickname somebody called you years ago. You can mix up your name with a favorite thing, or a designer’s name, or use only your initials for that matter.
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How to Build Your Status as "Domain Authority"

First of all, you should acknowledge the fact that other domains or bloggers to whom you refer as an authority on a niche have been around for quite a lot. So if you have just launched your blog, if you have been a couple of months online, or even a couple of years, do not get discouraged! Most bloggers have worked online for almost 5–6 years before they started to get recognized by larger audiences. So keep doing what you do, and be patient.

Improve your SEO .  I bet you hear this all the time, but SEO is not going anywhere, no matter how many times Google changes its algorithms. SEO is the base of anything written on the internet, simply because people minds work certain way and they always type certain phrases when looking for content. So a good SEO will help you eventually rank higher on google pages.

Being around for quite a while does not really do much of a difference if you are not sharing enough content. Studies show that the best amount of content shared per week would be 2–3 posts each week. Also the same studies say that you can not be considered as an ‘authority’ if you have not created at least 100 posts on a topic, or niche. So work your way up to those number. Keep in mind that the posts that perform best are those who have more than 500 words in them, so posting photos or just 2 sentences per post, won’t do the trick.

Establish yourself as an authority! Don’t wait for others to point you out. Instead write in your bio on social media accounts what it is that you do. For example: travel blogger, or writer on X magazine.

Do not forget to add a description and an alt tag in every photo in your post. Why? Because when others share your photo the description or alt tag will automatically come up when the post will be sharing. That means that the photo will share injected with the SEO optimized words that you yourself have chosen. More traffic to you!


Plus a couple tips:

  1. If you are thinking about 2–3 different urls and you cannot decide, save them all. Create them on Blogspot, or Wordpress, or Weebly, whatever site you are using, so no one will be able to steal it from you. Then when you are sure enough, you can always transfer your blog into a domain.
  2. You must avoid falling into the trap of thinking that you should save your url right away in a domain or somebody else will steal it. There are plenty of possibilities to turn it into a domain, but once it is created, you can not go back. And if it is created right away, you may regret it months later [I am not mentioning weeks as it will hurt more]. Be patient. Work to find or create that perfect url of yours.

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