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How to Become Influencer and Make Money

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Blogging to Make Money

Food Review

Food Review

How to Become Influencer and Make Money?

How to Become Influencer and Make Money?

In the list of self-made Millionaire, single biggest contributors are Influencer. Those who made their fortune by Talking, By Writing online. They used social media platform to get their view across. Millions people follow them and more importantly, they trust Influencers.

This has brought huge money to them.

They are doing Promotion. They are doing paid post. They make money by Advertisement on their platform.

They use Social Media Platform with Quality and Original Content.

  • You Tube
  • Blog
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snap Chat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pin It

Many More

The first and Foremost thing is creating original content. Creating Quality Content and then sharing. This is not one-day job, this is not two-day job, you have to do it continuously every day.

Five Ideas for Influencer

  1. Food Review, Restaurant Review
  2. Travel Review, Destination, Hotel and Travelogue
  3. Shop and Product Review
  4. Service Review
  5. Media and News

These are some of ideas, there are many more ideas, which can make you millions.

What is Food Review and Restaurant Review

Food is one of biggest business. There are famous outlets, there are better, original and authentic Restaurant which are not know to people. Food review is all about giving the audience authentic information about Quality of Food, Taste of Food, Authenticity of Food.

The content must also include Restaurant, its ambiance, its cleanliness and service quality. This will help those who are looking to know authentic info about it or those who are travelling to eat.

How to Make Food Review?

  • Create Blog
  • Create Social Media Accounts
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Pin It
    • You Tube
    • Start Posting Your Content
    • The Blog Must Have Review
    • The Must have Rating
    • Interaction with audience
    • The Rating Option for audience.
    • The Review by audience.

The process will give authenticity and transparency to the blog.

Blogging to Make Money

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How to Make Money on Social Media

Travel Review: - Destination

Tourism is biggest employment generator industry. Millions of people travel every day. They travel for leisure, for business and for sports. They travel to enjoy. It is important the trip must be fun and enjoyment. It must serve the purpose they are travelling for. Travelers always looks for authentic reviews, opinions and insights about destinations.

They are looking to understand culture, manners and etiquettes of the local peoples. Understanding local traditions is very important. They need to know, where to go, what are the important locations to see, activities to do, what is the food, which are best restaurants.

They have number of questions, and Such Blog Fulfil the need for such inputs and review.

What are Contents for Travel Reviews

  • Local Guide
  • Info on Local Places to Visit
  • Videos
  • Shopping Ideas
  • Food and Restaurants
  • Planning and Schedule
  • Art and Craft
  • Culture, Traditions and Language

There must be review and feedback from Tourist. The blog must have question and answer. Ever feature where discussion forums can happen. This will bring unique audience to you. This is your Road Map to Success.

Shop and Product Review

Shopping is fun, shopping is necessity. Shop and product review is not straight forward. Shop Review and Product Review is all about Finding the solution to Customer Complaints.

This is one of Mechanism to resolve customer complaints or arrogance faced by customer.

It is about Review of Shop/Market. It is about details of Products available and how the customer can choose them. Quality of service, customer relations and interactions.

It is about Product Review and about service offered by the Shop, Market.

Many times it happens, the Products are good but Distributor or Agent is very bad, his service and customer handling is horrible, this will affect Product and Product can fail.

I have seen many Car Dealers who are just not up to the mark and responsible for sales not moving. So addressing customer complaint, directly with company, actively handling the issues, company will solve it, because they feel loss of face and loss of business.

The Blog need to be very clean and interactive so that matter is resolved in transparent way.

Services Reviews

This is another level of Blog Review. Today we have more services than products.

  • Order Online – Swiggy Amazon Flipcart Talabat and many more.
  • Hospitals
  • Garages
  • Telecom Companies
  • Rail
  • Bus
  • Logistics

Everyone is using many services every day. These services are not to the expected quality, there is no way to directly interact with them to improve them.

A blogger with huge following can make difference. When they feel, they can lose customers and reputation, and complaint is genuine definitely it will be resolved.

Media and News

This is latest trend all over the world. When mainstream media failed to show Truth, individuals took upon themselves, they started small, today they are making difference on ground. They are bringing True Stories to the audience.

There are many such success stories.

There is another dimension, which still I have not seen, the Data Analysis, Financial Analysis and world view. This is still much behind.

Another area of Media and News is Science and Technology, not much is available on social media. There is enough space to build how Science and Technology is moving. How it will change life.

Electrical Cars Does Not Have Engines. You Don’t Need Garage

This is how technology will affect millions of jobs and living.

History and True Stories another area of in-depth presentation. All this can be huge opportunity for bloggers.

Daily Roundup of Your City, classified, and everything can be opportunity.

Think Differently, Think Innovative, Be Part of Solution

Think differently, if you want success, think innovative. You can build success story if you keep walking. There can be different Ideas.

Pet Care Blog – Pets are loved in families. They are very important part of Family. They are integrated and loved one. Talking about them, their problems and their care. This all can be part of your story.

Agriculture is biggest business and biggest employment generator. Talking about, Crops, their care, and how to improve production.

Think differently, how can you change lives around you. This is first step to success.

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