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Setting Goals Using the Law of Attraction

After acquiring a masters degree in sustainability, Sustainable Sue worked & now writes to help create change in U.S. business practices.

The beginning of a new year, whether a calendar year or the year following a person's date of birth, is a common time for people to evaluate their lives. Unfortunately, instead of choosing goals that they really want for themselves, most people choose goals based on what they "should" have or how they "should" be in comparison to others.

This is counteractive to the Law of Attraction which, it being the fundamental way life flows, is why most people end up not accomplishing their goals. They either get tired of trying, discover something that's more important, or run into crisis after crisis that takes attention away from the goal/s. If they only understood the Law of Attraction––that the Law works, whether or not they're aware of it––making good things happen would be a lot easier.

I aspired to public speaking and got it. I also wanted to sing solos and got that . . . but then realized I liked group singing better. Now our new choir director is teaching us to singing gospel. Yay!

I aspired to public speaking and got it. I also wanted to sing solos and got that . . . but then realized I liked group singing better. Now our new choir director is teaching us to singing gospel. Yay!

How the Law of Attraction Works

The Law of Attraction is the underlying method by which creation works. All life radiates electro-magnetic energy that draws unto itself matching energy. Everyone and everything radiates a different quality of energy that attracts what helps keep that particular entity in place. This happens automatically.

As a human being, you have the ability, through Will (thoughts and feelings), to color the energy you radiate. Your uniquely colored energy then magnetizes people and circumstances that match it. By changing your vibe, you can change your future to be different from the past, if you want it to be.

Contrary to popular lore, your real point of power is not through action, but through the ability to color your energy. By doing so, you alter the flow. This is the easiest, most natural way to change your life.

We have many sayings that are reflections of this Law, so it's clear that an understanding or inkling of how it works has been with us throughout history:

  • Like attracts like.
  • What you put out comes back.
  • What goes around comes around.
  • By their friends ye shall know them.
  • An eye for an eye.
  • The world is your mirror.
  • What you dwell upon, you make happen.

The life you see yourself living now is a direct result or reflection of the quality of energy you've been putting out so far––consciously or not. It reflects both longings and fears, hopes and angsts, loves and hates. Therefore, you can use life as a mirror to discover the beliefs you have (including those you've been hiding from yourself) and change them.

I've had many offers of marriage, but found a reason to refuse them all. I thought I wanted to get married, or at least have a long term boyfriend. But I look at my life now and realize that something in me has been resisting marriage the whole time. I'm not a victim of fate. I'm a victim of a fear of letting myself be manipulated into giving up what is important to me, in order to please him. Now that I realize this, I can change it.

First I'll give you some examples of the Law in action. Then I'll give you tips for how to improve your life by utilizing this understanding of the Law.

The world is your mirror. What is it you see?

The world is your mirror. What is it you see?

The Law of Attraction in Everyday Life

You probably already know that when you're loving, you melt barriers to love in others. It happened to me and it wasn't something they specifically did. It was who they were being at the moment, with an outpouring of warm-hearted energy that felt wonderful. I wanted and needed it just then, and it led to some important insights. I dare say I've done the same for others.

Just so, when you're happy, you attract happiness in others––like when you're walking down the street smiling at your thoughts, and everyone you pass smiles back at you. Like when you're in a good mood and comment on what someone's wearing, then realize you've just made their day.

Last Thursday I got on a plane and discovered my seat mate wanted to join the Peace Corps. I had already served twice and also recruited. As it happened, she was also just coming back from a sustainability workshop in Hawaii, whereas I write articles online about sustainability and was headed to a water conservation meeting in Phoenix (where she lived). Coincidence?

On the way back, I discovered that my new seat mate traveled to countries in South and Central America with a team setting up mini-libraries––very much like Peace Corps work. He was also a Libertarian who loved to talk politics, whereas I am a left leaning political activist who also loves to talk politics. Meanwhile, our second seat mate was Hispanic and about to be deployed to Iraq. He was thrilled to hear the political discussion we had and what we were doing with our lives.

Traveling is something I have good vibes about, so opportunities often show up, and I often meet interesting people. My trip to Phoenix came from a contract awarded to a business acquaintance that he asked me to subcontract on.

Traveling is something I have good vibes about, so opportunities often show up, and I often meet interesting people. My trip to Phoenix came from a contract awarded to a business acquaintance that he asked me to subcontract on.

The LOA is the Natural Way of Life

These sorts of things have most likely happened to you too. Some people call it synchronicity and it is––the outward face of the Law of Attraction in action.

The Law works with both positive and negative energy. If you're feeling miserable about your life, you'll see misery in the rest of the world too, because that's part of your vibe. And the more you dwell on it––think about it, talk about it, write on Twitter or Facebook about it––the more misery you'll notice and draw to you. Of course, few people want to be around someone who's continually miserable, so one by one they leave . . . which increases your misery.

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You could shrug your shoulders and say that this is not a big, magical thing, it's just the way life works. AND that's the point! It is the natural way of life. The Law of Attraction is an explanation of the natural way life works. Knowing that, you could shrug again and say, "Oh well, then, I'll just let it work." And you can and it will.

But what if you wanted to affect your magnetism to attract something different––like influence your vibe to make the magnetism work better for you in certain ways? How could you improve the more sensitive parts of your life in the easiest way possible, considering that you've probably already worked hard to change those areas before, and it didn't work?

The key is, don't work at it. It's not a physical thing you do, but an emotional one. Emotions color energy, which then magnetizes and motivates action. Here is a path you can follow:

  1. Choose something you don't like, and imagine how you'd prefer it to be.
  2. Go for the feeling of it. How would your life FEEL different, if you had it?
  3. Look at your history for other times you've felt that way. Dwell on how great it felt. That will change your vibe temporarily.
  4. Now go about your day, focusing on the good feeling (not on what you want), letting the feeling permeate you and as much of your life as you can.
  5. Any time you get anxious, just calm yourself down. Tell yourself, "Be patient," and turn your attention to things that you feel confident about.
  6. If you get a sudden impulse to take action, then do it, but don't make it a big deal. Don't make lists of steps to follow each day.

Reducing Wrinkles with the Law of Attraction

Here's a recent example. I've really been wanting to reduce wrinkles in my face and clear out my eyes. On impulse, I started reading a book I'd purchased awhile ago, and was reminded that turning yourself upside down for a little while every day helps reverse the blood flow, clear your veins, and reduce wrinkles. I used to stand on my head doing hatha yoga, so I understood, but I can't do that where I now live.

Then the book gave a suggestion to raise up the foot of your bed by putting a block of wood under it. Your blood flow will reverse easily and naturally overnight. I suddenly remembered that my bed is sitting on adjustable risers, so I got excited and determined to adjust them the next day. But that night I couldn't wait. I jumped out of bed and did it right then.

That's the kind of action that the Law of Attraction generates. And that kind of spontaneity will get you where you want to go. The kind of action where you analyze it out, set goals, and plug along step by step does not work nearly as well, if at all. And it's not as fun either. I know. I've tried it.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

Where creation is concerned, it doesn't matter if you dwell on positive or negative things. What matters most is the state of mind you create with your thoughts. Since life is about energy, not words, our focus and passion are what really create––positive or negative. So it behooves us to focus on and get excited about what we want, not what we don't want.

For example, when you say you want to stop being so disorganized, your focus is on disorganization and the feelings that go with it . . . which will attract more proof of how disorganized you are. You'll see more and more ways in which you need to get organized, and will discourage yourself with all the work that needs to be done.

Instead, focus on being organized. Look first for times you have been organized and remember what that felt like. Then visualize a clean office or house with lots of open space for projects. Dwell on the clarity and motivation that good organization brings you, both in your thoughts and your conversations.

Soon you'll start running into people who tell you they just cleaned up their house and would love to help you with yours. Or you'll see a great article on how to organize your office or a sale on closet shelves. You'll take action, feel great about it, and find yourself organizing in other ways as well. Again, this has happened to me.

My niece (center) is one of the most fun-loving, active people I know. No sooner does she say she wants to do something, then everyone is helping her do it.

My niece (center) is one of the most fun-loving, active people I know. No sooner does she say she wants to do something, then everyone is helping her do it.

Creating a Life That's Successful

Since most people want a life that's successful, focusing on current successes can create the perfect backdrop from which to create more success. Identifying your successes helps set the stage for believing in a positive life. Feeling positive, optimistic, excited about your life is central to living a good one.

Here is another exercise to try. Make a list of all of those things you like about your life: Your friends and family, favorite activities, the best things about where you live, your successes at work, successful hobbies and skills. Use this list to feel really good about yourself whenever you need it, to remind yourself of your strengths and your power to create good things.

This photo of my brother and me is contrived, to a certain extent, since the car is not ours. We took it at a car show to bolster our feelings of success.

This photo of my brother and me is contrived, to a certain extent, since the car is not ours. We took it at a car show to bolster our feelings of success.

How to Choose Goals That Will Work

According to the teachings of Abraham, which I've practiced for several years now, when life brings us things we don't want, it helps us to define what we do want. That's because the minute we see what we don't want, we also see the opposite in our mind's eye––in quite some detail, usually. Therefore, negative events and people can be blessings when we use them to recognize our wants more clearly.

If you really need something systematic to do, here is a way to incorporate that awareness when choosing your next year's goals:

  1. Make a list of what you already know you want.
  2. Make a second list of what you know you don't want, especially those things that felt especially uncomfortable this last year.
  3. On the don't want list, flip each item to its opposite––what you would rather have or be instead.
  4. Add those items to the list of things you do want, then shred the don't want list. You don't need it anymore.
  5. Now you have one long list of things you feel good about that you know you really want. Let's pare it down. Are there duplicates? Are there any items on the list that are already part of your life? Acknowledge them as successes and cross them off.
  6. Now consolidate or group the remaining items on your want list and identify the one that feels like the most fun. Fun things tune you in to your most confident, excited self (a.k.a. your Vortex or Higher Self) and open up your creativity.
  7. Imagine yourself being highly successful at that one fun thing. Assume that all the other things you want will come along with it, without your even having to work for them . . . which will happen, as long as you don't block them. Staying with the fun of the one can make the other things happen more quickly.

If you want a steady "partner" to motivate you to try this out, start listening to the videos of Esther Hicks, who channels her Higher Self (via an entity she calls "Abraham") to help others understand. I have included a link to one of her videos at the end of this article. She also writes books, including the set below.

You can have all the fun you want on the way to creating a successful life. You can even make fun an integral part of it. This is my family being goofy.

You can have all the fun you want on the way to creating a successful life. You can even make fun an integral part of it. This is my family being goofy.

Stay Focused on What You Want and What it Feels Like

Like me, you have probably been taught that you need to work at goals, in order to achieve them. The Law of Attraction says otherwise. Once you've visualized a desire and have immersed your feelings into it, the Law of Attraction will "move mountains" to make it happen––bringing the opportunities you are hoping for. Your only job is to stay steady with the dream, to move past any worries or fears in order to feel confident and sure again.

Sometimes you will have resistance that is too strong to ignore or distract yourself from. It may come from yourself or from other people. In this case, you'll need to talk yourself past it. Tell yourself, "What they want I want also. It doesn't matter which they think is most important. I know that I can have everything I've been asking for, including having a rewarding job AND lots of money. I just need to stay encouraged about it." Then identify what's best about your current situation and focus on it for awhile, thereby distracting yourself from any worries.

The good vibes you put out as you go about your work (or project) is what will draw opportunities to you. You will recognize them as they come, because they will feed or match your energy. There is a knowing about it––a sort of recognition or expectation, a clarity––that will tell you what to do.

Be your strongest and best self!

Be your strongest and best self!

The Real Law of Attraction Goal

The real goal is staying tuned in to the best of yourself and your dreams. You have been creating dreams all your life––every time you experienced something you didn't like––so there is a huge reservoir of them waiting to manifest. The more you stay tuned in to your best self, the faster they can come. The better you can retrain your thinking to focus on positive and self-confident thoughts, the more clearly you will recognize the opportunities you long for. They are all around you.

Your life could be transformed overnight if you wanted it to be, if you have the discipline. Watch your feelings. Use them as gauges to direct your thoughts and actions. They will tell you when you are tuned in and when you are not. When you feel bad, you're not tuned in. When you feel great, you are.

Creation goes on and on and on.

Creation goes on and on and on.

When Does it End?

Never. Life is all about growing and expanding. The more you see what you don't like, the more you automatically ask for what you do. The more you focus on what you like, the more you'll draw to you and the more successful you will feel yourself to be. Then you'll see more you don't like, recognize what you do like, get excited about this new thing, draw it to you . . . and it goes on and on. Life and you and those you love will continue to expand for as long as life and you exist.


Danette Watt from Illinois on April 10, 2012:

I love this hub! It really got me thinking of how I was phrasing stuff and where I was putting my focus. This is something that's been really on my mind lately and I'm glad I came across your hub. It just reinforced that for me. this is a topic that many people need to be reminded of often. We tend to lose sight of this and "drift" off course.

Shan Moore from Philippines on April 01, 2012:

Thanks Sue. Beautiful hub again!

Sustainable Sue (author) from Altadena CA, USA on January 12, 2012:

"The best augury of a man's success in his profession is that he thinks it the finest in the world. " - George Elliot (pseudonym of Mary Anne Evans).

It always helps to create success when you are truly passionate about the things you commit to doing. Otherwise all the plans you make and the actions you take are for nought. You won't have the energy/interest to carry them through the tough times.

"Mix with the kind of people who inspire you" is directly related to that and a good indicator of one's passion. Thanks for sharing, sunkentreasure!



You are the architect of your life.

Create your own opportunities

and make things happen.

Set yourself a specific goal

and monitor your progress.

Be of service.

Keep doing things for others

without counting the cost.

Turn your defeats into victories.

Control your environment.

Mix with the kind of

people who inspire you.

Keep your attitude positive

and your health in fine trim.

Let God go before you

in everything you do.

Pray regularly with feeling.

Always be planning

something constantly.

You are the magnet of

your circumstances.

Never give up!

© Bernard Levine

Krystal from Los Angeles on January 04, 2012:

This was excellent and USEFUL! Thanks Sustainable Sue.

Sustainable Sue (author) from Altadena CA, USA on December 31, 2011:

Thanks guys. Happy New Year to you, too. I hope 2012 is the most prosperous, enjoyable one yet!

Kimberley Lane from N.W.Pacific Coast, USA on December 30, 2011:

Good reminders, Sue. I really needed to be reminded of this. Well written, keeps the interest. Loved it. =)

Vickie from USA on December 30, 2011:

Very interesting. Happy New Year!

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