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How to Ace Your Online Marketing Game?

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The Best Hours on Social Media: When to post What?

Social Media is a real thing and it is not going anywhere except for growing and growing. In the earlier days you could only be read by others if you were to publish on a well-known magazine or newspaper. Nowadays you just need to build your fan base and post at the peak hours. Oddly enough, marketing scientists have worked on finding the best hours to post on social media and most of them are not what you thought they should be. For example, I never thought that people would love to check their social feed during lunch! I mean lunch hours are for eating and enjoying your food and in my opinion, this happy hour would not work well with social media feed scrolling, but I guess I was wrong, or is it just me? Anyway, check the best hours to share online, so you don't make the same mistake as me. Plus, the marketing strategy is not only about when to post on social media, but what to post as well, because different weekdays call for different kind of posts.


How to work with the Customer Database?

Identify the customer. Is it worldwide? Or is it individual? This is called Marketing Segmentation. It helps you focus on the subset of prospects that are most likely to purchase what you are offering.

After you have identified your customer, whether you are offering to a business or an individual customer, you have to pass in the next phase: The customer segmentation. There you separate and regroup your customer based on their characteristics. May it be their age, preferences, gender, interests, spending habits, etc. You discuss about customer's needs and wants. What product does he want? What product does he really need? And you make it look like your product is both and more. What he needs, what he wants, and what he cannot live without.

Apple understands that loyalty to the customers is their strength. They make their technology tools easy to use, almost intuitive.

The Customer Segmentation

Characteristics/ QualitiesImportant for


It is not news that the young people are more addicted to new technology, and they learn fast. But designing for the older people means more satisfied buyers.


Females love delicacy and not so complicated things. Males love complicated technology that is able to do whatever they ask for.


Everyone wants to keep up with everyone, share their hobbies and interests together, as well as keep up with the world and latest news. Give them that.

Needs & Wants

If you do not know what people need or want, you won't satisfy them. You lose ground, you lose credibility and the sympathy for your brand.


How to ace your Pinterest marketing game?

Pinterest is another platform where I get major inspiration, especially for diy projects.

Create specific boards for specific content. Pin your photos, including description and links. Infographics, quotes and beautiful makeup, travel, food, diy photos share best, so keep these in mind.

Check pinterest popular pins. You will get ideas on what works best on pinterest and what people are into in that certain period. Although some areas of interest never change like: beauty, cooking, health hacks and fitness.

Put four of your best boards or the ones you want more followers on, on your first row, because that’s what everyone who checks your pinterest profile looks at at first.

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Accept invitations to be part of group boards only for boards that have more followers than your profile does and those which post content you also pin on your personal profile. This is the best way I grew and keep growing my followers. Nowadays I am getting almost 1k followersper day, which 1 year ago, I did not thought was possible!

Pinterest is the real deal and the only social media tool where you can actually go viral! So, if you do not own an account there, go open it and start building your profile. If you have an account but you are not active, log in and start arranging and editing your boards and start pinning stuff you like. In no time you will realize that pinned photos on Pinterest do go viral, and will be constantly shared and liked even after years!


How to ace your Instagram marketing game?

Instagram is one of my most favorite social platformes because you can create a neat profile, you don’t have to read anything if you do not feel like because you consume the information by photos and thirdly: it is the best place to get inspiration from. My tips on how to promote yourself on instagram are:

Think about how you want to establish yourself as. Do this by writing a short descriptive bio like: style, travel blogger / writer on / etc. In simple words: spill what you do

Decide about the content you want to share and the message you want to spread. Ex: if you are a travel blogger share photos of amazing places, the food, the experiences, the skiing/swimming/diving/alpinism, etc.

Create a neat profile by choosing a subtle shade for your photos like a filter you prefer most. This gives the impression that every photo is linked with the other. I also posted a set of 3 photos to show that I changed the filter.

Like others photos and if you love it, leave a comment. Like photos even by people you do not follow: find those into the search area. Also check what people you follow are liking because you may find amazing inspiring content.

Never spread hate. People will read those comments and they will definitely unfollow you.

If you are reviewing a product, be transparent. Do not just share for the money. Building trust is the foundation of growing.

Instagram Stories will soon round up to one year of being part of the Instagram features. If you are not already posting your own stories, then you are losing ground to the bloggers and freelancers and business people that already are. No matter what you think, people do actually check those stories all the time, even though it may look like that is just one more feature that wastes your time. Well, if you have not noticed, people love to waste time, especially by checking what others are doing, or not doing. So keep in mind to keep that particular feed updated. You will be surprised to how many views you will actually get!


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