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How technology helps improve human resources function

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Man in Black Suit Jacket Sitting Beside Woman in Brown Long Sleeve Shirt

Man in Black Suit Jacket Sitting Beside Woman in Brown Long Sleeve Shirt

As competition intensifies and complexities in the workplace increase, successful companies need to integrate technology and talent seamlessly to change existing ways of working. In particular, the company's digital transformation must include all departments and areas of work, including human resources.

Although the scope of human resources digitization is, of course, wide, this process can help companies in everything from talent exploration and recruitment to employee well-being and retention. Individuals are the most important element of any company and play a vital role in supporting its success. With the help of technology, companies can create a system that optimizes human resources goals, productivity, and processes.

Human resources divisions in the Middle East recognize that they need to intensify their use of technology and embrace digital transformation to support the company's needs in this age of pioneering changes and innovations. This need became increasingly important during the pandemic, which changed the way individuals and companies worked.

Marvin Oberman, Director of Personnel at Sage Africa and the Middle East, presents us with five ways in which technology can help the HR department improve performance:

Data-based decision-making

When creating an integrated human resources platform, companies can monitor data online and store it in a single employee database, and use it to improve decisions and employee experiences. For example, they can start by analyzing the company's skills gap, staff retention trends, frequent pandemic absenteeism, or balancing customer requirements with employee ability.

White Printer Paper on Brown Wooden Table

White Printer Paper on Brown Wooden Table

Distribution of the workforce

Many of us suddenly found ourselves forced to work from home during the closure, but the reality is that the trend towards telework has already been gaining momentum for some time. Appropriate human resources software supports flexible working patterns for childcare, asset tracking for work from home, and other basic inflexible or remote working arrangements principles.

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Organizing compliance and reporting

The human resources platform contributes to the company's compliance process. For example, the Human Resources Department will be able to track equal employment targets about performance more easily and prepare legal reports required by the Ministry of Labor. It also helps the Human Resources Department store and manages personal information according to data privacy standards and laws.

Man in Black Sweater Sitting Beside Man in Black Sweater

Man in Black Sweater Sitting Beside Man in Black Sweater

Saving time thanks to automation

Cloud-based human resources platforms allow companies to automate human resources operations throughout the employee's career, from recruitment to company departure. These solutions can be used and accessed from anywhere quickly. With a lot of regular paperwork and reporting, the cloud human resources platform allows human resources staff to add value to employees and the company and focus less on administrative tasks, such as updating records and signing vacation forms.

Improving staff experiences

Modern HUMAN RESOURCES SOLUTIONS INCLUDE AN EASY-TO-USE DIGITAL SELF-SERVICE FUNCTION, SIMPLIFYING TASKS SUCH AS REQUESTING VACATIONS, UPDATING PERSONAL INFORMATION, DISPLAYING PAYROLL AND OTHERS. These tools relieve the HUMAN Resources Team of administrative burdens and allow employees to manage their own information online from the mobile app and reduce the time it takes for routine HR requests.

Focus on the most important

The true value of human resources lies in understanding and developing individuals' potential, supporting business strategic growth, building the right team, and rooting for a culture of success in the company.

Investing in appropriate technology will allow the Human Resources Section to focus on these elements and make decisions based on accurate data and information. At this time, human resources workers have a good opportunity to play a greater strategic role in the company based on technology.

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