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How much difficulty you have in growing your business?


How hard to grow your business.

Many of us are afraid of starting a business, but we rush and set it up without enough capital, plan, and help when we manage to come out of the fear. Then we start to struggle to do our marketing due to a lack of knowledge. Eventually, we fail in our business and blame the people who gave the proper signal to start the business. Why do others want you to create something and face failure so quickly? Maybe when they gave you the positive sign, they might have had some selfish intentions to learn from you because they wanted to start something independently. You cannot consider that as harmful.

People think they need the following to start a business.

Why do you need money?

Is it a new business line for you that means you do not have any experience in that field and might take some time to establish yourself as a business owner? Besides, you might have to learn a lot.

So why do you choose it?

I started everything by accident and became very passionate about it.


I will show a short story about how an uneducated person started a business and came as a millionaire in the end.

Not everything started by accident knows about the business. And how that changed everything for the best when not learning the ins and outs.

Some people do some cooking at home and donate that to people around them they start to love that food and encourage them to make more & more. Then made the food, and gave them. The particular cook also becomes encouraged and starts to more innovations and modify the variety and make lots of different type of variety in that food. Therefore, the people began to love that food and started to talk about it to others. More people are beginning to visit this cook’s house to eat, but this chef begins to worry about the finances and slowly starts to talk about this to the people.

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The people started to regret that they have been eating for a long but did not contribute. Almost everyone donated money when they visited the house to eat. Another problem the owner faced was the space for the people to sit and eat because not happy about eating in the premises house will ruin the place needed help to clean the area.

Few of them started helping in cleaning, purchasing the things for cooking everything came as a heavy thing to deal with for the owner. Nevertheless, there were some sensible started to advise to set that as a business. After that total, he trained to make that as professional, like setting times and price for the food.

Eventually, it turned into a home business, and they could not use their home to do that. They put up a shed to do the cooking and started selling as a takeaway and delivery. The best attempt the owner and the team began to create modifications and adoptions to make it unique in their society by creating their own recopies. It attracted people so much they started to get orders from companies, offices, and the schools around that area that resulted in a considerable advancement in the business.

Therefore, the owner and the team decided to move their business into a more popular area, turning it into a restaurant. The restaurant started to grow day by day, made huge sales, became so popular in the area, supplied food to many organizations, and hired much staff to do the cooking, cleaning, sales, and administration. Untimely, it grew up as one of the big restaurants, finally progressed, and turned into a hotel supplying food and accommodation.


Therefore, the hard work, generosity depended on you and the way you consider it. You can easily give up instead through all the massive hard work, but the result will be you stay in the comfort zone forever. That one of the easy options for those who are lazy.

I had a small business, and I failed and gave that away free of charge. After I lost everything and did not have money to start another company, I constantly desired to have a business. I have been working for nearly forty years and ultimately found something and running that as a business now but do not spend any money on my business. However, if you can spend some money on your business, the progress will be faster. Remember the saying spend money to make money.

I do not need much money in my business. I mainly do things like creating online courses, writing eBooks, accounting and business consultancy, affiliate marketing, and maintaining a parenting advice website where I hold a forum. I started my writing venture in 2016 and completed writing 102 eBooks, 3 books, and 35 online courses, and I published all these on few platforms and my websites as well. I need money to grow this business, but I do not spend any money after my harrowing experience, which is one reason for not getting recognition and success. Any business needs the right marketing tactics to become popular in the world. However, I firmly believe that I will see success one day, and I will not give up until I see success.


Final words

I am confident that we can believe in hard work and determination brings success after reading my short story. Hard work will pay you one day, but laziness that makes you happy will never get any recognition in your society. Further, do not waste your time. Remember, time is money. You can never be a role model to others, and my belief is to be helpful to you and the others in life.


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