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How does negative reviews affect anyone?

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Feedback is one of the rewards you get for your hard work, which could be negative or positive. Sometimes, negative reviews teach you what you may have missed out on while doing your work, so let me explain how to respond to them.

People write negative reviews with many intentions:

  • Correct your work
  • They didn’t get what they wanted.
  • Your job is good but needs a bit more attention.
  • Do not care about the outcome.

People need negative reviews more than positive ones because it motivates them to work harder. Besides, they feel lower than the person who gave them the negative feedback if that was from one of the persons doing the same task. So, all that inspires them to work harder to achieve what they were supposed to do.

Sometimes positive reviews could not be the genuine feedback from the people who gave them; sometimes, they provide for a reason, maybe looking for a favor from the person who got the review.

The genuine bad review could be because of the real in you to help you improve your work after finding the mistakes where it needed correction, so that become a real help for you.


It is why some people write negative reviews.

It comes out as a real help to progress in your field.

Some people feel that they could not do well in the same task that you have done, so your success made them think insufficient and lower than you; therefore, they were looking for a way to hurt you and used this opportunity to hurt you by giving the lousy review.

I have a business Facebook page where I publish new things in my business daily; some relatives of mine look at those who say that they do not have to prove themselves. They mean they are doing well and do not have to send anything to demonstrate their capabilities like me. I look at that, and I feel sorry for them, thinking that they do not know what a business means and the things you must do to bring your business out to the world. I need to insist a company with no marketing is not a business but a hobby.

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Some people feel worthless for no reason just because they have not seen success; they try to damage others by giving bad reviews. So, if you are thoughtful, you must ignore their lousy attitude, make the best use of the bad review, and learn your mistakes from there. I am not trying to say that it will not hurt you, but you must take its positive side to use it yourself.

People out there feel jealous of successful people and try ways to put them down to make themselves happy. They do this expecting to ruin your happiness, but if you are a successful person having seen satisfaction and happiness in your work, do not ever get hurt by others’ opinions but take that as a lesson.

You have done something and published it with the expectation of good reviews, so do you realize that itself is a victory for you. Many of us cannot do to that extent but stay in our comfort zone and look to damage other hard workers by doing this. So, you need to be happy and be proud of yourself, ignore the haters, and learn the good things from anyone, as that is the only thing that will help you progress more and more in life.

Another way to make your hater happy is not showing your success in front of them wherever you meet them.

Then it is the best way to avoid negative people; even though it might not be entirely possible, you must try your best.

Nothing is unusual in our life; some want to give negative reviews for some purpose, and maybe it makes them feel better. But at the same time, people who have a genuine interest in you due to a caring attitude give negative, but it will have a subtle effect on you.

So if you are clever, take the best from it to learn more and then ignore and forget the rest. Sometimes, people who receive negative reviews write to them in a friendly way and ask why.

The only way is to stay calm and handle that professionally so that you will not lose anything but ensure that you improve your work to receive better comments in the future.

Then wait until your business becomes big enough to be unstoppable by haters, and when it goes beyond a high level, they will start to follow you and talk good about you everywhere to spread the word about you.

Final words

It would help if you were a more assertive personality so that anyone who wants to hurt you intentionally will fail you eventually, and they will stop doing bad things. On the other hand, bad reviews also help you learn something you may not be aware of, so you cannot throw that away from you. The main issue here is to work harder to show people your strength who want to hurt you but need to think and take only the positive side of everything you encounter.

© 2022 Sara Param

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