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How do you deal with your difficult customers?


When dealing with customers, we all make sure to make them happy in dealing with us. As someone who works for your customers, you will too many deadlines to meet on their behalf. If that is what you do for them, do you find it easy to get the information from them to complete your work? Most of us find it challenging to get the information on time to do the work for them.

Most of them wait until the last minute and submit what you wanted from them that results in putting too much pressure on you and your staff in the preparation of the work for submission.

How do you deal with that situation?

My advice is to prepare a schedule for each person. I think it will be more or less the same and send it to them on time besides keep reminding some who usually late in giving you the information. You can also warn them if they do not submit what you asked for, you will not be able to finish, making them pay penalties.

No one wants to pay the penalty and ensure that they send it to you on time. Anyhow, you want to keep your customer also then do the best for them. Therefore, it is evident that deadline is a common thing for all your clients so prepare yourself and have extra time to work on those who come late. Consequently, you must learn to adjust your timings


The problem you cannot avoid when working for clients.

Suppose I talk about an accountant who files accounts for a small business like the tax office, company’s house, and charity commission. In that case, I think most of them are very keen on claiming the money from the government rather than paying their bill. We can help them, advise them and ask them to pay in instalments to keep their records in proper order. If they keep messing around with the government, they might lose everything at a later stage; even if we tell this, I have seen people do not take that seriously.

Apologize for your mistakes.

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You might be a prominent professional in your industry, but anyone can make mistakes in their field if it happens; the first thing that you have to do is to apologize to calm them down. Then you have to do some extra work free of charge to bring everything under control as it is crucial that your client feels satisfied with it. Ensure that the client does not meet any loss. If not, you have to make it up to them by giving them extra help.


Suggest solutions

When they try to escape from their responsibility of paying their bills, you can help them suggest ways to fulfil their commitment. Tell them to have separate savings account starting from the first month of a fiscal year and do not touch that for any reason other than paying their tax bill. Nevertheless, make sure they have to create a budget, which includes an affordable amount to settle into that account without fail. Then when the time comes, they can withdraw that money and make the payment essential they need to make that as a regular habit. It is not a one-off thing to follow that as long as they are in their business. *

Get an agreement to pay monthly in reasonable amounts.

Please help them get an agreement to pay monthly in instalments but ensure that they agree to set up the payment to go without fail. In some cases, you have to go out of the way to help them understand the consequences for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you do not want to lose your customers. Secondly, some cannot easily understand the results, and when they face the problem, they will start to accuse you of not being helpful to them.


Final words

Therefore, having and making money with the customers is not an easy job, as you need to have lots of patience in dealing with them. At some point, they will change and be good to them and society as well; in that case, they will think about you and be grateful to you. Life should not stop making money only; besides, being helpful to the needy is essential for making money for an entrepreneur.

    Offers accounting services, remember If the books are not in order the company can go out of business quickly and find themselves in hot water with the government. So accurately keeping income and expenses is the key to all successful business

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