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How did I avoid shutting down my business?

I have done one hundred and six eBooks, six books, and thirty-eight online courses; accounts, business, self-care, and affiliate marketing


Firstly, be ready to overcome all the obstacles and remain in business until you achieve your goals. So, it will help you if you learn about the block you might face in your entrepreneurial journey.

I need to appreciate my mental strength in this as I did not make any money for a long time, but I kept working hard to get where I am today. Besides, the close ones did not like me doing anything like this, and they took that as a joke. I cannot blame others for that; it is natural that when you work, you expect to get paid, whereas I am concerned; I was volunteering for long hours daily.

Spend my time usefully.

I stayed on as I am a person who cannot stay, not doing anything for a minute. I must do something all the time; after leaving my job, I had free time, so I used that time on this business. I would not say that was a business a few years ago, as I often learned new things. I am also a self-studier who never took any help from anyone besides I had a long-term desire to own a business but never went deep into it to learn about it. It is partly my mistake for not making money more quickly.

Some never act.

Many people desire to own a business because they want recognition in society but never consider it seriously to set up a business. They do not have self-belief, so they want to stay in their comfort zone. So, I learned new things and eventually started applying everything in the industry. I FELT SO HAPPY when I was doing that; regardless of not earning any money, my interest came towards writing, and I started writing eBooks. I bought some public domain eBooks to develop my interest and started following those, which helped build my eBooks.

I became habituated with my work.

If I speak the truth, I stay in this business because I continued to do the work and use the same pattern and almost became habituated to what I was doing but did not expect to make money for what I was doing. In the end, I joined Amazon and started uploading my eBooks, and I could not sell any of the eBooks. I never promoted my eBooks as I was unaware of the selling methods; I assumed that Amazon would do all the selling. I did not know about the marketing methods and promoted my products. So, I started creating the info products; then, I started developing online courses and using my accounting knowledge to create online courses.

No one wanted to join me in my work.

To create online courses, I had to make videos for the lectures, and I managed to create some videos and started uploading them to Udemy. So, it went on like that for many years without making any money in the end; I never thought I would make money from work. I tried to get someone to work with me; no one liked to work with me; maybe they did not have any confidence in me and thought it would waste their time if they joined me.

So that attitude of others towards me made me stronger and more determined that I must continue and succeed.

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Success comes with determination.

Some of us quickly lose confidence when others undermine us, but I never took anybody's criticisms into account and just carried on working. So, I wish to prove those others' thoughts about me are wrong and that becoming successful is the biggest revenge in teaching them a lesson. Therefore, all these made me stay in business and continue doing it until I reach considerable recognition and prove myself the winner.


What can a business do to avoid a shutdown?

Before starting the business, plan your idea well and find the capital; you need to do these things before starting the business.

Then location is essential whether you want to start your business from home. Starting from home is very cost-effective but remember the people around you should be happy about starting from home, and if they disagree and support you can face many problems.

So, look out for your niche and research the place very well; the first and most important thing is your passion for business; if you do not have that, you will let the company shut down after many failures. If I talk about me & my business, I failed main times in the present business what I am doing now, but I am still doing it without any frustration; the main reason is I love what I do, so it is the same thing for anyone.

I think you want to know how to stop shutting down your business; that means you are having a business now, and it is moving down, and you want to stop that. The passion and the determination go together to avoid facing any complications in your actions. I do not know what you do, so research well, find the reason for failure and find ways to overcome that. For example, I am an online course creator and did not see many good results.

So, how do I make myself continue with the course creation?

I get feedback from other successful course creators and follow their advice. That helps me develop new strategies to make changes in producing my courses. So, in the same way, quickly research your competitors to find out how they used to become successful. Once you find out, do not copy that straight away but make some adaptations to suit your business which should cause you to stand out in that industry. Further check your price, quality of the product or services you sell, and maintain a good relationship with your customers, suppliers, and employees. Use a better promotional way to promote your product. Then if your product does not have enough sales, find another product, or make a complete change in the product you are trying to sell now.

Therefore, do not give up on anything and keep trying with the changes you made in the business strategies that will help you see some real success.

Another critical factor is listening to anybody's opinion who does not have business experience. Instead, if you want to consult with the experts in your industry, you can type in the keywords for your business and do a Google search to find them. That will help you improve your business; more than anything, everything depends on your determination and mindset; besides, it is easy to lose but difficult to maintain success.

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