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How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way in 2022

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I am a banker but that's not what I only do. My passion for reading and writing has drawn me to this platform and I would love to enhance

affiliate marketing jobs

affiliate marketing jobs

affiliate marketing jobs

How can I do affiliate marketing in the right way in 2022

On the internet, there are lots of different programs to promote products. For example, you may sell your web hosting or a digital product on Amazon by promoting its heir affiliate program on its website. You can also find ways to promote your favorite movie, music, and books on Netflix.

Let’s go through the steps to start an online business using YouTube content for video and blog posts or by promoting my company.

Step 1. Set up YouTube Subs

This is one of the most popular places to advertise and promote your services or products. It’s like Google ads but for blogs and videos.

You would create a YouTube business account on this site and sign in with a strong password. Once you set up an account, copy this link and paste it into your browser. This will be your YouTube homepage. Make sure that you leave some space for your actual domain name because we will use it later on. If you have already created a website for your company or brand, put them into this section too.

Step 2. Create Your Channel

Once you have created your channel, click on ‘Upload Channel’ and give it a title. Give yourself a username, which can be anything like You can also add your phone number and email where you want people to contact if you’re getting a new job or need support or something else. The name should contain at least 20 characters.

Step 3. Copy the URL from YouTube

Create two links for each page of your video or even blog post. To get more details and information about what we are doing, please visit our YouTube Website. Then add these two links on top of the other pages.

Step 4. Publish on the YouTube Page

Now, upload your video on YouTube and make sure to add enough description to each video. Uploading a video makes people aware of what we do. They can see who we are and why we are here. People should see us as experts, not just someone selling stuff on the street at night.

Step 5. Add Ads

Ads are like paid advertisements that we display inside our videos and blog posts. These advertisements are shown when people search and watch our videos or read our blog posts. Possible promote other brands as well as ourselves. Advertisers pay us to show their ads. But they pay less than others. We promote our business with banners, sponsored tags, push notifications, etc.

Step 6. Design Your Videos

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Now, design our videos with creativity instead of writing simple words. Write a story behind every picture. Even if you think it’s boring, you should follow our advice.

Step 7. Use all keywords for the Video

For optimizing our videos for specific keywords we will write specific phrases and the exact words we are going to use during our video ads. For instance, if you are talking about making money out of social media, and then write:

How much does influencer marketing work?

How many websites are still running on WordPress?

How can I start a WordPress blog or a blog on Tumblr?

If all is good, we will get 1000 subscribers.

Step 8. Post on Social Media Platforms

If you want to increase your followers, try to include social media platforms in your videos. A lot of companies are looking for people to become their advocates online and for those who want to build a following, consider starting on Instagram or YouTube. The same strategy works on Twitter and Facebook as well. Don’t forget to mention your business on all these platforms. Sooner or later, I think you will reach more viewers. Now only time will tell if they would stick to our recommendations or look for another service provider. Good luck!

Step 9. Submit to Review Magazines

Now let’s submit to review magazines, blogs, etc. to show what we are doing. Most of these journals are very respected by all companies. There’s a chance that we can get the approval of these publications. If we don’t have any success on Instagram or YouTube, we should keep adding more content to our pages.

You can now upload content on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat, Blogger, and LinkedIn. Follow my timeline on YouTube to stay updated with my reviews.


Now, after everything, I hope that you want to run this type of operation using YouTube. As you know, YouTube has millions of users around the world. If you can gain 4000 followers in the first hours, maybe more if you publish consistently on YouTube and publish great content. Contents of our guide on how to do affiliate marketing in 2021. As usual, thank you so much for reading and following.

affiliate marketing jobs

affiliate marketing jobs

affiliate marketing jobs

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