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How a Life Coach Can Help You Face the Vuca World

An Author and Life Coach who has initiated a career transformation in more than 10000 professionals and students.

A Life Coach can lend support when you are trying to get to the next level!


There are some myths that revolve around Life Coaching. Let us start at the beginning!

Life revolves around five basic spheres namely, Health, Money, Career, Relationships and Growth. Contentment and success in each sphere leads to overall happiness. Each sphere rotates in tandem with the other, and whenever one slows down; we see the domino effect on all other facets of life. That is when and where a Life Coach steps in.

Life Coaching has been obscured by myths and confused as mentoring, counselling, therapy, which it definitely is not and for some it is still a question mark. So let us first understand who is a Life Coach. The word ‘Coach’ brings to our mind ‘Sports’. Someone with a whistle around his neck, pushing us to run faster, hit harder, stay focused and to win. You are right, that is what a Life Coach or an Executive Coach would do, off the field. A Life Coach comes in as a sounding board, someone who enables people to explore new possibilities and someone who listens, while they talk. It is simply a process that involves asking the client a series of questions that de-clutters the mess their mind may be in and puts their life in order, with a clear goal. The client is then enabled to create an action plan and empowered to identify and maximize their true potential. A good coach treats the client like an expert on their own life and does not offer unsolicited advice.

A Business Coach could play an important role, especially if you are a Start-Up


We might see Life Coaching as new trend in India, however you can trace its roots back to 1988, when Thomas Leonard introduced a course called ‘Life Creates Your Life’. Known as the Father of Professional Coaching he went on to design a curriculum for professional coaching. It is a lucrative career today as professionals lead highly fast paced, competitive lives and need someone to act as a buoy alongside to encourage them to go from being good to great. As they climb the ladder of success it could get a bit lonely sometimes and a Coach can be that confidante they can talk to and bounce off ideas, without the fear of being judged. Personalities like Bill Clinton, Princess Diana and the tennis legend, Andre Agassi made a positive transformation with the aid of their Success Coach, Anthony Robbins.

If you seek Self - Employment

A Sounding Board! Someone you can bounce of ideas with and helps you de-clutter the mess!

A Sounding Board! Someone you can bounce of ideas with and helps you de-clutter the mess!

Life Coaching gives you the opportunity to be Self-Employed.

Being a Certified Coach you can be self- employed or work for an organization and choose your area of expertise, whether its health, finances, relationship, business or career. You might be someone’s wellness coach or spiritual coach or a muse for an artist exploring new arenas. Business coaching has emerged as an important Human Resource Development function today. Popularly also known as Executive or Leadership Coaching, it provides positive support, feedback and encouragement to an individual to improve their personal effectiveness in a professional setting. Every individual has a different learning curve, so a One- On-One session can help address the employee’s unique needs in a private and confidential scenario where sometimes group workshops fail to deliver.

The recent buzz about preparing to face the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world tells me, it’s time to simplify life.

So how does one prepare to face the VUCA world and how can a coach add value to the client in these challenging times. It requires immense adaptability, quick thinking skills and a clear thought process to approach this new business environment. A Coach can empower the client with a simple tool, ‘The Art of Asking the Right Questions’. Equipped with answers to some critical questions, the client can now define clear objectives and have a planned approach to resolve any challenge. This systematic activity of introspection reduces ambiguity and uncertainty, builds immunity towards volatile markets and simplifies complex problems. A conversation with a Coach can help the client design a winning strategy.

Take Control of Your Life!

To sum it up a Life Coach enables clients to ask the right questions so that they help themselves understand what they want to achieve, how to go about it and get the motivation to stay on course. A Coach will leave you with the steering back in your hand and let you drive independently on the path of attainment, so that you feel confident and capable no matter what!

De-clutter the Mess!

"My one on one session guided me in identifying my strengths, I was made to feel comfortable yet I was pushed to stay on track towards my goals. It was my help desk when it came to brainstorming career decisions." - Associate Project Director, TNS Global

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