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How to Get Paid to Use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

One of the main Laws of marketing which should NOT be broken

Alright, So here's how you make money with social media. These are the universal laws of making money with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. So before I start and show you how these laws work I just want to say that it requires a lot of patience and conviction to go through with this. so let's jump back into the crux of the social marketing bonanza. The tutorial on how to make money on social media is not an easy one, now there might be a lot of gurus out there who speak with some sense and morality. But the fact of the matter is, that they are ordinary people just like you and me. The only reason that they succeeded (or are succeeding), is because they never give up and show relentless consistency.

The number one thing is to not violate this law. Mainly what a lot of beginner affiliates do is they create a Facebook page, for example, and they immediately jump in and start pitching products, they start leaving links to product reviews, they start trying to sell stuff right off the bat. Now social media doesn't work like that. social media, you need to take a different approach.

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Click on the source link for more information

Correcting your pitch and understanding the audience

If you're going in and you're pitching right away, you're trying to withdraw money from an account that has no money in it. Because you've no importance or you provided no value to that platform, you aren't going to receive money in return. It's actually common sense how how it works. People really do have kind of like an ingrained value gauge. Where they think they can just post whatever they feel like and expect people to buy there services or product because of it. when it comes to various people on the internet, you have to find the missing link in what kind of audience your targeting, so people basically look at you and judge straight away if its worth my time or not, this is how everyone thinks it's what's in it that I can get from this person. It could be anything, it could be entertainment, it could be education, it could be money, it could be a whole different sort of things. And you have to keep this principle in mind, this is the way people are. So when you go and you create a Facebook page, the key is to come giving gifts, you need to inflate your value bank.

In other words, so if you look at any major social media influencer, they're doing things like creating valuable videos, educational videos, entertainment videos, what they're doing is they're inflating day by day, that value bank. Now eventually, they plan to tap into that value bank and make money but it's not a direct thing. You don't go in there and start pitching right away. Alright, so that's tip number one, Tip number two is you must master the art of the soft sell. Alright, so the way this works, let me just do an example. One of my side hobbies is magic. I like to do street magic. I know it's very nerdy. If I were to make a,... let's say a card flourish Facebook page, what you want to do is to create, let's say a tutorial two to three minute long.

"If you want to be the life of the party. If you want to get the attention. You need to learn my card flourishing tactics. So so you can get that at dandy amazing card, when you learn the for example, the one handed card flourish here, you're going to blow everyone away, everyone's going to love you, you need to learn this tactic. It's only $17 Go to my site right now and buy that product."

Alright, above is an example of a hard pitch. "Remember any pitch you make can be connected to any and all social media networks". okay you might sell a few things here and there. But that's not going to be lasting sales, you're going to get a trickle of sales initially, and it's going to die off. You won't be building fans, you won't be building influence. And by and large, you're just trading your time for money at that point, says example the hard pitch you do not want to do that on social media.

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Social media and how to influence others

Tip number three is social media. Social media is all about building up small micro communities amongst the various properties. So think of Facebook as a way to connect with people and build a small community of rabid fans around your brand around your message around your videos or whatever it is so that you can start to build influence and momentum. So the key to this is to convert Some with people with it. you could be sending through private messaging, it could be through just commenting on their on their comments on your posts and also promoting other people to spread the goodwill around. So that's one thing you want. You want to build up a community, build up the goodwill and increase your value bank account, day by day. The main thing that I do, I usually tap into social media and send it through my affiliate marketing funnels. Which is another topic that I will discuss in the future.

A free starter guide on how to make money on Facebook

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