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How to Start an Ecommerce Online Business?

Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.

Start an eCommerce Business

Start an eCommerce Business


One sector which is booming around the world is an eCommerce industry. As per reports, the US eCommerce industry is projected to reach close to over 400 billion dollars. In the case of India alone, it is estimated to reach over 200 billion by 2027.

There is a huge potential in this sector and if anyone can trap the right pulse among the target audience, that organization can grow 10x in a short period of time. In this article, we are going to learn the complete process as to how we can start our eCommerce business. So, let’s began.

Decide Your Products And Find Manufacturers

First and foremost you have to decide which products you want to sell online. This is the most crucial task for any eCommerce player. If you are already manufacturing some products then it is easy to decide.

If you don’t own any manufacturing unit then you have to look out for direct manufacturers who can deliver products to you by putting your brand name on them.

These manufacturers are known as white level manufacturers. First, decide one particular brand. Remember even Amazon started by selling books online.

Maintain good terms and relationship with your manufacturers or suppliers. Remember to decide the following things before the final agreement with them i.e, payment terms, credit terms and other long term benefits. And if you get a chance meet your suppliers once as it will build a strong bond with them.

Decide Your Target Cities/Countries And Delivery Partner

In the second stage, you have to decide about the places where you will deliver your products. It may be possible that in the beginning, you cannot deliver your products at each location. To avoid such cases you have to be careful in advance.

To solve this problem you have to decide who will be your delivery partner. This is an extremely important decision which you have to take. So, meet each courier companies in your town and check their rates and what kind of facilities they provide.

Remember you can have the best product in the world but that will have no meaning if you cannot deliver them safely to your customers.

Legally Register Your Company

Now if you are thinking to start your eCommerce company and want to work for the long term then it is better to get your company registered.

In this case, you have to legally register your company. In will also involve tax details and GST registration etc. Remember you cannot run your company illegally. You can take the help of Chartered Accountant.

Add online payment options

Add online payment options

Design Your Website And Add Payment Gateway

In the next step since you want to start online, you have to design your eCommerce website. There are many ways through which you can start designing your website.

For example, you can go with Shopify or Woo Commerce or you can try even website based on coding etc. It is up to you to decide and get it done. You can design the website with the help of WordPress or you can hire someone to do so for you.

When you design your eCommerce website following things you need to take care off:
a) images quality of the product
b) price
c) description about the product

Once this part is ready then you need to add online payment gateway, through which you can collect the payments. There are many options available in this case, you can try Instamojo, Razorpay and other options.

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Build Customer Support Team

Now if possible for you, hire one person as a customer support team. When you will start your journey there will be times when some customers will return your products.

In that case, you need someone to take care of those tasks. Hire someone who can deal with customers online as well as over mobile.

Online Advertising And Marketing

Till now we have invested a lot of money to start our journey as an eCommerce company. When you start your company it is not possible to sale just by opening a company or by designing a website. We need to get eyeballs on the website. We need to create curiosity in the market.

To get eyeballs rolling we need to take the help of online advertising and marketing. There are various ways through which you can do online promotions.

You can build your followers by the help of Instagram, Facebook profiles or you can even take the help of Facebook advertising, YouTube ads or Google shopping ads etc.


In the end, I want to say there are various ways through which we can start eCommerce journey. I have shared only one type of eCommerce technique. There are other techniques like Dropshipping, Reselling concept, Print on Demand (POD), Affiliate Marketing, Merge by Amazon etc. It is up to you through which way you wanted to start your eCommerce business. Each one has it’s own advantages and drawbacks. But definitely, it is a great industry to start with.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Vikram Brahma (author) from Assam, India on November 29, 2020:

Yes, having an eCommerce business is an interesting thing to do nowadays. I really love such online businesses. Will be using Amazon Kindle and other platforms in the future. Thank you for your comments.

Liz Westwood from UK on November 28, 2020:

This article gives an interesting insight into how to set out in ecommerce.

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