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How to Select the Right Career Path Like a Winner?

Vikram Brahma is a Digitalpreneur, Author, Blogger, Writer, & YouTuber. He loves to write content & spend time working from home.


Do you know there are more than 12000+ career options available in the world? And if you talk about India specifically then there are more than 250 career options and within that, there are more than 5000 relevant options available.

For example, if you take the case of Digital Marketing. Within this domain, there are more than 30 career options, like the content writer, YouTuber, blogger, online author, stock trader, online tutor, podcaster, eCommerce, email marketing specialist, funnel builder, Facebook ad expert, content creator, social media expert, etc and more.

Now the question arises how we can select the right career for us when there are so many options available within each domain. It is very important because as per the study, in India every hour a student commits suicide due to career and job issues. Let’s understand what process we can follow to select the right option.

What career you gonna choose?

What career you gonna choose?

First Know Yourself

It is true that there are some students who are extremely goal-oriented from childhood. From a young age, they know and love science and they even complete their higher education from the best technical institute in India.

But then they realize they need an MBA degree and then they enroll themselves in a management institute and start working for the banking companies. In short, they have spent six years of their education learning something which they will never be going to use in their career.

It is always better than before we choose any career, we must first know about yourself. For this, we have to take into consideration factors like interest, skill, personality type, etc. In this way, we can know about what career we are good for.

Make A List Of Possible Occupations And Explore Them

In the previous point, we have tried to learn about ourselves and now we need to make a list of possible occupations.

In simple words, we have to see what kind of options are available for us as per our interests and skills. You have to remember that you need to give more importance to your interest because you can acquire skills even later.

For example, if your real internet is in speaking and writing then you can become an author, anchor, or RJ or motivational speaker, etc. You must write down all possible career options.

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Once you write down all possible careers then you have to study each of them one by one. You have to see what kind of skills these career demands. Then you have to check whether you can learn those skills within the next six months or one year or not.

Although there is no hard and fast rule yet you have to start with one career then you can even opt for multiple career options. Like you can start as an author then can you can even become a motivational speaker.

Meet someone to know about your future career

Meet someone to know about your future career

Meet Someone From Same Occupations

Now I believe in the third stage you have to meet someone working in the same job. In this way, you can get information regarding what kind of work they perform on a day to day basis.

For example, in India, millions prepare for banking exams every year. Thousand able to clear those exams. But I know many friends working in the banking industry and they hate their lucrative job.

As per them, they are working in the banking sector because they have to take care of their family and needs. Otherwise, if they will get a chance to work in another domain they will love to move.

But the problem arises when people don’t understand that this is the same situation in almost all domains. So, it will be better before you finalize your career for the next 30 years you need to talk to someone who is working in that field. Remember to give importance to your interest. If you have a real interest then you will definitely acquire and learn skills easily.

Identify Your Career Goals And Take Action

After you have decided what kind of career you wanted to enter then you have to make a career goal and take action. Although this point is extremely important yet almost 95% of employees don’t even know about this. And this is another reason why people make many mistakes in their career.

For example, if you want to work in an advertising agency in India then you have to make career goals like the below chart and take action. Suppose you want to work as a client servicing executive.

I can share this below career path because I have worked in the advertising agency for almost eight years. And when I left the advertising agency I was working as a Supervisor/Brand Manager and I was earning Rs. 5,40,000/year.

Career path in an advertising agency


Account Executive

1-2 years

1,80,000/- per year

Sr. Account Executive

2-3 years

2,16,000/- per year


3-5 years

4,00,000/ per year

Brand Manager

5-6 years

5,50,000/- per year

Account Director

7-8 years

8,00,000/ per year

Group Account Director

8-9 years

12,00,000/- per year

General Manager

10-11 years

18,00,000/- per year

Vice President

12-15 years

22,00,000/- per year


I know what I have shared above this may sound like a lot of work but yes you have work. If you will use the above techniques which I have shared then you can really save a lot of time and energy in identifying your right career path. This will definitely give you peace of mind in the future.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Vikram Brahma

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