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Managing Time: Since We All Have Only 24 Hours in a Day

Self improvement is an ongoing process throughout the journey of life. Chitrangada likes to share her beliefs and experiences to help others


"The bad news is TIME FLIES.

The good news is YOU ARE THE PILOT."

~~~Michael Althsuler.

Time management

Time management

How do you manage your Time

What to do, and how to do, in order to do more?

All of us are busy people. We may be busy in doing different things altogether. Some of us may be having a regular office job, while others may be managing the home, and a part time office job.

There may be the students, doctors, nurses, teachers, housewives and others, all busy in their work.

But one thing is common:

We all have only 24 hours, to complete our work:

Regardless of the kind of work we may be doing, you must have heard the people, complaining of their busy and hectic lives.

Making busy or hectic lives manageable, is a Skill, which everyone should learn, and benefit from it.

Understanding the importance of Time:

  • Time is something, which cannot be increased, or decreased.
  • Time is something, which cannot be controlled, or extended.
  • Time is something, which cannot be speeded up, or slowed down.
  • You may be wealthy, clever or industrious. But still you get only 24 hours in each and every day------------not more, not less.

Does it mean, that Time Management is a false idea?

Does this mean, that one cannot manage time?

Yes--'Time' cannot be managed, but we can manage the Usage of Time.


“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot."

― Michael Altshuler

“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

― Yale Richmond

Time is so valuable! Learn to manage the usage of Time!

Time is so valuable! Learn to manage the usage of Time!

Time management tips to increase productivity, source: YouTube

How to carefully manage the available time, putting it to best possible use

Before you can save time, you must spend some, and make a little effort, to do things like the following:

  • Plan

  • Organise

  • Review

  • Rearrange

  • Sorting out

Investing time, in 'Time management' is one of the best investments, with maximum returns.

You can use time, to make money, but no amount of money, can buy those extra minutes.

There are only 24 hours in a day for everyone

There are only 24 hours in a day for everyone

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5 Good Time Management Techniques

Good Time Management techniques can:

  • Give you more time to do what you want,
  • Improve your decision making power,
  • Improve your efficiency and productivity,
  • Minimize the risks, if any,
  • Reduce stress and improve your health----and many more!

1. Setting the limits

Time management is all about setting limits.

2. Limiting availability

For example, how fair it is to be disturbed by phone calls, to talk without purpose or pay attention to other things, which can be an interruption to your work completion.

You have to learn to limit your availability otherwise you will not be able to manage your time. Constant interruptions can affect the end result, therefore learn to deal with it.

3. Prioritise

Limiting Importance

Not everything can be equally important. You have to prioritize work according to what is most important and that can be finished later on.

Limiting Involvement

It is so easy to become over committed. There is a tendency in most of us to become too much involved and spend most of the valuable time. Whereas we should be working only on things that we should be using our time on.

An important 'Time Management' skill is to 'delegate' work to others efficiently. You step back from personally handling things but you are still involved. This will save lot of your precious time.

4. Setting Standards

If you are a 'Perfectionist', you would like everything to be perfect. But even if somebody is not a perfectionist, they can save a great deal of time by doing them in a 'Good enough' way. Doing something better than necessary is again a waste of Time.

It is better to try to adjust your mental standards to do things appropriately, rather than working according to high standards or ideals.

5. Limiting urgency

Everything does not need to be done on an urgent basis. There are things, which can be done tomorrow or at a later time or date.

Urgency determines when you do things and in what order. This will leave you relaxed and not rushed up to do things that are really urgent.

Effective time management tips, source: YouTube

Time is money!

Time is money!

Setting up of Goals is important for Time Management

Setting goals, is very important aspect of Time Management.

  • Setting goals increases your motivation;
  • Setting goals can increase your self confidence and performance;
  • Setting goals will help you concentrate and achieve targets;
  • There is less stress and anxiety.



In spite of your best efforts, something, somewhere, may go wrong.

A personal problem may lead to an interruption, in your work and the whole planning is wasted.

Your technological assistants, such as the computer, the Internet etc. may go wrong, at a crucial moment.

There may be some kind of organisational hiccups too, with your colleagues, or staff, or any other important person, who is crucial to the completion of your work, may not be available.

A good manager always has some alternative plans, ready to complete his job in time.

There is a difference between 'Efficiency' and 'Effectiveness.' A person with Good Time Management skills, knows this difference, and knows how to make Time a friend, and not an enemy.

To Conclude:

A lot can be said and written on this crucial subject. But for that there are Business schools teaching 'To be heads of organisations', the real Time Management skills. But the basics remain the same, whether you are managing a Household or a big Company.

Good Time Management, does not require you to make huge changes, to the way you work. If you changed few small things, in the way you manage things, you would end up with quite a substantial change overall; as the successive effects of the changes adds up.

Check out this interesting video on Effective Time Management Techniques, Source: You tube

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Chitrangada Sharan


Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on December 21, 2014:

Thank you Audrey Hunt, for your kind visit and comments!

I am glad you liked this hub. I agree with your views--even taking good care of ourselves involves time management.

Many thanks for voting up and sharing.

Merry Christmas to you!

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on December 20, 2014:

To manage our time is to manage our life. We alone are responsible for using every precious minute productively. Even taking good care of ourselves involves time.

Thank you my friend for this fantastic, informative hub on time management. Big votes and sharing.



Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on May 18, 2014:

Thanks B. Leekley, for your honest confessions!

In fact all of us have to continuously try to manage time. Some do it more efficiently than others.

Many thanks for the Follow and your votes!

Brian Leekley from Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA on May 17, 2014:

It's that last tip in the video -- keep your life in balance -- that is difficult for me. Today, for instance, I attended a meeting and made progress on a couple of projects but didn't get any sort of exercise or meditate or work on a hub or look at my email inbox or or help with the domestic chores or etcetera. I never manage to juggle all, or even most, that I seek to fit into 24 hours.

Also I tend to get so focused on goals of today, this week, this month, soon that I am too long unmindful of life goals.

Thanks for your good advice. Up, Useful, and Interesting.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on January 25, 2014:

Thanks teaches12345, for visiting this hub and your kind comments!

'Organizing' is the key word, to manage properly, whatever work we may be doing.

Thanks for the appreciation and have a good day!

Dianna Mendez on January 25, 2014:

As long as I can organize, I am able to function well. I took a semester on time management during college and it changed my life! Great post and so helpful.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on January 01, 2014:

Thanks Lydia, for visiting this hub and commenting!

I am sorry for responding late, as I did not get the notification for this in my mail.

Thanks for sharing your personal experience and the link is quite useful too. Thanks!

Lydia on November 21, 2013:

From my own personal experience with time management software, what I actually do is I set out plans for each day and at the end of the day I check them out to see what I have achieved for that day.

There are actually several time management tools that can help us to schedule and organize our time. I have a great tool to share with you. Its Replicon time recording software -

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 28, 2013:

Hi MarleneB!

Thanks for your kind visit and insightful comments!

I liked your quote, "Your urgency is not my emergency!"

Thanks again for your support!

Marlene Bertrand from USA on October 27, 2013:

It is interesting that in order to manage time, we have to spend time to get organized. Lots of great ideas here. I use to let other people interfere with my time. One thing I heard someone say was, "Your urgency is not my emergency!" Ever since I heard that I stopped letting other people's inability to plan ahead make me have to rush as well.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 11, 2013:

Hi Thelma Alberts!

Thanks for your kind visit and appreciation! I am glad you found it useful and thanks for voting up too.

Thelma Alberts from Germany on October 10, 2013:

I agree with you. Time should be manage very well. Thanks for sharing this hub. Voted this up and useful.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on October 05, 2013:

Thanks CharoonsCharter, for stopping by!

I am glad you found the hub useful and interesting. Thanks for your insightful comments!

Karen Robiscoe from California on October 04, 2013:

well said. I need to tack this to my forehead, now. ;)

You really covered all bases--from learning how to say "no"--to deciding what can be effectively accomplished in a given time frame.

It's AWESOME, INTERESTING and (drumroll....) USEFUL!!! Thanks, Chitrangda! Great HUB. :)

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on September 24, 2013:

Hi Rosemary!

It's a pleasure to have you here. Thanks for reading the hub and finding it useful.

Comments are really exciting and even I enjoy reading them. It feels so nice to get appreciation and feed back from other hubbers.

Thanks again for sharing your views and lovely comments!

Rosemary Sadler from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand on September 23, 2013:

A very useful hub, one we can all learn from and gets us thinking about where we can save time. Most of us have busy lives and need to organise ourselves.

One of my worst ways to waste time is reading all the comments in a hub, so I am trying not to and just go straight to the bottom and make my comment.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on September 03, 2013:

Thanks jainismus, for reading the hub and commenting!

I am glad you found it to be useful.

Thank you!

Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on September 03, 2013:

It is very useful Hub to know about Time Management Techniques. Thank you for sharing this know how.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on September 03, 2013:

Thanks Rajan, for reading the hub and appreciating!

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on September 02, 2013:

Nice and useful tips for better time management. Thanks for sharing.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on August 30, 2013:

Thanks girishpuri, for reading the hub and your positive feedback!

Glad you liked it!

Girish puri from NCR , INDIA on August 29, 2013:

time management and man management are the two main managerial techniques, which make you perfect in your profession, Thanks for sharing one very important aspect of life.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on August 28, 2013:

Hi Devika!

So glad to see you once again! Thanks for reading the hub and your positive comments. I am pleased to know that you found it useful. Thanks for your continued support.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on August 28, 2013:

Great hub organization is so important and you said it all in this hub most helpful informative, useful and interesting thoughts here.

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on August 27, 2013:

Hi denise.w.anderson!

So nice to see you again! I am glad you liked the message in this hub.

Thanks for your insightful comments and support!

Have a good day!

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on August 27, 2013:

Thanks thelyricwriter, for your visit, support, encouraging comments and share!

I am glad you found it useful. I agree proper Time Management can lead us to do more in the available time and leads us to success.

Many thanks for your continued support!

Denise W Anderson from Bismarck, North Dakota on August 27, 2013:

I like the part about making time our friend rather than our enemy. We all have the same amount of time in a day. What we do with it is either to our advantage or to our disadvantage. This skill is much needed in the workplace and in the home.

Richard Ricky Hale from West Virginia on August 27, 2013:

Voted up, useful, interesting, and shared on FB. Time management is very important, in business and every day life. You've listed some very valuable information and resources. As you said, we can never get time back. Proper time management leads to success and more time to do what you love. Very good article:)

Chitrangada Sharan (author) from New Delhi, India on August 27, 2013:

Thanks Imogen French, for reading the hub and your thoughtful comments!

I am pleased to read your positive feedback!

Imogen French from Southwest England on August 26, 2013:

Good advice - time management is very important in our busy lives. I think a lot of us take on too much, and the only way to cope is to manage our time as efficiently as we can - or maybe we should try to do less!

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