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How To Make Money Online By Someone Who Never Has.

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How to Make Money Online If You've Never Done It Before!

My brother recently emailed me, asking if an infomercial web page, you know the ones that scroll endlessly, was a worthwhile investment. When I looked at the page, I realized it wasn't right. How did I figure it out?

The title "Become an Instant Millionaire"

When I see titles that include phrases like these, I know it's a con:

Riches from AdSense.

The truth is that Adsense only makes money for 1% of Internet sites. Google accounts for 99 percent of that 1%.

Massive Streams of Passive Income.

Perhaps for the seller, but why would they sell their own product? Nobody offers a money-making business to people who happen upon their website by accident. If they did, it would dilute their own earning potential, as they would make more money selling the faulty system, product, or service than they would be using it.

Making Mini Websites.

Mini websites rarely earn more than $1 each week. To make a decent living, you'll need roughly 2000 of these.

100+ Adsense-Enabled Web Pages.

Duplicate content and keyword-rich sites with insufficient content are penalized by Google.


To Make or Not.


What exactly is it that you set and forget? That you paid $97 for a website or product that is no longer available? The internet is always changing, and everything you did last year is now obsolete.

Massive Laser-Guided Traffic.

Not without a lot of organic SEO, which requires a lot of time and knowledge, or a lot of money spent on pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

Affiliate Earnings Right Now.

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Affiliate programs do not provide instant cash. Only about twenty top affiliate programs generate revenue for even the most dedicated affiliate marketing organizations (let alone individuals). Commission Junction is responsible for the majority of these.

Boost Your AdSense Revenue.

Duplicate content, false cloaking, and other black hat tactics? A dedicated SEO cannot generate traffic for a low-cost site. People need a cause to visit your site, and without paying money, laser-targeted ad campaigns will fail. If they offer you 5000, 10,000, or more visits per day, they are most likely lying. They can easily ping your site from a cloaked URL, making it appear as if you had a visitor.

Figured out the Adsense code?

Yes, Google figured it out! Google owns the code and is the only firm that earns completely from the Adwords/Adsense empire. Even the most popular social bookmarking services would be worthless without their user database.


Breaking The News.

Sales copy that works.

A skilled copywriter can earn tens of thousands of dollars. I'm not aware of any technique to write killer sales copy for less money. It's pointless to have duplicate killer sales copy.

Commission Collectors on Demand.

True, 5% of $1 Equals 5c x 10,000 monthly visitors (assuming you're lucky) = $500 every month. What they imply is that you should work every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. for $500 to get 10,000 people to visit your website. What a fantastic value!

Surveys for Money.

You can make roughly $200 if you sit at your computer every day for a week. Just enough to pay for your power, broadband connection, and notebook payments.

Domain Names for Sale/Buy.

All of the truly fantastic domains have vanished. Large corporations specialize in this type of business and have long considered all possible domain names. But let's assume you've heard of a new film called con-me-affiliates. Within a few months, the domain name will be worthless. Unless, of course, the film is a box office success, in which case the producers, not you, will profit.

Earn more than $3000 each week while doing nothing.

There will be no money earned if there is nothing to do. Isn't it a simple life rule?



Is it Worth It?

Instantly create a niche website.

Every worthwhile niche has already been established. The majority of sub-niches have also been developed. Competing with the best blogs is practically difficult. And there would be no hurry if you wanted to try it. Your blog will die unless you work hard to provide high-quality content.

All The Way To The Bank Is Converting.

Please take your site traffic statistics to your bank manager and put a dollar sign before each line. You will still be denied a loan.

Never again work - Unless, by chance, it's a lottery website.

Money Making Machine.

To some extent, you need to be a very clever programmer to create a money machine. You'll be out if you don't offer new features, keep up with the competition, or build links on a daily basis. If you're thinking about buying a so-called money machine, do some research on who has made money with it. It's possible that your search will take 12 seconds.

Automatically prints non-stop profits for you.

My $100 color printer can continuously create low-quality imitations.

Google/Yahoo Tracking Is Now Available!

Tracking is completely free. It has always been and will always be. If an infomercial claims to offer to track, don't believe it. Make your own free tracking system.

Can we Trust? Money or No Money!


It's a big moneymaker.

Unless the person is a programmer, has a special ability that can be marketed as a service, or has something distinctive to offer, such as a blog, no individual's website can generate a lot of money. To make approximately 8%, money-making strategies like PPC-direct-to-affiliate-landing-pages demand truckloads of cash. After creating hundreds of thousands of long-tail keywords, that is. The cost of serious keyword research software is roughly $20,000. Affiliate programs can change their policies at any time without informing you of the potential loss.

The Easy Way Out!
There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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