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How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast and Start Making Money on Instagram

Idara Inyang is a Social Media Marketer with a Graphics Design degree in Texas and over 6 years of experience in content creation

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Fast

Yes!, it is very possible to grow your Instagram page fast with real followers but it usually takes a lot of work and consistency. You or people working for you have to consistently work on that Instagram page, curating contents, designing eye-catching graphics to post, engaging your old and new followers in the comment section, following people that follow your desired hashtags, and commenting, liking, and engaging with their posts;

You also have to follow, comment and like Instagram pages/posts of people that are seen as authorities in your niche and this has to be done every single day to make the Instagram algorithm favor you.


Now as you can see, even though it is possible, you might not be able to keep up with all these as it takes a lot of hours per day, every single day to do all this Sometimes, Instagram might end up blocking you for some hours due to these many activities.

Now there are reliable Instagram services, like Upleap, that can help you to take the hassle of working overtime to build your Instagram followers fast and organically by doing all those things I mentioned in the first paragraph for you



Upleap is an Instagram Service provider that transforms people and businesses to brands by increasing the number of Instagram followers, engagement and reach.

They offer you a personalized account with your own account manager, targeted hashtags, targeted similar users, fast organic growth with premium support. They do not use bots or fake accounts, only real followers.

"Get More Instagram Followers With a Dedicated Account Manager".

— Upleap

It is important to note that there are several “Instagram services” that promises an increase of Instagram followers but they end up using a bot and adding fake accounts to your page and you end up having 1,000,0000 followers with little or no engagement thereby making it impossible to monetize it through affiliate marketing or E-commerce.

So it is very important that you use an Instagram service like Upleap, which will not only build your Instagram followers but will also turn your Instagram page into a brand by targeting people already interested in your goods and services so that you can even start making money with as little as 1,000 followers on Instagram.


How Can You Make Money On Instagram

There are several ways to do this and these are some of them:

1)Affiliate Marketing; There are different types of affiliate programs in every niche from fashion to travel to VPN to health amongst others. The biggest affiliate programs in the game include Clickbank, JVZoo, and Warrior plus.

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2)E-commerce; This is a very good way to make money on Instagram, if you are selling products like clothes, hair extensions, real estate, cars, home equipment, etc, Instagram is a very good place to advertise your products for consistent sales.

All you have to do is create an online E-commerce store, Shopify is really good for E-commerce, and put the link in your bio on your Instagram page and start posting picture and videos of your products to send your followers to the link in your bio to buy from your online E-commerce store.


3)Influencing Marketing; This is another good way of making money on Instagram, if you have a huge following, you can get paid a certain amount of money to advertise a product or service on your page especially if your engagement is high as well.

An example of an Influencing platform where you can go and register your Instagram page to start getting paid as an Influencer includes Tapinfluence, Klear, Influence4you amongst others.


4)Blogging and Vlogging; You can send your Instagram followers to your monetized blogs and Youtube channel and make money from from the ads. If you want to start a blog today, you can start with Wordpress, Weebly, Wix amongst others.


The beauty about Instagram is that it allows Marketers to think like content creators and content creators to execute like marketers

How Much Money Can Be Made In A Month On Instagram

How much can be made within a month depends largely on various factors like

1)Your niche

2)The timing as some products sell faster at certain times in the year, for example, clothes and hair extensions sell faster during Christmas.

3)Are you already established as a brand on Instagram or are you just starting out?

4)How many followers do you have? how engaged are your followers?

5)The cost of the products or services you are selling


So it will be very difficult for me to give you a straight forward answer.

Hope this helps you in your journey of building a strong Instagram presence for you and your brand!

Don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me the struggles you face in building your Instagram, how you are handling it, and any advice you might have.

Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will surely answer them.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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