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Joining the Army: Recruiting with APPLEMDT

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What a Military Recruiter Will Ask You

Army Recruiter listening to an applicant's story.

Army Recruiter listening to an applicant's story.

Qualifying Questions

All the branches of the military; Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines, have a preset listing of questions that they will ask a prospective enlistee to determine their qualifications.  Regardless of what some people may think it is not that easy to join the US Armed Services these days.


The military, and particularly the Army, has an acronym for everything. EVERYTHING! That being said APPLEMDT will be the one used when Army recruiters are asking about qualifications. Most of the services require their recruiters to ask similar questions.

Age, Physical, Prior Service, Law, Education, Marital Status, Dependents, and Testing are the topics. Let's go over the questions.

Many, many questions.

AGE: How old are you? What is your birth date? Where were you born? What is your social security number?

Physical: Have you ever been to a doctor? Have you ever been hospitalized? Have you ever seen a counselor? Any broken bones? Have you ever had surgery? Are you now or have you ever been on medication? How much do you weigh? How tall are you? When was the last time you did illegal drugs? When was the last time you took prescribed medication? What kind of drugs medications?

Prior Service: Have you ever been a Reserve or Active member of any of the military branches? Have you ever been a member of a foreign service? Have you ever been in the national guard? Boyscouts? Are you an Eagle Scout? Naval Sea Cadets? Civil Air Patrol? Do you have the Billy Mitchell Award?

Law: Have you ever been arrested, charged, cited, held and/or convicted of any law violation to include juvenile, by an law enforcement agency to include school officials or police-regardless of whether those charges were dismissed, expunged, sealed, set aside, thrown out, continued without a finding? Have you ever been to court as the accused? Have you ever been to civil court?

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Education: Did you graduate high school? Are you a junior or senior in High School? Do you have a GED? Are you currently enrolled in college? How many credits? When did you graduate? DO you plan to graduate? What is the date of your graduation? Do you have a degree? What level of degree do you have? What is that degree in? Do you have professional or trade certifications?

Married: Are you currently married? Ever been married? When is your anniversary? Are you engaged to be married? Do you have plans on getting married in the next 2-8 months?

Dependents: Is anyone legally, morally, or financially dependent upon you for support? Any kids? Any step-children? Any children on the way?

Testing: Have you ever taken the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)? When? Where? What was your score? Would you be interested in taking the ASVAB?

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