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How To Find Your “Yes” During Life’s Challenging Moments

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How To Find Your “Yes” During Life’s Challenging Moments

Shima Katouzian moved to California, the US, in 2017, where she started employment as an entrepreneur. She explored 29 countries, being a multi-cultural businesswoman, and studied local California fashion brands to support her business. Shima Katouzian is a much-talented woman as she learned multiple reading, speaking, and writing languages.

Shima Katouzian is a well-known entrepreneur, “HeroSheemz.” She took the name Hero because she wanted to express that all women are heroes in their lives. She raised her projects with the name HeroSheema as a site for women belonging to countless ages, ethnicity, backgrounds, and nation through varieties of art. Shima Katouzian enhanced the designs and different fashion pieces by accumulating a collection of art for the women. Her final project with various methods is available alongside her name and the story of the designer. She shares her blog based on women empowerment in which she supports the women and shares opinions on different platforms. Shima Katouzian worked at all levels with passion, specifically at UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency), where she worked with candidates from embassy governance. Shima Katouzian encouraged women with her energetic style and execution of experiences, which led to the development of fashion AND technology.

Shima’s journey in the world of business gives an insight into what a real struggle to achieve one’s desires entails. Despite facing many challenges, Shima considered utilizing her skills, making informed decisions, identifying and solving problems appropriately, and being resilient, which led to the success in her fashion business. An upcoming entrepreneur utilizing the above techniques will leap fat.

Conquering entrepreneurship challenges as derived from “HeroSheema.”

Success in entrepreneurship is not a one-day plan. Different challenges are encountered in the process, making entrepreneurs search for ways to counter them continuously. “HeroSheemz” strategies in her fashion design business are of great importance as they explicitly outline how they led to her success. The tips include;

Tip one

Some of the life challenging moments directly affect the cognitions and the mindset of an individual. But a person can transmit their cognitions in various ways like an individual starts reading the exciting books, articles, or quotes, which can bring positivity within a person. Moreover, these activities would enhance the positive side of the problem that a person is going through. Also, an individual can connect him/her self with friends or peer relations and have an interesting conversation with them.

Tip two

It’s easy for an individual to overcome challenges as they need to shift their thoughts

from cognition to feelings. Often, probing becomes necessary to do through creative

ways like dancing, exercising, painting, or doing the things in which a person is interested.

Considering Shima’s case, when she started a fashion business, she read many fashion-related

articles got conversant with many cultures and learned many languages. These practices

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contributed significantly to the success of her ambitions

Tip three

Being resilient is the third step that a person needs to take. Being resilient is such a vast

human’s ability, which can change the adjustments. In today’s world, we all face so many

challenges, so it is necessary to get support from them. Having a robust social network

makes an individual feel powerful and strong during difficult situations. If a person thinks that

she/he is not that resilient to face the challenges, it is necessary to seek the therapist’s or any

professional’s help.

Tip four

It is essential to identify the stem of the problem you are facing as an entrepreneur. Proper

identification of the problem will enhance the application of the desired intervention. If you have a bunch of thoughts in your mind, then it is suggested to do brainstorming. Putting the items down in paper can clear many of your ideas and confusing solutions. After writing, try to mark the problems from a scale of one to ten; this will help you identify the situation’s level of severity as to which one affects you more.

Tip five

Once you face a challenge in business, consider making accurate and informed decisions. Make a decision and take a step to move in the direction. Once a person makes an informed decision on what to do, how to do it, and when, it is necessary to stick to it with confidence, intelligence, and winning perception. While taking each step of the decision, it’s easier for one to cope with problems and deal with them in a better way. Through this, success will be highly achieved as one’s decisions are the core in entrepreneurship.

Utilizing “HeroSheemz” strategies in your entrepreneurship project will surely yield lots of rewards proven in her fashion design business. Challenges in business are a day’s order, and one is not supposed to fall to them; instead, they should face them appropriately and find solutions to whatever challenge may arise. Taking into consideration the above ways as used by Shima will yield great for your business. For more information, follow her on her social media platforms and think of this article anytime you learn something new from her! or


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