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How To Deliver A Captivating And Effective Presentation

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Delivering an effective presentation is a skill everyone should master to advance in their career. Depending on the job you decide to take up, you may not have to be in the public eye. The ability to capture your audience's attention and keep them focused on you is a great skill only a few have mastered.

Effective Presentation takes months and years of practice like any other skill. You can not just wake up and be perfect at it. So don't feel bad if your first presentation doesn't go too well.

What hinders most people's presentation is the fear of public speaking. The nervousness and anxiety that comes with facing a lot of crowds who might be silently judging you. Trying to gauge your every move and mistake. You have to learn to keep your anxiety in check to be able to deliver your presentation.



Things To Put In Mind Before Planning Your Presentation:

Every presentation has to have:

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  • A Goal:The goal is what you are aiming to achieve with your presentation. Are you trying to educate many students? Is it a presentation for your boss to show your progress or pitch a business idea, or is it a seminar for your project?. Your presentation depends on what you are trying to achieve and the message you are trying to pass across to your audience. You need to know the goal of your presentation so you can work towards it.
  • The Audience: it is always said that you should know your audience. You cannot use the same presentation you use in a formal setting for high schoolers. Know what type of things your audience would be interested in seeing and make your research.
  • Time: it's best to know how much time is being allocated for your presentation so you won't elapse your time. You would have to practice as much to work with the time scheduled for your presentation.


Tips To Help You Deliver An Effective Presentation;

There are many tips out there to help you work on giving the best presentation ever.

  • Stride in With Confidence: It's easy to tell a nervous and confident person apart from the way they walk and their body gestures. So you have to stride in with confidence as if you own the stage. You do own the set for the time being allocated to you, so optimize that opportunity. Your body gestures should remain relaxed and should exude confidence. Your head held up eye scanning the audience and your shoulders at wide length.
  • Make Eye Contact: In a presentation where you keep looking at the pillars, your foot or anywhere else apart from your audience does not prove professional. People are able to tell when you are nervous if you are unable to look them in the eye or hold eye contact. Suppose you find it difficult for you to look straight at your audience without getting nervous. Would you mind trying this?

Station a family member or a good friend of yours where you are sure you would be able to see them. You can station them at different corners of the hall and ensure you remember where they are seated. You can then look at these people from time to time to gain a bit of encouragement from them to make you feel confident about your presentation. That would give the audience the assumption that you are actually looking at them.

  • Capture your Audience's Attention: You have to ensure that you capture your audience's attention within the first 10 minutes of your presentation. To do this, you have to assure them that they can benefit from your presentation if you want to keep their attention.
  • Storytelling: Tell relatable stories. Nothing captures a person's attention more than telling stories. It's a way to capture people's attention. Don't we all love the high school teacher who was always telling us stories?
  • Ensure Your Slide Is Not Too Congested: You need to ensure that your slides are not too congested,too colourful and the words are boldy written. A slide is a way to make your presentation more effective, not distract your audience from you, the speaker.
  • Use Your Body Gesture and Voice: Having the perfect pronunciation of words and the right tone helps give your audience the image, you are a professional. You can use a hand demonstration to prove your point instead of laying them idle by your side. The combination of these two proves to be a powerful and convincing technique.
  • Humour: Humour diffuses tension. Even after gaining your audience's attention, there would be a time they would get bored even though your presentation is on point. This is not your fault, and nobody likes to sit down and listen to a presentation for a long time. You could introduce humour a bit to lighten up the already bored audiences.
  • Authenticity: Most of the information going around now can be found on the internet. You could come up with new interesting information for your audience, so long as they are actually true. So try as much as possible to be authentic. Give your audience something new to think about.
  • Practice: The last tip is to ensure you practice repeatedly until you have perfected every word of your presentation. You do not want to go there looking lost and forgetting your lines.

Work on these tips and ensure you know where you are lacking so you can perfect it


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