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How to Delete Amazon Account & Why You May Want to Do It

Amazon is one of the biggest empires we know: Jeff Bezos, its founder, has also been often called ‘the richest man in the world’. Amazon is one of the most relevant e-commerce platforms you can find: after it, the two most popular ones are eBay and Alibaba (which is the main e-commerce in China).

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces

Amazon: From A to Z

The name ‘Amazon’ is not casual, nor it is the logo, showing an arrow which may be also seen as a smile, and which starts from the A and arrives to the Z. This is the essential meaning of the logo: describing a global marketplace where you can buy almost anything you want, being a general platform where all the categories of products you may need can be found. The secrets of Amazon success are several, but surely they include:

  • the fact you can buy almost anything you want just on a single website: this is especially the favorite aspect of those who do not want to manage multiple accounts on different e-commerce websites or visit many physical stores, but prefer to concentrate all their shopping experiences in just a single place;
  • availability of free delivery for Prime users (those who pay a monthly or yearly subscription in order to get this perk and also unlimited photo storage or access to Prime Video, with also other features);
  • a good customer support that also includes protection from frauds and the ability to give back an ordered product for any reason within a month (a feature that, unluckily, is also often abused).

In addition to providing a great shopping experience, Amazon is also great for shop owners who want to sell their products on the popular marketplace and grow online even without the need to start an e-commerce website and for business owners who want to concentrate their orders onto a single website by choosing suppliers that sell on Amazon and benefit from an easy invoicing system.

Amazon Has Many Advantages, Still You May Want To Delete Account

Amazon has surely many advantages and it may also supports the small shops that decide to use it to sell items online. Still, there are many reasons why you may want to delete your Amazon account:

  • you may prefer to shop in physical stores, to touch and try items before buying them, to have that human feeling that e-commerce can’t give;
  • you may be concerned about the conditions of workers inside Amazon warehouses (there are discordant opinions about how good or bad may be working at Amazon, even ex-employees share different experiences, still someone may be particularly sensitive to this topic to decide not use a service if they are not sure about conditions of workers behind it);
  • you may live in a remote place where packages easily arrive late or even get lost so that you think it is not worth to shop on Amazon;
  • you may not like to support a system in which top managers are most probably earning astronomical incomes compared to workers.

Whatever is the reason why you would want to delete your Amazon account, this article is going to help you through the required steps.

How To Delete An Amazon Account

In order to permanently delete an Amazon account you have to log in and visit a specific page from which you can submit your request.

In the deletion page you will be warned about the consequences of your decision: you will be no longer able to make purchases on Amazon or check your past orders. In addition, all your data will be deleted also from other services like Kindle (this means you lose access to eventual books you have purchased), AWS and Prime Video. After you have carefully checked and you are 100% sure to proceed, you have to select a reason why you want to delete your Amazon account, confirm your choice, then you are ready to finalize your decision by clicking the Close My Account button. Now you can enjoy an Amazon-free online life, whatever is the reason why you decided to go in this way. Of course deleting your account does not prevent you to join again the popular marketplace in the future: in this case you are going to start from a freshly new experience, as your previous data cannot be recovered.

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