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How To Create Video Ads

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


When I first started this journey. This is one of the first things revealed to me. I was reluctant to even do it. I thought words on screen was enough for it. After a lot of my time. I felt the need to give it a try. I still was behind the keyboard. But with the videos, I did much more. I started making my business a movie. I got on camera and promoted what I was seeking. One website made this happen. But there are many capable of doing it. With today's technology. It is a lot more easy. You could do it from your cellular device. Don’t forget to do it right. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Years ago, it was hard to do this. You had to spend a lot of money. To rent a camera to start promoting. This article will show you. The basics that will help you. Help you to know how it’s done. The process is sure to be fun.


Write The Script

If you do a video from your phone or your computer, you must take this step before it. Shooting the video's easy, but you must have a strategy, and this will make that happen. With the plan, you can strategize the entire thing. If you are writing, get a pen and start to write it. However, you do it; just make sure that you have it all on file.

Do this with a picture in mind and make sure it will grip the people's minds watching it. It's simple to do this. If you are promoting your business or anyone else, always remember to keep them engaged. Show them that you could solve their problems in a simple video that you made from your device.

To show how easy it is, I will provide for you a few examples on social media. Have you ever seen a web series? Go on youtube and look it up. Some people make them promote their music and their websites. Have you ever saw live video streams on Facebook, Instagram, etc. That's how easy things are today. I write my script from my phone every day.

Shoot The Video

After taking the time to write the script, it's time to shoot it. Now some do this and freestyle. In other words, they don't write it. They are just camera friendly. After a while, you get that, but starting does it this way.

Cellular devices and computers have cameras. On a computer, you could purchase it if it does not. There is no reason that you could not display the growth of your business. It's right there for your use. With a cellular device, it can be pretty tricky, but some tools could take a lot of stress off of you. You could either hold your phone in your hand or purchase these tools to get it.

On a laptop, the camera is already inside. All that is needed is the proper positioning. I have seen videos of people promoting their business from home using this simple method. They have the computer on a timer. Position themselves in front of the camera and talk. Sometimes they have all of the products that they need.

Edit The Video

On cellular phones, it's just as simple. When some do this, they sometimes buy a tripod or selfie stick. Something to keep their phones steady when they are recording. These devices have the resources you need to make it happen. It may cost, but you could do it. These tools will ensure that your videos have the look and quality that your business stands for. Be sure to have the proper lighting; your mic is loud enough, your camera catches your face, and avoid windy places. Follow these, and the quality you're looking for you will have.

Now that you understand shooting edit it. There are multiple ways that you can get this done. So there are no excuses. Research the programs that will help you to edit your video. It may cost you, but if you want it done right, why not invest in it? Investing in your product is best when you are the one doing the investing. So do not be afraid to do it.

On a computer there is software. One is very popular for this. It's called Vimeo is a free platform. Another is Magisto. Here you could build brand awareness, relationships and increase sales. The difference between this and Vimeo is that it is not free; in my opinion, neither of them are. There is no such thing as free quality. I tell everyone that I advise on this slogan " If you want quality, spend the money." I do not know any marketer or mogul that did not have to spend to get there,

If you want to on the go, go to google play and download it to your phone. Sometimes I am at work, and I edit my videos. Many of the programs are free, but free is not something you want to live by in life. With these programs, some of the features are only available if you upgrade. Some of them you have to buy. I have a video editing program called shot. I was one of those people that expected quality to be free. After a while, I just started to spend the money. Nothing comes without investment.



When the Call to action says installed and that button is clicked it will lead to the app store immediately. This helps the conversion rate. Ads is perfect for owners that desire to attract people to their business. A first impression should be the best one. You know what you want your ads say. Be sure you know how you want it to look. As a response, you want to give your best. You don't just throw something together. Let your viewers see what you are offering. Let them know why. Advertisement is very important.

Now that you want to make your video public. You wrote the script, recorded it, and edited it. Numerous sites make this possible. Most use youtube to do this. They create a youtube channel, upload it, and tag those they want to view it. You could do the same for all of the social networking sites. Link them to a brand account and manage it from your google account. It's a lot easier to do that with youtube.

Videos are no different. Be sure that your videos possess the quality to get the engagement. They make viewers wonder what they are missing out on if they are not watching. Now for this, there are different live streaming platforms for professional and business use. Those popular for it are Bright Cove, Da Cast, and IBM Cloud Video. Bright Cove is an online platform for live streaming. The platform targets large businesses. Da Cast is an ideal for live streaming because it is easy to use. IBM is an updated version of UStream. The target on this platform is toward the enterprise streaming market. Three rules in marketing you must never forget is to get the attention, convert it, and keep it.

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