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How To Close More Sales On The Phone


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How To Close More Sales On The Phone

One of the top problems with sales is closing on the phone. Every sales person in any industry has this problem. We all suck in closing on the phone. Usually, it’s the result of having poor or no phone skills at all. This is the result of growing up in an era of technology changing communication between people. Instead of calling and having a strong communications we tend to text, email or drop a like on a prospects Facebook. The personal touch of person to person is slowly going away. We can all struggle with the phone skills of closing a prospect on the phone. Learning this skill about how to properly use it will result in more sales and higher commission vouchers because this method will generate prospect calling you for your products and services. Imagine, top prospects that are ready to purchase your products or services and they are calling you for a sale. In this episode we are going to learn a powerful secret about closing more sales on the phone and having this recur over and over again.

Why Are You Losing Sales On The Phone?

The number one reason you are losing sales on the phones is because the majority of sales professionals are not good on the phone. Realized that in your selling career there has never been any training about selling over the phone. How do you handle phone objections? What is the best way to set up an appointment over the phone? Can you benefit more prospecting on the phone? All the these questions are valid questions. Together we can over come every question or anxiety that you might have over selling one the phone. We want to teach you not only how to sell. We want you to sell and close your prospect over the phone. You will find it possible to sell anyone that you speak on the phone.

Now, just simply imagine your phone rings right now at this moment. You answer “Hello?” And on the other end of the line is a sales person offering you their product. Pay close attention to what are you going to say to them. How are you reacting to this sales person? What triggers reactions are happening at the moment?

Shit this guy…… I don’t have time for this right now…..Im not interested in this shit….. It’s horrible how fast we get a rejection and objections thrown at us. This is a very bad position to be in. We have no leverage whatsoever. You will never gain full attention or respect from your prospect. This by far will leave you feeling very awkward and it will be very difficult to recovered in an attempt to sell. Just take a second to think about the reaction to this positioning that you are placing yourself.

This is the reason there is so little deal closing over the phone. The sale could start over the phone and can be constructed for a sale. With some work and discipline you will be able to convert more sales into close deals. If you are having trouble getting people on the phone you are going to love the method we are going to discuss today. Here we are going to make sure you speak with the prospect, set up an appointment with you and set them up for a qualified prospect that is ready to make a purchase with you and your company. We will used this method to weave out the people that are not interested and get all the qualified people that are ready to buy to call you. Let’s get started getting you more sales on the phone.

The Correct Way To Position Yourself

The right way to position yourself over the phone is to have the prospects call you. Yes, we want the prospect to call you. Once you have the prospect call you first, the prospect will not see you as a Salesman/Saleswoman they will see you as a Professional helping them solve their problem. You will be able to receive 100% of the prospects attention, respect and overall overcome any objections they might throw at you. Anything you say of do, you will be in total control of the sale.

The Secret To Closing More Sales On The Phone

Whenever you receive an inquiry online, on your email or a referral. Send them your company link, Corporate email, Corporate Text message and if possible a link with a credit application so they can fill out immediately (My personal favorite). Understand, that now when you speak to them you are an expert not a sales person. Give the prospect a phone number, link to your corporate credit application, or credit application, so they can call you. Have them schedule an appointment for them. If they don’t good even better, get rid of the tire kickers, strokers (people that will not buy from you). If they don’t schedule a time or don’t call you, this will help you weave the good prospects from the bad ones. This way the ones that are not serious to commit to buying are not bothering you. You are not losing anytime on them.

However, the ones that do call and schedule, you can get a proper appointment and really sit down and work out a deal with them. You will have more possibilities to closing this customer.

How To Create A Strong Appointment

Now that you have a qualified prospect it’s important to ask important questions to them. This way you know exactly what they are expecting from you. Ask great questions and remember that this is time for you to listen. Don’t ever try to guess what they are looking for. Always ask and listen to what is your prospect trying to accomplish.

When dealing with potential customer I alway love to ask these questions: (Now these are examples so you can change them to your products or services.).

What motivate you to have this meeting today?

Here the prospect will tell you how to close them with your product or services. Listen to what they want and are expecting from you.

What are we trying to accomplish today?

Let them know that you are here to help them by suggesting solutions to their problem.

By using this method you will be able to close more deal and get more comfortable on the phone. Using this secret method has worked great for a lot of sales closers that get really busy and need to create a good strong stream of prospects. By following this technique you will be able to master your closing skills on the phones.

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Want to learn how to become a Master Closer? Subscribe to Coffee is for closer Podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/coffee-is-fo... from the Author, Master Sales Closer and Podcast Host, Johnny Q. He will teach you secrets of Closing the Sale. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/coffee-is-fo...

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