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How To Become a Book Reviewer For Online Book Club

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What Writing a Book Review Entails?


Are you someone that jerks up in excitement whenever you hear about a new book release? Do you start craving its pages and daydreaming about falling in love with the characters? Do you want to channel this love to something that will guarantee you little cash regularly? Alright then, read on.

There is so much required when it comes to reviewing a book. It is much more than merely talking about it. You will be required to be more professional with your choice of words. And, you are not allowed to gush on and on about one character while abandoning the others.

As a book reviewer, you are a time saver. Your verdict decides who reads a book and what a buyer can expect during purchase. It also guides authors in spotting the changes their books may be needing.

When reading to review, you cannot just skim through the pages. You will have to read word for word. Not just that, you will need to keep a notebook nearby to jot down important points and plot twists along with the positives and negatives. This should be easy for ardent readers that scaled through high school and college literature assignments.

What is Required in a Book Review?


The requirements of a book review may vary depending on the platform the review will be published on. For this article, we would be focusing on the review guidelines on

A book review should be 100% original upon submission. This means you cannot in any way borrow from another individual's review with or without reference.

The review must contain a summary of the book. The summary should not give away the main plot twists or too much detail about the characters. It should be a mere account of the book, not a spoiler. Also, the length of the summary should only be a third of the entire review.

The author's name, book title, good and bad about the book must be stated clearly in the review which should be written in flowing text. Headers or footer notes are not allowed.

The last part of the review should contain the book's rating and why the rating was given. As stated on the website, 'a justification of rating' is expected in every review. Then a recommendation clearly explaining who you think the book is for and why they would like the book.

Other details like the number of grammar errors spotted and language quality will be submitted privately to Online Book Club.

Things to Take Note of While Reading a Book and Writing its Review

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After reading a book, online book club will ask you a few questions. You would have to make a note about the kind of language used if the terms were vulgar, the category of profane words used and the frequency of its usage. They have a standard for grouping vulgar terms.

The number of sexual words it contains must also be recorded. You will be required to rate the book's sexual content using a scale of 1-5.

You would then be asked to rate the use of religious terms and how much of the book's content were religious.

Typographical errors, spelling errors and grammar errors must be circled as soon as they are spotted. Take note of the page number, the location and a whole or part of the sentence containing the error. This will guide the author when they are making corrections.

The review should be a minimum of 400 words for regular books and 300 words for children's books. Keep this in mind while reading. The review is expected to be interesting enough to sustain the reader's attention. It should be a minimum of five paragraphs and a maximum of 800 words.

The title of the book must appear in the review at least once. Every time the book's title is mentioned, it should be italicized.

The author's name is also expected to appear at least once but should not be italicized. The titles and credentials of the author should not be included.

Foreign words used in the book should be italicized when they are mentioned. However, the books you would be asked to review are written in English.

The rating of the book should be in bold. Ratings range from 1-4. A rating of 1 implies that the book was bad, 2 means fair, 3 stands for good and 4 stands for excellent.



Online Book Club is a platform where readers can earn money by reading the books they love. Reviewers are paid between $5 and $60 per book review. From the reviews on trust pilot, they appear to be a legitimate company. Although, some reviewers have complained about a breach of the agreement.

Hit the link below to see what some reviewers have to say.

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