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How To Be A Rich & Independent Woman

Rich Girls Go Shopping


Considerations For Women Who Want to Be Rich

In the next ten years these career fields will be greatly expanding, and are essentially recession proof.

1. Never underestimate the power of a BUSINESS DEGREE. If you are planning on a college education and are not sure what to do or what your greatest skills are, get a degree in business. I say this not just so that you can get a good job, but because you will be in a position to know how to start your own business. Even if you move into the world of cosmetology along the way, at least you now have a foundation about how the business end will work. One of the greatest regrets I see of some highly successful people is that they don't know enough about business, due to lack of formal education.

2.COSMETOLOGY- In the future cosmetology will no longer just be the cheap little hair cutting joint, it is an avenue that is greatly expanding to meet the new demands of out increasingly superficial society.

3. ACCOUNTING- How I envy those who became CPAs. It's a matter of having an open mind. CPAs are some of the richest people I know. Yes, they are richer than the doctors and lawyers. Whey, because they know what to do with their money. Remember, its not just what you make, its what you keep. And an accountant can learn exactly how to keep and grow a lot of what they make. If you want a profession and are not sure what to do, by all means become a CPA, but only if you are accepting of math, otherwise you will suffer.

3. PET GROOMING- This may not exactly sound recession proof, but I can tell you this, I live in a wealthy area, and there are a lot of pet grooming businesses that actually started out in the downcast Obama driven bad economy. The reason is this, the bad economy affects the middle class more than any other group. The wealthy were not hurt by the Obama administration as the middle class and therefore they were not deciding that their pets don't need to be groomed by professionals, and the pet groomers did well.

4. MAID SERVICE- Don't laugh. I made more money than my executive friends when I started a small maid service. Sure it was not glamorous, but who cares. My friends who were having to get dressed up every day to be picked apart by their catty coworkers were not making nearly the money that I was making just rolling out of bed and throwing on sweats and being my own boss. Don't get your ego caught up in what you do. Your title and attire should be unimportant, and you should have the bottom line in mind. In other words, who cares what your friends think, just laugh all the way to the bank.

5. AVON SALES REP. - Sure some women have only made $500 per month but how hard did they work at it? Where there is a will there is a way. Avon has great products that sell themselves, it is not like selling something overpriced that will make people want to avoid you. People will actually hunt you down when they know that you are a sales rep for Avon. I have known women who have trouble speaking English who were able to support their families selling Avon, and women with disabilities or who simply did not wish to leave their babies at home with someone else who managed to average over $50 per hour selling this brand. Don't knock it until you have given it an honest try. It costs $10 to start, which is an extremely reasonable price for starting up a business.

For Women Who Have Chosen to Be Rich Now

Are you an independent woman who wants all that life has to offer? If you are then you know that being rich is going to be the foundation of everything. Some women want to marry money while others prefer to be capable of bring home the bacon themselves. Either way it is important to be open minded and educated about achieving wealth, and holding onto it. Women who seek wealth are usually of a higher intelligence than those who say that money can't buy happiness or that they are happy and satisfied with very little. Pursuing money will make you sharper, better focused and better educated. Studies have shown that men are happier than women because they tend to put their energy into their careers and finances while women put all of their emotion into things that they ultimately have no control over such as their relationships with their husband and children. The fact is that there is a bit of a stigma that women feel when it comes to pursuing money. Whereas a man may be considered a go getter, a woman will be viewed as a greedy gold digger for having the very same traits. Women often don't want to admit that they are interested in achieving wealth because of the negative connotations that go along with that image.

If you decide not to talk very openly about your desires to achieve great wealth, that is fine, but makes sure that you are honest with yourself enough to make positive choices in life.

Becoming rich is a choice in the United States and it is entirely achievable with the right direction and mindset. Be sure to keep reading good books on how to be rich and how to invest, you don't have to pay full price, you can find great reads on Amazon or ebay, but it is important to keep the focus due to the fact that most people are programed to be poor. especially women. They spend money faster than they make it and their hearts are often set on Louis Vuitton, which means that the average woman is actually spending half of her paycheck on a purse. This is a fast way to keep yourself poor, desperate, and on the never ending treadmill of working for money. Rich women have their money working for them. It requires sacrifice to achieve wealth and most women simply are not disciplined enough to make that sacrifice.

The alternative to learning how to be rich and making it work is marrying wealth. It may sound nice and neat, but it can be very difficult, emotional and with the added pain of never being in control.

I am not one to judge. If a woman prefers to marry wealth rather than making it on her own, then that is what she should do, but remember that it may not exactly be a shortcut in the long run.

Have You Been Planning Your Wealth Strategy?

Dress the Part of the Rich Lady


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Present Yourself as a Woman of Wealth


Swim With the Big Fish

If your friends and family are basically negative people who cannot think outside the box, you will have some trouble staying focused. Poor people keep themselves poor with negative thoughts, such as,"rich people are born lucky and I will never be like that", this is simply not the case and if your friends seem jealous of the rich or if they tend to see rich people as being different than they, this will not be a healthy breeding ground for your desires. Go to Meetup or just Google, "entrepreneur meetup" or "business inspiration", something where you will meet like minded people. Basically, people who are interested in learning about investing and growing into wealthy individuals. Let your friends talk about where they are going to go and drink amongst each other while you make bigger plans.

If there is an exclusive club in your area that you know wealthy people attend you should make every effort to join that club. If you are an Avon rep you will find that there are customers everywhere. Don't be pushy or come across tacky in any way and you will gain rich customers who become rich friends. When you listen to what your rich friends talk about and what they do with their money all you have to do is imitate them. Their money had to come from somewhere and contrary to what you have heard on the lying news stations, most of the wealthy people you meet in the United States are self made millionaires. If you do come across someone who is rich by inheritance, that does not mean that this person knows nothing, because the very fact that he or she is holding onto the wealth means that the lessons of maintaining wealth have been taught. You can learn plenty.

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rebiccacooper on August 28, 2017:

Interesting hub. Here I also want to recommend a book "The Money Queen's Guide" written by Cary Carbonaro, a financial planner : For Women Who Want to Build Wealth and Banish Fear. Visit here to know more about this book: http://moneyqueenguide.com/

Michelle Dee from Charlotte, NC on June 09, 2013:

Very interesting hub. I have always had a difficult time understanding all the ins and outs of mutual funds and stock market. I guess I should look into an Investing for Dummies book out there and use that as a starting point.

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