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How This Gorilla Define Leadership and Responsibility

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Animal leadership

The animal leadership example

The animal leadership example

Leadership and Responsibility

When the man (men, women and children) called or considered other animals as lower species—he (man) places himself above them (animals) because he believed he had more sense than the other animals. However, the other animals had continued to defile this belief and proof to be more sensitive in many areas of society management than man. Animals through their natural acts had questioned the civilization that man claim to have.

Although man through science and technology had produced profound tools and equipment that required a high level of knowledge, intelligence and skills (KIS), he had continued to consistently miss one crucial point in his application of these products of high-powered-technology and technical-know-how.

That part man had consistently missed is a sense of civility and overall civilization. The more civilized man claimed to be, the less sensitive he becomes about the plights of his kind. This on the overall is questionable.

There are many areas in which this question may arise. One of such area man had failed in recent years is in the area of responsibility to/for one another and provision of leadership to his follower—the people who depend on his courage, confidence and competence (CCC) to overcome and conquer their fears as well as insecurities.

The more this area of the society continues to suffer, the more the society continues to lack decorum. A society or population that lack decorum cannot enjoy peace and tranquility. Hence, both peace and tranquility are dependent on leadership, responsibility and organization of the society; it is the duty of the leader to provide the needed serenity and conditions to attain them.

That’s exactly what the Gorilla in this video provided for his followers and taught the men to do same—for their family, their community and their country or world. Watch the video and let’s move through the lessons together in the next phase of this article.

Gorilla's Definition of Leadership

The Lessons Taught by the Gorilla

If you have watched the video, let’s exploit the lessons taught by the Gorilla together. I believe the lessons will help you realized how far civilized some animals are. Read through these lessons and rate yourself as a father or leader if you consider yourself more civilized or more responsible than this animal.

  • The Gorilla knew that leadership is a responsibility to members of the community. This responsibility or leadership is provided by the leader—who through this act of responsible leadership creates an environment of orderliness, peace and tranquility.
  • The Gorilla understands that as the society or community advances on the journey for survival, foraging and development, there are points where the community encounters dangers along the path. These dangers will strike fear in the mind of everybody—in some cases—the leader inclusive, but no matter the height of fear sparked-up in the community, it is the responsibility of the leader to provide the leadership—courage, confidence and competence required to overcome such dangers or obstacle. This may require the leader to puts himself in a sacrificial position—of course, according to this Gorilla, the leader should take the bullet.
  • The Gorilla taught that the leader is the bridge of courage, confidence and competence between the community and their destiny. He lets his followers walk of his courage and confidence for the sake of progress, advancement as well as safety.
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“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.”

— —Theodore Roosevelt

More Lessons from the Gorilla

  • The Gorilla understands that leadership is a dynamic process which requires that the leader identifies areas or times of high dangers and fit into the appropriate roles/positions in providing leadership to his followers. This the Gorilla demonstrated by leading the group through the forest—staying in front and ensuring the safety of every member—and standing in-gap in the area of high danger until every member of the park is finally in a safer position. This means you don’t always lead in front, sometimes in the middle or from the back depending on where your leadership will be more valuable to the group.
  • A leader leads by example, acted through selflessness. By standing in the danger area until every member of the group had safely passed, the Gorilla demonstrated to the group and the young ones when they become the leader are to stand in the way of harm to protect their followers. He showed them what leadership is, providing purposeful leadership and a sense of direction for future leaders.
  • Finally, the Gorilla made it clear through his actions that if you can’t ensure the safety of every one of your follower; do not take the leadership positions. What this means is that the position of leadership is not for cowards or incompetent self-seekers. It’s for the courageous and the self-sacrificing member.

Do you enjoy this kind of leadership in your family or country?

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Ajodo Endurance Uneojo (author) from Lokoja, Nigeria. on December 29, 2020:

I agree with you absolutely, Bill. I think we are only a self-appraised species.

We mixed this self-appraisal with hypocrisy. I don't see ourselves any better.

All the same, we are the civilized species. Who can argue that? Is it the monkey or the elephant or the cheetah? LOL.

Blessings Bill

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 14, 2020:

I just finished watching a documentary about World War 2. After watching that, I'm not so certain man deserve the top rung on civilizations ladder of species. Animals are much more "humane" most of the time.

Blessings to you always

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