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How Much Is $100 Worth in Your State?

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Most people make the mistake of thinking their $100 in one state is worth the same in all states. That is far from the truth. The $100 in one state is usually quite different in other states because the worth of money is not the same in every state in the United States.

The Tax Foundation used the data to create a map exposing the real value of $100 in each state. Your money can go further in some states than in others. That's because the cost of living is not the same in every state.

Your $100 in Mississippi will get you $115.34 worth of products while it will get you only $84.67 worth of merchandise in Washington, DC. What a big difference. The state that is closest to giving you $100 worth of things is Florida where your $100 is worth $100.91 and Illinois where it is worth $99.30. There are not many states where $100 is worth $100.

Generally speaking, you get less bang for your buck in the northeast region, while the southern states appear to be more generous.

This writer lives in Virginia where $100 for her is worth only $96.90. It is better for her to make purchases at home instead of going shopping when she visits her relatives in Maryland because she will get only $89.85 worth of merchandise. She would get even less if she stops on the way in Washington, DC. Her Benjamin there is worth only $84.67.


More Or Less

What can you spend $100 and get $100 worth of things? That depends on where you shop.

Look at the tables below to see where you will get the most for your $100 and where you will be the least. The most value is in Mississippi, where it will buy you roughly $115.74 worth of stuff. However, in Washington, D.C., where the cost of living is one of the most expensive in the country, your $100 is worth only $84.96.

The value of $100 is closer to the national standard in Florida where it is worth $100.21 that slightly over and in Illinois where it is worth a few cents less at $99.40.

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12 States Where You Get More Bang for Your Bucks

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Worth More Than $100State








South Dakota




West Virginia












South Carolina

Data comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to show that $100 is more in some states and less in other states.

If your state is not listed in either one of the tables, you can find out how much $100 is worth in your state by clicking here.

12 States Where You Get the Least for Your $100

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Worth Less Than $100States




Washington State


New Hampshire












New Jersey


New York




District of Columbia

Your $100 will get you more in states like Missouri or Ohio than in states like New York and California.

You will have to add to your $100 to purchase the same items in Maryland and Massachusetts. You will be able to use the same amount of cash to buy more in a low-price state than in a high-price state.

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Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on February 10, 2018:

Alexander, did you see how far your $100 will go in Maryland? The amount is in the chart that included in the article. I have relatives in Maryland, but I purchase what I need in Virginia where my $1oo goes a little further.

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on February 10, 2018:

I live in MD, so...

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