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How I made over $1000 last month with EzineArticles

Make Money with EzineArticles


Getting into the Most Viewed Articles

Getting into the most view articles at Ezine Articles can sometimes prove to be a very difficult task especially for the more competitive categories such as Internet Marketing and Blogging.  To get into the Top 15 Most Viewed Articles on EzineArticles you will want to have a good combination of Social Media Links and Backlinks.  The reason we don't just rely on Backlinks is that sometimes they take a while to start showing results and as most of you probably know by now EzineArticles Top 15 Most Viewed Articles is only 60 Days from publish date.  When you combine it with Social Media Links such as linking the article to your Twitter or Facebook account you immediately see results by people interested in your link.  As I said before some categories are more competitive than others so if you are a beginner to EzineArticles I suggest finding categories that have a top article viewed only 200-400 times as this will give your article more of a chance to be seen in the top 15.

Making Money with Ezinearticles

This is where I make my money using EzineArticles. After I have found a product I want to promote from Clickbank or another affiliate program I first make a webpage to send my traffic to. With EzineArticles you are not allowed to just link straight to the affiliate site as they do not accept articles with affiliate links inside. What you must do is create a webpage on your own website and provide an affiliate link on that page instead, then when you write your article with EzineArticles you then provide a link to the page containing that affiliate link.

I made $1,000 last month using EzineArticles and here are the 3 products I did it with. The first one was Harvey Segals Ultimate Supertip. This is an ebook that is free to giveaway but comes with a "magic button" for people who want the opportunity to make money with the viral marketing method inside the book. It has proven very popular amongst a lot of readers to my articles.

The 2nd product I was making money with was Global Domains. Now GDI is one of those affiliate programs that a lot of people have struggled with but I have managed to make a decent amount of money with this program especially in recent months as I have started using EzineArticles as well as a few other methods to bring traffic to my page. Now I already make over $1,000 a month using Global Domains which I didn't include in my income I made last month with EzineArticles simply because a lot of that traffic has come from various other sources as well. So to be fair it hasn't been included at all in my earnings I am talking about but I have included it because it is converting very well over at EzineArticles.

The final product which I wont give away exactly which product it was but it comes from Clickbank. The reason I wont give this away is because I believe that there are so many Clickbank products out there worthy of being marketed that if you choose to go down this path you should buy the products first and test them. I see it too many times where marketers are marketing products they know nothing about. I always trial and test out products before marketing them to make sure they are going to live up to expectations. I do this for 2 reasons, they are that I don't like to think I am making money off someone who is going to get little or no use out of a product and secondly it is not worth promoting a product and getting a few sales only to have them refunded weeks later losing you any commissions you have made.

Another great read on Making Money with EzineArticles if you haven't read it yet is Dean Shainins Secret Underground EzineArticles Manifesto.

When submitting articles to EzineArticles

 Ok now here is a tip when you submit an article to EzineArticles you always have to remember that your content you are writing must be a fresh, original piece.  Even if you have submitted to other Article Directories before and it is your own piece when you try to submit it to EzineArticles you may encounter some problems and in most cases you would have a hard time proving that it is indeed your own article.  I suggest writing up a new original one to save the hassle.

How I Made Money - $1,000 with EzineArticles

I made money because I focused on Social Media linking, building backlinks, using fresh content and using Titles that would grab attention and pull in the views which would increase my most viewed at the same time.

It is not hard to do and if you can write on Hubpages then you can definitely write on EzineArticles. There is a lot of money to be made on the Internet in Affiliate Marketing and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. The people who make the money though are the ones that are prepared to put in the time and provide good content.

Be sure to check out my hub on getting into the Top 10 Most Viewed Using EzineArticles!!

Also you can use EzineArticles to get more traffic to your Hub Pages!!!

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MrJohnReynolds from USA on May 08, 2014:

Great job thanks for the very helpful information...

Pharme464 on April 02, 2014:

I'm truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog. It's a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Outstanding work! cbekkfb

Sandra from Maryland on March 25, 2014:

The typos are a challenge to look past--I have to be honest. I am, however, very appreciative of you sharing your expertise and experience. I'll keep these things in mind especially since I want to move in the direction of affiliate marketing.

sir_tallest on September 01, 2010:

great hub....looking forward to making real money there

benk1983 (author) from sydney on June 07, 2010:

Thanks Ramkkasturi. I have been using EzineArticles since 2009 and I am finding it is earning me more and more money each month. I am constantly building backlinks to my Ezine Articles and watching them rank better in the Search Engines. I am trying to build backlinks that are quality but a little faster so I can still benefit from the 60 Days Top 15 Articles but it does sometimes take a little while for the search engines to pick up on the backlinks and 60 days passes very quickly. Do you market your own products or someone elses?

ramkkasturi from India on May 15, 2010:

Thanks for the hub. i have been writing at Ezine but did not use the above approach yet. Money sounds good, good!!. So I shall hurry. Thanks a lot


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