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How I Felt after I Was Relieved of My Job

a passionate writer and a former editor, I love writing and i want to explore the limits of words!

I Resigned from Editing Job

After I was relieved of my job, I felt a mesh up of various feelings, but atop of it was comfort. Yeah, I felt a sigh of peace and tranquility, and it sounds like I'm finally released. Suddenly, a seductive call of writing possessed me, bewildered me to follow. I felt this wild desire for writing before, but I couldn't succumb to it as editing took the most part of my time. When I finish editing, horrible feelings begin to beset me. Like a slave with chuckles around him, I was, and I'm eventually free.

It has been a second since I resigned, and I felt that I wanted to pee. I'm not joking, it's not a metaphor. I really wanted to get rid of the urine out of my body. I don't Know when this profuse urine assembled in my poor bladder, but my mouth was dehydrated, and I have spent some time crying. It seems like each of my tears turned into a drop of urine. So, I figured out a new amazing bond between tears and urine.

Now I can give vent to both hideous and wonderful feelings. Finally, I could write, but no, I won't chatter around the horrible feelings I felt. I want to forget it really, but what I want to focus on is you, writers.

how i feel after i was relieved of my job

how i feel after i was relieved of my job

thanks for all the writers

I want to appreciate you, frankly, you were the bright side in my job. Your writings struck my feelings and I can imagine you gripped by various thoughts trying to process it into words. I felt every word you wrote, and I'm grateful for you. Some writings would really make my day.

For all of you, I attribute my happiness. If I have to leave final advice for you, it will be never feel depreciated. Fill your heart with power that will illuminate your mind. Writing is an arduous job, and you deserve to be proud of yourself for every article you wrote. In fact, as an editor, I can't deny that some articles really impressed me.

I'm no longer an editor. I had got rid of my duty, but I have no clue about who will hold my responsibility. No matter he or she is, I want you to be assured you are better a thousand time than us.

You make a substantial effort, and you are the backbone of each success. I give a special thanks to all of the writers I once communicated with them.

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tank you

tank you

Appreciating Writers can Make a Difference

I felt this desire to pee again. I'm so stressful and I couldn't imagine how an adult person wages a war against an unarmed child because of incredible hatred. it really terrified me. What's more horrible is the inability to speak up. It's implausible that you are hated just because you demand apperciation.

Apperciation is great when you give and receive it. It can tame the wildest beast, and it can turn a human into a beast. Appreciation is just a little word yet can create a tremendous effect. I'm sad that I didn't have it, I couldn't get it, but still able to grant it.

I wish all of the people learned the value of appreciation and gratitude. It really can make a big difference in the world.

On the other hand, I don't understand why jealousy dominates instead of appreciation, and hatred occupies the place of love. But, I don't have the energy for hatred. I learned to write every time I feel horribly. In short, I learned to transcend.

Appreciation is worth it.

Appreciation is worth it.

Writing as a Way of Transcending

Transcending means your ability to overcome pain; it's the beautiful process of turning pain into an active act. It's the power to rise above. Writing is so spiritual activity, and also a potent drug against melancholy. When you write, you're totally free. All the restrictions seem meaningless, all the authorities seem clumsy. The only thing that matters in writing is writing itself.

Writing is endless power. When I write I feel like an emperor establishing his realm. I had to thank my administration because it relieved me of my work. Now, I can write, but before that, I can pee peacefully!


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