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How Former, Retired Presidential Guard Is Making Fortunes out of Security Consultancy Services

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Mr Linus Ongosi

Mr Linus Ongosi

In Nairobi Kenya, parents no longer have to worry about leaving their children with maids, thanks to the CCTV services offered by one, Linus Ongosi.

The former presidential security officer attached to state house has tapped his experience in matters security surveillance not only to make some money while enjoying his retirement but also to offer unique security services and consultancy to his customers.

Linus Ongosi is the director of Limaon Security, which offers security for both individuals and companies.

“We have clients in Nairobi, Limuru, Thika, Kiambu, Nyeri and Meru right from individuals to corporate level”

Setting up the business was not all roses as Ongosi had to look for capital and clients. Although he managed to secure a loan from a local bank, finding clients was a hurdle.

However, with time, clients began to troop in gradually, thanks to his exemplary services that culminated into referrals from satisfied clients.

“I remember my first client was very much impressed with my services. A part from charging clients reasonably compared to other providers, my wide knowledge in security services means that I meet and sometimes exceed client’s expectations” claims Mr. Ongosi adding that “the market is infiltrated by quacks that are only after money and the demand for qualified professionals is high”.

Ongosi further claims that since commencing this business two years ago, he has dealt with clients from all categories including parents who want to monitor their house maids while they are away.

“With some house maids doing all kinds of uncanny things to their bosses’ kids, a lot of parents have found it necessary to install CCTV devices to monitor their behavior, thus fuelling the need for individual demand of these services” attests Mr. Ongosi

Mr. Peter Omondi, a restaurant and logding owner in Mlolongo who had used to Ongosi to install CCTV and electric fence services at his premises confirms that the services by Ongosi are professional.

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“I was referred to him by a friend who assured me that I won’t be disappointed if I use his services. Besides, he charges much cheaper compared to other providers” says Mr. Omondi adding that “indeed, I confirmed this since the services are professional and quality”

Mr. Ongosi’s core line of operation is security/CCTV consultancy, biometric control, gate ruder, digital settings and electric fence. He sees the future of private security services as encompassing three core arms, technical security solutions, man guarding and risk management.

“Although we may not necessarily aim at offering cheaper solutions to individual and commercial clients, our strive is to offer a better solution to any client who realizes the value and is prepared to pay” Mr. Ongosi tells Standard Digital.

The fact that Mr. Ongosi is former security personnel at the presidential security services has given him a competitive advantage in this business. Accordingly, many clients get interested in his background to test and use these services.

Prior to entry into the office of the president as a police officer, Mr. Ongosi trained in security at the Kenya Police College at Kiganjo. He also has a diploma from Bellie and Rooster training College. His prowes in security consultancy has also earned him several awards including an ISO certificate, Fire Safety award from Firetech Ltd and another award from Mombasa Cement Company for a fire fighting activity.

“I have the ability and technical knowhow of installing all security engineering systems, thanks to my experience as a state house security operator” he claims adding that “I am able to do CCTV, electrical engineering, gate ruder, access control and all that”

His charges depend on the client’s needs and place and may range from ksh 2000 to over a million for corporate ones.

With the current pandemic caused economic and social ripples, Mr. Ongosi sees a potential growth in the private security industry

“We expect the demand in private security to rise, especially during and after the pandemic. This is because a lot of people are out of work, creating opportunities for criminal networks and gangs. More so, there is a growing economy as well as population, yet the number of police officers is smaller compared to the population”


Silas Nyamweya (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on July 19, 2020:

thanks Singh for your motivation

MG Singh emge from Singapore on July 18, 2020:

I think I admire this man. I feel it's a good thing that he is utilising his experience. If he makes money in the bargain then all credit to him.

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