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How Effective Will Your Communication Be?

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How Effective Will Your Communication Be?

Most of you would be familiar with the term 'communication skill'. We often hear students talking that “My selection could not be done..” due to lack of proper communication skills. Many times many job seekers are deprived of selection.. due to lack of effective communication. Here are some tips to help you make your communication more effective.

The word communication is basically made up of the Latin word Commune. it means to communicate or to express or exchange one's words and ideas. It is a method by which a person shares his thoughts.. his message, knowledge or experience with another person. It is a process between two or more people which can be oral, written or symbolic.

Communication Is Done In Three Ways:

  1. Self-communication:In this, the person talks to himself or tries to put his cognition or his thoughts into words.
  2. Symposium: In this, one person talks to the other person. There are four things to note for such a communication. The expression of the communicator, the message, the collector, and the collector. During the exchange of thoughts, the tone of the conversation between the two varies.
  3. Group Communication: When a person expresses his or her expression in a group of many people, it is called group communication. The formatting of communication increases according to the size of the group. Hence, it becomes formal rather than informal.
How Effective Will Your Communication be?

How Effective Will Your Communication be?

How To Make Group Communication Effective?

It is very important to pay attention to a few things to make group communication effective. Which are as follows:

  • There is a need to build confidence to make communication effective. For this, the speaker should express his views on the basis of his personal experience.
  • Speech should be effective. If you use confident words and there is attraction in the personality of the speaker.. then the listeners automatically calm down and create a calm atmosphere.
  • There should be flexibility in the statement according to.. the mindset, number and purpose of the audience. Looking in the same direction, looking down-up or outward - there is no contact with the audience.
  • Today is the age of new technology. A variety of meetings, seminars, or workshops are held in almost all institutions. In which there is an exchange of ideas between the manager and subordinate staff. It is the responsibility of the manager to get them to meet the work-target or production target.. within a period of time. Today the progress of any establishment is possible not by order. But only by mutual cooperation of all.The efficiency of the manager lies in what techniques of communication he adopts on what occasions, under what circumstances, with whom people. For example, if you want to praise an employee, you have to do it loudly in front of everyone. If a mistake has to be corrected, scolded, it should be done by calling the employee in a closed room. So that the reputation of both of them is not affected.

It is necessary to bring about continuous changes in the work culture.. to suit the needs of the changing times. Which is possible only through communication.

Need For Communication

The need for communication is explained by the following…

  1. Today production, quality and progress of the establishment is more related to the motivation and enthusiasm of the employees than technical proficiency.
  2. Every employee wants to know something from management.
  3. Employees clearly want work orders.
  4. They want information about the policies of the Institute, its objectives, products etc.
  5. They want information about their interests. Such as - Medicare, safety measures, promotion prospects, improvement in the environment, etc.
Make Group Communication Effective

Make Group Communication Effective

Benefits From Effective Communication In An Industrial Establishment.

Effective communication in an institution/industrial establishment has the following benefits-

  • Their functionality increases.
  • Team spirit develops.
  • The credibility of the establishment increases.
  • Communication is an art. You can convey the same thing to other people in many ways. But its effect is not the same. Sometimes they make sense of it. So, it is necessary to use technology in effective communication.

Some Essential Things For Effective Communication.

What to convey, keep the following things in mind in building it.

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1. What is the level of knowledge of the person to whom the message is to be given? See his language, education, experience, interest in the subject.

2. Is the message you want to convey enough, more or less not? Your efficiency lies in the fact that.. In limited terms the most esoteric things reach the other person. And the communication is successful in a short time.

3. Do not imply the meaning of your words. For this, you can select simple and appropriate words in your message. Pay special attention to grammar. So that the meaning of your sentence can be easily understood by the other person.. and can express their correct response.

4. Clarify the facts in the message. So that there is no confusion of any kind.

5. Do not hide any necessary fact of deliberateness. The information of which the other person wants. Otherwise, your ego will be considered behind it. Due to which your communication will be ineffective.

6. Check and remove the barriers of communication. So that the other person can respond, and the communication is successful.

7. The communication should be time-friendly. So that the other person's interest in the subject increases.

8. For the success of any communication, it is necessary that.. at the time of creating the message, you should have the feeling that I am expressing in it. That's important. This will give a glimpse of your confidence to the other person, and it will have a good effect on him.

9. Don't be too complicated to express your thoughts. Otherwise, the adjustment of facts in the message will be clumsy. Which will not be of interest to the other person.

10. If you want to give a big message, then adopt the technique of feedback between. So that the original topic remains in the memory of the other person.


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