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How Covid-19 Pandemic Has Changed Consumer Behavior

As portrayed by Covid-19 developments, the pandemic disrupted businesses, economies and even human lifestyle. For instance, bulk buying and online shopping are almost becoming a norm for many buyers. This is because the pandemic restricted social interactions and discouraged physical visits to stores. Consequently, this forced brands to strategize on how to reach customers at their homes through door to door delivery. In this regard, many customers are now being used to ordering their products or services online and then waiting them to be delivery while they are at their respective homes. This also implies that the use of cash for transactions are diminishing on a regular basis. As people get used to remote purchase processes, home delivery options, they have also been introduced to cashless transactions including mobile and internet transactions. Alongside these is the necessity of changing loyalty whereby; customers have to change tune to another brand if a product or services from their regular brand is unavailable. This means that convenience, reliability, quality and accessibility are becoming paramount factors for consumers. Therefore, covid-19 has practically altered the consumer behavior to a significant extent. This change has been so immense to an extent that businesses have been required to modify their operations so as to remain in existence.

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