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How Covid-19 Pandemic Has Affected Supply Chain Management

Ian is a marketing strategist. How Covid-19 Pandemic has affected supply chain management.

A stainless chain

A stainless chain

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a paramount service in the business department. It enables the services and goods to be relayed from the respective producers and suppliers to their individual and desired consumers. Supply chain management has been practiced in several methods and modes from the recent past to the present. The arising and popular way of supply is the e-supply chain management, where it incorporates modern technology to execute the functions in the supply chain. This has led to more effective transactions between the service providers and their respective consumers.

Logistics truck

Logistics truck

Risk Encountered in Supply Chain Management

Various risks are encountered or face the supply chain management processes during relaying goods and services from the providers to their respective customers. Among the dangers is insecurity. This is where the goods and services intended for specific customers are hijacked or tampered with, either knowingly or accidentally. This leads to the failure of the supply chain. The insecurities that face the supply chain include theft and loss. The loss of a given commodity may occur when an accident or mishap befalls a given mode of supply. This leads to the damage of the item and can no longer be relayed to the customers. Theft is when unwanted intrusion to the supply chain is done, and goods and services being supplied are looted. This results in significant losses in both the supplier and the customers.

How to Deal With Risks

To curb the risks that occur to the supply chain, a measure must be put to enhance the safety and successful supply of goods to their respective customers. The actions that can be taken against these losses and risks include incorporating technology in the supply chain. This means that the supply process will be done more effectively, with more vigilance and tighter security. This leads to the successful delivery of goods and services to their respective customers, thus curbing the risks associated with the supply chain.

Effect of Covid-19

During the covid 19 pandemic, most of the firms were affected in terms of sales and production. This is witnessed whereby the sales of different firms dropped by significant percentages. However, there have been sectors that have hype and advantage due to the pandemic. The firms that produce commodities that help fight the virus, such as face masks and hand sanitation materials, have experienced a boom. The prices of these commodities tend to arise from time to time. This is due to unmet and unplanned factors that affect the availability of these commodities in the market.

How Can Effects Caused by Covid-19 be Moderated?

Actions that can moderate these commodities' prices include reducing the supply chain's length to convey the items from the producers to the consumers. This can be achieved by setting up alternative small industries that produce commodities near the market. This cuts off the costs that could be used in the supply and relaying the entities from far away producers to the market. The other factor that can be implemented to ensure the commodities' price is stabilized is the face masks' mass production to reach the demand's limits. There will be a rise in the item's price when there are high demand and a low supply of a commodity. Such an instance can be prevented by ensuring that the entity is manufactured in massive quantities and comprehensively quench the market.

Enhancing technology

During the covid 19 pandemics, technology has served drastic and significant importance to the business sector. Technology has enabled several organizations to accomplish the missions and the businesses'or organizations' perspectives regarding the supply of goods and services to consumers, the production of the required goods by the consumers. In the e-supply chain, it has been made possible for customers to make orders of their commodities and track their deliveries right to their stores. This has acted as one of the significant advantages of technology in the business sector during this period. In the production and other companies, management and other forms of work have been implemented using technology. Due to the restrictions put in place to curb the virus, some normal working conditions cannot be reached, which calls the need to implement technology in the business sector.

The organizations that have services and goods that have to be conveyed to their customers have reached alternative ways of using technology to implement their jobs. Business organizations such as door to door food delivery have found solutions by implementing modern technology in the various stages of their deliveries. The orders are made by their customers online without physical interaction, thus minimizing the pandemic's spread. The services and goods that have been ordered are then transported to their respective customers in various places. This is achieved by using technology in tracking the process of delivery of the goods and alert the customers when their commodities are at their doors, thus bringing a significant success despite the pandemic.

Lean manufacturing

During the covid 19 pandemics, lean manufacturing has helped in the utilization and the excellent use of resources in various manufacturing industries. This has brought significant profits to specific industries. Furthermore, lean manufacturing still poses an advantage to the enterprises after the pandemic. The enterprises will manufacture the bulk quantity of commodities that will fully quench the market after the epidemic subsides. This will eradicate the supply of some commodities in the market, thus stabilizing the markets' prices.


If you want your business to increase sales, you must work on enhancing a working supply and demand chain. As you have read covid-19 has greatly affected how business used to conduct their business.

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